Registration and obtaining residence permit in Lithuania.

Registration and obtaining residence permit in Lithuania.
Lithuania, like other Baltic countries, has long attracted Russians both in terms of tourism and emigration. It is a young but fairly promising member of the European Union, ready to accept anyone who is able to invest significantly in the country’s economy. Any foreigner who wants to open a business here or be reunited with his family can get a residence permit in Lithuania.
A bird’s eye view of the vicinity of Trakai Castle.
Advantages of obtaining a residence permit.
Despite the disagreements existing on the political platform, every person who meets certain criteria can get a residence permit in Lithuania in 2018. The person who obtained a residence permit becomes the owner of the following rights:
For living in other countries of the Schengen area (there is no time limit). To study at any university in the country (free of charge). On an unhindered visit to 90 countries of the world (no visa required). On the mortgage. For quality medical care (free of charge).
In order to obtain the necessary document, it is not necessary to provide certificates to the diplomatic establishment about the absence of criminal record, good health and well-being.
Some difficulties.
The statistics state that the employees of the diplomatic establishment refuse only four percent of Russians who wish to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania. This may be due to both the improper conduct of business in the country, and the serious offenses committed by the applicant in the European Union. The reason for the refusal can be an incorrect payment of taxes.
Also, the professionalism of employees plays a role, since a refusal to obtain a residence permit can be obtained due to an error in accounting.
Advantageous option.
Today business immigration to Lithuania has become incredibly popular. This option assumes that a person who has a desire to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania must register his enterprise (ZAO) on its territory.
Registration of own business will provide not only a residence permit, but also the opportunity to purchase real estate. To obtain a residence permit it is necessary to prepare the following documents:
an extract from the register of legal entities of the state (the document must confirm that the applicant has a registered ZAO in the territory of Lithuania); contract with an accounting or legal company; Declaration of the apartment (actual for an individual); receipt of payment of state duty; all documents prepared for submission to the Migration Service of the Power.
Preparation of documents and registration of the company takes about twenty working days.
The maximum period of consideration of an application of an alien who is troubled about residence permits is six months.
The residence permit in Lithuania is issued for a period of 24 months. If there is an existing need, the applicant can expect an extension of up to 5 years.
After that, a foreign person has the right to apply for permanent residence permit.
This is the passport of a Lithuanian citizen.
There is another advantage of obtaining a residence permit in this Baltic state. So, the availability of this document excludes the difficulty in obtaining a visa for visiting England, Japan, Canada and the United States.
Several amendments.
Since November 1 of last year new rules for obtaining a residence permit have been published. So, the rules say that a foreign person will be given a denial of a temporary residence permit if the tax arrear is more than one social contribution.
Also, according to the new rules, foreigners who do not fulfill customs obligations fall into the black list. Taking into account that today there are a lot of illegal migrants on the territory of the state and the problem is quite acute, the permit for residence permit will be denied if the applicant’s behavior seems suspicious to Lithuanian diplomats.
The question of real estate.
Acquisition of real estate to foreigners is permitted in its name. Also, 4 years ago, the ban on the acquisition of land by foreigners was lifted, but it can only be bought as a legal entity.
Acquisition of real estate in the territory of this power gives considerable advantages. One of them is that there is no state registration fee for registering property rights.
What to remember.
When buying a property in 2018, it is important to remember that getting a residence permit will help a little flat, whose parameters are 7 square meters of living space per person. The nature of residential real estate and the peculiarities of its state of key importance do not play.
If you get a residence permit in Lithuania, not one person plans, but the whole of his family, then you do not need to buy everyone in the apartment. According to the existing legislation, three members of the family will be quite enough “kopeck piece”, the living area of which is 21 square meters. meter. In 2018, the registration of real estate will occur as follows:
first the applicant orders all necessary certificates for the chosen apartment or house; then the property is checked for lack of encumbrances and debts; After 3 working days all necessary documents are signed, which is the final stage. Back to the table of contents.
Final touches.
If the documents of a hypothetical buyer and seller of real estate do not cause questions, the next step is to order a notariate and an interpreter. The latter is relevant when the buyer does not speak the Lithuanian language.
The contract of sale is formalized at the notary, after which all the relevant information is sent to the Register. The processing time varies from 1 to 14 working days.
If the applicant does not have the opportunity to immediately buy an apartment or a house, you can register with a friend or relative who is a citizen of Lithuania.
An example of a Lithuanian health insurance card.
Approximate cost of the apartment.
A person who decided to buy an apartment or a house in Lithuania must be ready for the following prices:
The purchase price is 1500 euro / sq. M. m and above. The price of registration of all necessary documents varies from 100 to 200 euros.
There are some nuances about the cost of owning real estate. The peculiarity of utility payments depends on the object that the applicant wishes to acquire.
What to choose.
The Lithuanian Republic can not boast of having a “living” primary real estate market. This is due to the fact that not many residential properties are being built on the territory of the country.
Most Russians are eager to purchase a new apartment or house.
New residential complex in Vilnius.
Of particular interest are apartments and villas located in elite areas and close proximity to spa resorts. Today, the cost of a nice “kopeck piece” and “treshki” in a new building amounts to 890 euros per one square meter. The area of such housing varies from twenty-eight to sixty-eight square. m.
The cost of modern housing, located in the balneological resort in 2016 was from 42 to 107 thousand euros. Also, you can buy good housing in a prestigious area for 1.35 and 1.4 thousand euros / sq. M. m. The cost of an apartment in a residential area is slightly lower. The cost of 1 square. m there varies from 700 to 800 euros.
Some subtleties.
An applicant who wishes to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania must be prepared for a double departure / arrival.
The first visit is necessary for notarization of all necessary certificates and making a certain amount on the savings account of its IP. Regarding the minimum amount of the authorized capital, it is necessary to consult in a diplomatic establishment. If the applicant makes cash, the issue will be resolved within 3 days. During the second visit, the applicant must personally file documents with the Migration Service. It will take no more than 2 days. The legislation of Lithuania differs quite a liberal approach. Persons applying for a residence permit do not normally receive a refusal.
I work for a contract in Lithuania. How can I get a residence permit as a private person?
It does not give any rights to residence permit, but honey. the service is very doubtful.
And no benefits in obtaining, for example, an English visa, too. We received two refusals in the student visa and all because of the sickle and hammer of the native!
And there’s a lot of shovels, including medicine.
how to get a residence permit for the reunification of family members.
I am a citizen of Georgia. I want to buy a house in Lithuania. Whether I have the rights? If so, will I get a residence permit?
After the visa “D & # 187; from the firm received a residence permit for 2 years. When the employer changes in a year, what actions are needed to maintain a residence permit?
Oleg, now do not wait a year. Once you have received Leidimas Gyventi, you can immediately go. The new employer himself submits the documents to the migration, and after about a month you will change the old card to a new one. It is not necessary to leave Lithuania. I myself with Girteki left.
1. The land in Lithuania is not sold to foreigners, if it is fiz. face. On the Jurassic. face & # 8212; you are welcome.
2. Permit is temporary and permanent. These are different things. But even with a permanent residence permit to work and live in another EU country is very problematic, since it is given for 5 years, and then it must be prolonged in migration. And there will immediately arise questions for you, because you do not work and do not live in Lithuania, do not pay in SODRU, etc. May be revoked, residence permit & # 8212; this is not citizenship.
3. The presence or absence of an apartment in Lithuania does not in any way affect the receipt of a residence permit, both temporary and permanent. If you do not have your own apartment, bring a lease to the migration and that’s it.
4. It is impossible to obtain a permanent residence permit on the basis of an employment contract after 5 years.
Lithuania does not comply with this law, which is binding on all EU member states.
I got a residence permit from the company for 2 years. Is it true that after leaving the company, the residence permit is considered not valid?

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