Registration of a visa to Thailand for 3 and 6 months.

Registration of a visa to Thailand for 3 and 6 months.
Not so long ago, Russians discovered for themselves Thailand. Today, many people are seeking visas for the exotic and hospitable country of the mysterious East. Annually thousands and hundreds of thousands of citizens of the former Union go to Thailand. Many return to the sunny corner again and again. Affectionate Thai coast is good not only because it gives residents of colder regions a pleasant holiday and a lot of entertainment, but also the ease of entering the country.
If you are going to Thailand to rest, that is a tourist, for a period of less than 30 days, you do not need to run at home on the authorities. It is enough to seize all the necessary documents, and the visa will be issued immediately upon arrival at the airport.
If the period of stay exceeds 30 days, you need to arrive in Thailand with a visa prepared at the embassy. To leave for the winter in Thailand, it is enough to issue a tourist visa for 3 or 6 months. The same requirements apply to those who go to the Thai coast not to rest, but for other reasons.
This is how a tourist visa for Thailand looks.
Goals of visiting Thailand for more than 30 days.
Thailand attracts not only those who decided to spend their holidays admiring Thai beauties, photographing the numerous attractions of the country and basking on a warm beach. There are also visas for the following types:
Tourists arriving in the Kingdom for more than a month should receive a double visa.
Double entry visa for tourists.
Arriving in Thailand for tourist purposes can be issued and a semi-annual visa. This type of visa is best obtained either in Laos or in Moscow. With such a visa, you can freely live in Thailand for 60 days, after which you need to apply to the migration service and, after paying the standard 1 900 baht, continue the carefree rest for another 30 days. When they also pass, it is necessary to carry out the visa-wound procedure, that is, to leave the country and return to it again. Thus, another 60 days are added to the permitted term of residence, which, accordingly, can again be extended for a month (30 days), again paying 1,900 baht. As a result, you will get a double-entry visa for 180 days.
Until recently, it was possible to extend a single visa, crossing the border with a neighboring state and returning back. However, since August 2014, the requirements have become tougher. Now you can extend the document in place for only seven days.
Visas for three months or more in Russia.
Many avid travelers, especially those living in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the Consulates issuing visas operate, draw up documents for entry into Thailand at home. Though there is an opinion that it is difficult to get a document on the spot, it is still more reliable.
Consulate of Thailand in St. Petersburg.
Judging by the responses, the St. Petersburg Consulate is somewhat more exacting. Documents need to be provided more, but at Bangkok airport you do not have to crowd in line with tourists who entered without a visa. And, most importantly, do not worry that there is something that does not suit local services, and will have to return or overpay.
The two-time visa became semi-annual.
Even if you have thought everything over and learned everything, before leaving, always update your knowledge of the rules and laws for arriving in Thailand. Changes occur often enough. So, in November 2015 the double-entry visa ceased to exist. It was replaced by a half-yearly one. It will not be possible to prolong it, however, it will be possible to enter and leave the country within the specified period unlimited number of times. It is necessary to carry out two visa-wound every 60 days. To treat such a pleasure will be 5000 baht.
To date, obtaining a double-entry visa is more advantageous in Moscow, since the entrance corridor in the capital is 180 days, while in other states its term will be only 3 months. The beginning of the corridor is the date of issue of the visa.
The consequences of Overstay for foreign citizens.
Those who have been to Thailand, there is a notion such as Overstay (overtures). It is also relevant for those who have a double visa, and for those who arrived on a one-time document. Overstays means that you are overworked, that is, exceeded the permissible period of stay. Whether it is fraught with consequences? If the time is short, then nothing more terrible than a fine of 500 baht for every day of delay you are not threatened. Exceeding more than 21 days is a serious violation, for which you can get on the black list or even lose your freedom.
Documents for a two-time visa.
In order to obtain a visa to Thailand for three months or more, a package of the following documents is required for submission to the Consulate:
Passport and its photocopy. Note that the document must be in your hands for at least six months; Application for a visa. You need to bring it in a completed form; One color photo 3,5�4,5 cm; Printing a ticket from Moscow to Bangkok, as well as unpaid reservations for two trips from Thailand and one entry; A certificate from a banking institution confirming that you are with money. It is mandatory to attach a notarized translation into English; Photocopy of the internal passport.
The photo is pasted into the questionnaire, which should be at the top. After it, the listed documents must be in the order indicated.
A few tips for getting a visa.
In order not to crowd in the queue, it is better to approach the Consulate for 15 minutes before its opening. Save not only time, but also nerves. As a rule, people are fussy, many are returned, because they did not bring all the documents or have not correctly drafted everything.
A receipt for payment of $ 80 will be given only when they are convinced that everything is in order. You need to have the necessary amount without surrender. On this receipt in three days you will be issued your visa.
Visa regime for pensioners.
Under the laws of Thailand, Russian pensioners can obtain a visa for a period of one year. In order for the embassy to give a positive response, it is necessary that the age exceeds 50 years, and in the bank of Thailand more than two months (60 days) at the time of filing documents lay the amount of 800 thousand baht.
The annual visa will be valid for 3 months. After this period, you need to contact the migration service, where the document will be extended for another 3 months. This service costs 1,900 baht.
Thai visas for students.
Students, like pensioners, can open a one-year visa. And in this case it will only be valid for 3 months. The basis for the receipt of the document can be the teaching of language (Thai or English). As in the first case, the document must be renewed every three months for 1,900 baht.
If the term of study exceeds a year, you need to issue a new visa. You can do this in neighboring Laos or another nearby country.
It must be borne in mind that one must learn without fail. The requirements for students are quite tough. In the study period it is advisable not to leave the country. In order not to have problems in case of need to leave, it is necessary to learn about all the nuances and consequences of departure. Student visa will cost in the amount of 35 000 baht.
Entrance documents for businessmen.
Relations between Russia and Thailand are growing stronger. Visiting Thailand with business purposes has become commonplace. In this case, a non-immigrant visa is issued on the same terms as for students. The reasons for the trip are:
own business in Thailand; production activities; official duties on the territory of the country; journalistic or reporter activity; missionary work; science, and so on.
This visa must also be renewed every three months.
Those traveling to Thailand without a pre-arranged visa must carry an amount of 20,000 baht and a return ticket. The presence of the listed check is extremely rare, however, if checked, the country will not be admitted. So it’s better not to take chances.
A return ticket is the reverse side of the journey. Ask for its availability can still be in Russia when boarding an airplane flying to Thailand. If there is no ticket, you may not be allowed into the airplane.
The same situation can arise in any other country, if the final destination of the flight is Thailand.

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