Real estate in Sweden: stability and a high standard of living.

Real estate in Sweden: stability and a high standard of living.
Since Sweden joined the European Union, namely since 1995, the existing prohibitions on the purchase of housing by foreigners have disappeared. The period of intensive foreign investment in real estate of this state began. The merits of “Swedish socialism” attract many – in the country one of the highest social security of citizens. There are other advantages – wonderful landscapes, beautiful ecological situation, low crime. Sweden is recognized as the most prosperous country to live in, therefore, the relevance of the acquisition of real estate here is high.
Who buys property in Sweden for what purposes?
For more than a century being in neutrality, not getting involved in wars and conflicts, Sweden is one of the most peaceful states in the world. It is a country with active cities and a scattering of small village houses. The nature of this state is very diverse. It is filled with salty and fresh water, rugged rivers and quiet lakes, islands, mountains and valleys. Such paintings attract not only tourists, but also those who want to buy accommodation and settle in this beautiful country that has all the conditions for active recreation and recreation.
Today, housing in Sweden is accessible to the masses. The objects are sold fully equipped. They have everything you need for living – furniture, kitchen, bathroom. The quality of the buildings is also pleasing, they are newer and more well-groomed compared to other European countries.
The relationship between supply and demand has a decisive influence on value. And yet prices are rising steadily. This is due to restrictions on the construction of housing (introduced a program for the conservation of nature) and constant population growth. The foreign policy of the state in the field of real estate allowed to exclude the collapse of prices during the crisis. This is what makes financial investments in Swedish real estate a reliable investment.
The most expensive and cheap real estate in Sweden.
The cost of square meters in Sweden is strictly regulated by state bodies, which does not give the opportunity to overestimate real estate prices.
In addition, the state adopted a number of bills that limit the number of construction projects. Such measures were taken with the aim of preserving the nature and fauna of the country. Thus, there are few proposals on the market, and those wishing to buy real estate are becoming more and more every year. A significant difference in demand and supply leads to a constant increase in prices, so the cost per square meter in Sweden is consistently high.
The most expensive housing is located in the capital of the country – Stockholm. Here the cost of 1 square. m. on average reaches 7,500 �. This is almost 60% higher than the average price in other regions of Sweden. Relatively expensive housing is also in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Here sq.m. will cost 4500 �.
Inexpensive real estate in the state is difficult to find. However, the most budgetary regions are towns located in the north of Sweden. A small house, for example, in Umea, will cost about 35 000 �.
In any case, it must be remembered that the price of square meters depends not only on the area and the quadrature, but also on the living conditions. So, an apartment with a new repair and the availability of additional services, for example, cleaning the porch and garbage disposal will be much more expensive than an apartment with an old repair. The cost of a private house depends not only on the number of square meters, but also on the availability of a swimming pool, a garden or a gazebo for recreation.
Real estate in Sweden for living, recreation, investment: taxes and maintenance.
To become the owner of a dwelling in the Kingdom of Sweden is quite simple, as the state does not establish any obstacles and restrictions for the purchase of real estate.
In this regard, taxes and the maintenance of square meters of any investor pays out on an equal basis with the citizens of the country. The property tax is 1.5% of the total cadastral value of the construction site. Its maximum annual rate can not exceed 650 �. On average, the annual amount of property tax is about 300 �.
In the event that the purchased apartment or house is leased, the landlord is obliged to pay tax on profits. It is 25%. Communal payments in comparison with other countries in Europe are quite high. Their size varies depending on the type of heating, the availability of special services, for example, garbage disposal, and the like. On average, the monthly costs are about 150 �.
The legal nuances of buying real estate in Sweden.
As with any sale transaction, the purchase of real estate in Sweden begins with the conclusion of a preliminary contract, which specifies all the details – the description of the construction site, its price, and so on. In parallel, the buyer must make a deposit of 10% of the total cost of housing. After this, the investor is usually offered a construction expertise. This procedure allows you to identify malfunctions, if they are available and receive a significant discount from the seller.
When all the details are agreed, and there are no complaints against each other, then the final contract is signed. At the same time, the buyer pays the seller the remaining amount of money, and thus gets the right to real estate.
However, in order to become a registered owner, the investor must necessarily register the acquired square meters in the office of the National Land Cadastre. Only after all these procedures the buyer is considered the legal owner of the property.
Statistics, forecasts of the development of the real estate market in Sweden.
As already mentioned above, in Sweden there are restrictions on the number of construction sites. This generates a significant deficit of square meters. The most acute shortage of real estate is felt in large cities and student centers. So, according to specialists’ estimates, about 250,000 young people between the ages of 20 and 30 do not have their own apartment or house.
The Minister of Housing of the Kingdom in the coming years predicts some stabilization in this matter. So, he argues that conservation of nature can be achieved through the construction of multi-storey houses located a short distance from each other. This will provide the country with additional square meters without significant damage to the land.
It is planned to completely eliminate the housing deficit in Sweden by 2020. Prior to this point, specialists are only continuing to predict price increases. So, in 2014, the increase in value averaged about 10%.
Features of the property market in major cities of Sweden.
A brief overview of the property in some Swedish cities will help to get a general idea of the market of facilities in this country. All of the following cities have one common quality – a high standard of living:
It is not only the capital and the largest city of Sweden, Stockholm is the economic center of the state. Its climate refers to the temperate-marine. Winter is mild, summer is cool. Location – the channels connecting the Baltic Sea with the lake Malaren.
The city is divided into districts, each has its own beauty and charm. For example, the old city attracts the Royal Palace, the concentration of theaters, cafes, restaurants. However, living in the center is very expensive.
The cost of a small two-room apartment is 300000 �, the price of a small furnished villa is 320000 �. While a one-room apartment in the secondary market near the center can be bought for 45,300 �, and a two-room apartment for 110,000 �. Much more expensive house, located on its own island – from 603000 �.
The number of people who want to buy houses and apartments is constantly growing. As a result, prices do not stand still. Elite apartments in the central part of Stockholm reach 1600000 �, penthouses – 3400000 �. There are offers for exclusive facilities. The castle in the suburbs of the capital can be purchased at a price of 14.3 million �. On average for a square meter of an apartment you need to pay 4800 �, at home – 3800 �.
Renting the most ordinary apartment located in a residential complex, will require a monthly waste of 550-650 �. It should be noted that the price of the leased object is affected not by the prestige of the area or its geographical location in Sweden, but by the quality of the premises, in particular, the prescription for overhauling and other factors.
It is the second largest city in Sweden. It is located in the south-western part of the country. Its climate is characterized as marine with maximum temperatures of + 33 -26 C. The main parameters: refers to the leading industrial centers of the country, the largest port of Scandinavia, a lot of parks, drowning in greenery. Many consider it to be the center of rock music. Also a large number of historical attractions.
By the way, it is immigrants who make up one fifth of all residents. There is an opportunity to find a job or start a business of your own. The property of Gothenburg corresponds to a high living standard and is represented by a wide range.
You can buy apartments from 150,000 �, apartments located in residential complexes, detached houses, as well as luxury villas. For example, the price of a house not far from Gothenburg is 40000-55000 �. The cost of renting a home is between 260-380 � per month. Apartments for rent from 15 �.
It is a city located in the southern part of Sweden, not far from the borders of the Danish Kingdom, or more precisely, on the coast of Erisund Bay. The nature of the climate is moderately naval. He is the warmest relative to other more northern brethren. Malmo is the most important transport hub and one of the industrial centers in Scandinavia. It is also a city of museums, old buildings and picturesque parks.
Houses in the vicinity of the city are relatively inexpensive from 50,000 �. Monthly rent of a small apartment will cost from 220 �. If it is a “fairytale” house by the lake or a villa, the price increases significantly from 500-600 � per week. By the way, at home, leased, bring a good income to their owners.
One of the oldest Swedish cities, located in the same province with a rich historical past, near the east coast. Cold summer, but mild winter period – the whole weather is cold. Close proximity to the capital, allows residents to work in Stockholm – not more than an hour drive. Uppsala refers to industrial, scientific and commercial cities. The historical center is built on the banks of the river Furieson and is surrounded by residential areas.
The average cost of an apartment is 3200 �, the house – 2500 �. The price of an old house for a hundred squares with a large plot will be 200,000 �. Lovers of exotics for a small castle of 1200 square meters in modern design will have to shell out at least 3,000,000 �. The cost of renting cottages or apartments is in the range of 10-100 � per night.

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