Registration of IP.

Registration of IP.
Registration as an IP & ndash; an excellent solution for creating your own business. An individual entrepreneur can carry out activities on an equal footing with legal entities, while he himself is not a legal entity. He can make any transactions that are in accordance with the law. IP can apply UTII, simplified or patent system of taxation.
Place of state registration of IP.
State registration of IP is conducted at the place of permanent registration of a citizen. With the help of online registration of PIs, we can register PIs in any city of the Russian Federation.
If you have a temporary registration, you can register an IP at this address, but if there is no permanent residence registration in the passport, the registration period for the IP will end simultaneously with the termination of registration at the place of residence.
Foreign citizens can also register an IP, having a residence permit or a temporary residence permit.
Registration of IP online in any city of Russia.
Registration of IPs online & ndash; very popular and convenient service. Register your IP online in your city! You can send to our address scan your passport and TIN, and pay for the service remotely. All documents are prepared and submitted to the IFNS by our specialists, including payment of state duty.
With electronic filing of documents you will be able to obtain independently the IFTS prepared documents on registration as an IP, receiving an e-mail notification of the availability of documents.
When you receive documents, you must present the original passport or a notarized passport (for foreign citizens), a printout of the state duty payment and know your TIN number to the IFNS specialist.
To register an IP on the USN, it is necessary to have a statement on the transition to a simplified taxation system, which our specialist will also prepare.
Provide documents:
To open an IP, you will need documents:
Copy of the passport with the registration page or a copy of the foreign passport. INN Number Fill in the Application Form.
Differences PI from LLC:
The funds that are transferred to the settlement account and to the cashier’s cash desk are his property; IP can dispense with printing and a settlement account; PIs may not maintain accounting records; IP are responsible for 3 years after the closure, and meet all of their assets.
Cost of electronic registration of IP:
Consultation Preparation and electronic filing of documents with the Tax Inspection.
Consultation Preparation and electronic filing of documents with the Tax Inspectorate Application for USNO Tax reminder Information on receiving Print Printing a current account with a partner bank (Promsvyazbank, Alfa-Bank, Discovery)
Additional costs for online registration of IP:
The state fee is 800 rubles.
Cost of regular registration of IP:
Ready-made documents Statement on the USDO Consultation Memo.
Ready-made documents Statement on the USO Consultation Memo Document submission and receipt Print OKVED codes Opening an account with a partner bank (Promsvyazbank, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank)
Additional costs for paper feeding:
The state fee is 800 rubles.
The notary’s signature in the form for registration as an IP – 1200 rubles. for the signature.
Notarial power of attorney for a representative is 1400 rubles.
Additional services:
Receipt of notification from the PF of the RF – 1500 rubles.
Registration as an IP & ‘turnkey’ & raquo; at the reference in our company.
You will receive detailed advice, you will be able to choose a taxation system and find out what it means to issue a PI account. On hands you receive all the documents necessary for work:
The record sheet (from January 1, 2017 issued instead of the certificate of the State Registration Certificate) Certificate of tax registration (from January 1, 2017, TIN is not printed on the stamp form, but on plain paper) Print (for business tariffs) Statistical codes.
The certificates of state registration of YL and IP have been replaced by the Entry Sheet.
The procedure for registration of organizations has changed.
About the possibilities of the Personal Cabinet of the IP & raquo;
Documents can be submitted to the Institute in electronic form.
Explanations of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the issue of refunding the state duty for legally significant actions in case the applicant refuses to do so.
The Finance Ministry confirmed the position of the Federal Tax Service on the form of a power of attorney for IP representatives.
Acceptance by the tax authority of the declaration on the USN does not cancel the submission of an application for transfer to the USN.
Explanations of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation on the procedure for registration for the application of SPN in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol.
Explanations of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the issue of payment of insurance premiums of IP, which suspended entrepreneurial activity.
When determining the marginal amount of income, incomes are taken into account for both special regimes.
Explanations of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the application of IP patent system of taxation.
Explanations of the RF Federal Tax Service on the procedure for the payment of IP contributions for employees.
Tax taxed the income earned by the IP during the period when it lost the status of an entrepreneur.
The FTS has the right to collect taxes from the former IP at the expense of its personal property.
From January 1, 2017, the grounds for termination of the patent issued by the IP changed.
Acquisition of a patent for an IP providing services in different regions.
Explanations of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on the application of SPEs.
Explanations of the Ministry of Finance on the procedure for registering the payer of a trade fee in the presence of several objects.
Calculation of IP contributions in 2017.
Documents issued by the Federal Tax Service when registering legal entities and IPs from January 1, 2017.
Amendments to the legislation, which will begin to operate from the new year.
Changes in the Administrative Regulations for Registration of Organizations and IP.
How often it is possible to change the object of taxation to taxpayers on USN.
An alien IP must notify the FTS about the termination of the document on the right of residence in the Russian Federation.
In registration, companies can refuse not only because of the massive address or incorrectly filled documents.
Since January 1, 2017, instead of certificates of state. registration and registration will be issued to organizations and IPs.
New features of the FTS service.
Since February 9, 2016, for electronic registration of legal entities and IP, a qualified qualified signature is needed.
Since December 29, 2015, the registration period for legal entities and entrepreneurs is 3 days.
The output of the new OKVED was postponed for a year.
The Bank of Russia named the 10 most secure banks in the country.
The new order of registration in the FSS of the insured.
Negative consequences of trade on undeclared area.
Read more in our blog.
Notifications on the commercial fee for organizations and IP, which began to operate until July 1, 2015.
Amendments to Part 2 of Art. 346 of the Tax Code.
In IP, combining the PNS and the USN, the average number of employees should not be more than 100 people.
From January 1, 2016 documents for registration of legal entities and IP can be submitted through a notary.
Entrepreneurs who have not received income want to be exempted from paying insurance premiums.
More details in the Letter of the Federal Tax Service of Russia.
The Moscow region decided to follow Moscow’s example.
Changes in the Law on KTT.
Regional authorities can allow themselves to set a tax rate.
The Ministry of Economic Development proposes to shorten the term to 3 days.
Changes in the order of payment from January 1, 2015.
The Moscow government approved a bill on setting a zero tax rate for IP.
From February 10, the application must be submitted in a new form.
The law on tax incentives for beginners IP entered into force.
Bills on electronic reporting and tax holidays.
The law on bankruptcy of citizens and IP will come into force on July 1, 2015. Read more about its features in our news.
According to the order of Rosstandart, OKVED 2 and OKPD 2 classifiers will be applied from January 1, 2016.
Marina, we have a registration of 3500, and just the preparation of documents – 1500. We will advise you on all issues. What about taxation – what are you planning to do.
Marina I., in this case you will approach the Simplified system for 15% of the profit.
Yes, Vladimir, if you personally take the documents for the registration of the PI – you do not need to notarize the form.
Rosa, in the Moscow region, we can register without your presence, but you need a notarized form. To the cost of registration in this case will be added 3000 for going to the Ministry of Defense. Or you can independently submit your documents to the Tax Inspection, the cost of preparation is 2000.
Vyacheslav, if you are registered in Moscow, unfortunately, without your presence you can not file documents, only in the MO and the regions. But there is an option to submit documents by mail, in this case the Ip documents will come to your home address.
Evgenia, 1. if the activity is retail trade, including through the Internet, then the most optimal version of taxation is Simplified HF, by 15%. 2. You can make purchases abroad. 3. You can apply for a card, on a settlement account, and pay it via the Internet. 4. In any transactions, you will be held personally responsible, as an individual, for 3 years even after the IP is closed. In more detail we can consult in our office.
Anastasia, you can register the IP in this way: prepare the documents here and then send it by mail, or pass through a representative. In the first case, the cost will be 2000 rubles. (with sending), in the second – 4000 rubles.
Since this year, the KBK for insurance premiums have changed.
Margarita, you better choose a simplified taxation system (USO). Cash register is needed when accepting cash cash proceeds from the population.
Nikolay, registration of an IP without a permanent residence permit in Moscow is not possible.
Albina, unfortunately, registration of IP in this case is not possible. You can register LLC or CJSC.
The novel, the tax, has the right to carry out an inspection within 3 years after the closure of the IP.
Edward, you can register the IP as follows: prepare the documents here and send them by mail, or hand over through a representative.
Alexander, the second activity type in the list of additional.
Svetlana, register the IP in Ivanovskaya at the place of registration, and then put the IP at the place of activity in Moscow. We can help in this.
Victor, for registration of IP, you need to register on the territory of the Russian Federation (mark in the passport) do you have it? To register a PI you need to personally. Buch. reporting can be submitted electronically.
Victor, by law, you can register a PI at the temporary registration address at the place of stay, ONLY if the passport has no permanent residence permit. You can conduct business in any city of the Russian Federation, regardless of the place of registration. Temporary registration should be more than six months.
Victor, temporary registration for at least 6 months, if there is no passport in the passport of a Russian citizen.
Natalia, call us at the office, or leave your contacts, a lawyer will contact you.

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