Registration of companies in Poland

Registration of companies in Poland h1>
The unstable political and financial situation in the country forces business people and senior managers to consider options for opening a business in neighboring countries. One of the most favorable states in this area is Poland, whose legislative base provides an opportunity to open its own business in a rather short time.
Business Registration in Poland & ndash; this is a guarantee of obtaining residence permit, and later of citizenship, if the rules and rules established by law are observed.
When you start your own business in this European country, the most common form is & ndash; Open Company (Sp. Ola z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia).
Registration of the LLC in Poland can be carried out by one or a group of founders.
Before the registration of the enterprise starts, the name is chosen arbitrarily, proceeding from the wishes of the owner, however it must necessarily contain the designation Sp. z o.o.
Such a company has the right to carry out full economic activity under the leadership of an elected board, which includes one or more persons.
The registration of an LLC in Poland does not require a large share capital – it can be at least 5 thousand Polish zlotys or about 1250 Euro.
Registration of companies in Poland and recording of their main data is carried out in the special register KRS, which is conducted by the economic court.
After the registration of the LLC is assigned the status of a legal entity, and every entrepreneur receives an INN. The identification tax number is issued only once, regardless of the amount and type of deductions, the form of taxation and the type of activity. The identification application must be submitted 14 days before the start of business.
However, before registering a company in Poland, you need:
Have a passport with a long period of validity; determine the activities of the enterprise PKD; issue an application for a license (depending on the scope of business); provide information about the founders of the company; prepare a charter in Polish; formalize the lease of the legal address; fill out all necessary documents and forms in Polish; to assure a package of documents from a Polish notary with a sworn translator; submit the prepared documents to the appropriate executive bodies for the registration of the enterprise.
This list refers to the notarial registration of a company in person.
Poland & ndash; a country that is conducive to living and doing business, one can be sure of this by getting acquainted with the advantages that registration of firms provides.
The registration of companies in Poland gives the entrepreneur a number of definite advantages:
possibility to register a company in Poland for several persons & ndash; up to nine founders are allowed; automatic reception of a business visa for the business owner and his family members; a relatively small statutory fund, which need not necessarily be in a bank account; significant expansion of the scope of economic activity & ndash; across the Schengen area and beyond; registration of an enterprise in Poland provides an opportunity to obtain a loan on favorable terms for the development and conduct of business; VAT refund; the possibility of multiple entry and exit from the territory of the EU for an unlimited period of time during the validity of the visa; obtaining a work permit after registration of the company; relatively inexpensive real estate & ndash; both private and commercial. Possibility of its quick registration and purchase; the possibility of buying a car at reasonable prices and amortization of all expenses at the expense of the company after the registration of the enterprise in Poland; a full social package, which includes free medical care and education, subject to doing business and paying taxes; registration of legal entities in Poland & ndash; this is a great chance to get not only permanent residence, but also citizenship in the future.
Notary registration of the company in Poland takes 3-4 weeks.
At notarial registration of the firm additional additions to the charter are possible;
introduction of the company into the members of the LLC – Sp. z o.o. the introduction of the statutory fund by property; a qualified majority of votes on the voting of founders, etc.
When registering a company electronically, additional contributions are not possible, a standard company charter is available.
The duration of the company’s electronic registration in Poland takes 4-5 working days, an extract from the Krajowy Rejestr Sadowy cattle. The receipt of all additional documentation takes up to 10 working days.
To register a company in Poland it is possible by proxy without personal presence, both in a notarial way and electronically.
If you are interested in registering a company in Poland, or if you are planning to buy a ready-made LLC in Poland, by calling our sales team, you will do the registration or purchase process for the company more efficient and secure. Qualified specialists will answer all your questions and voice the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation.
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