Real estate in Norway.

Real estate in Norway.
Continuing the theme of Norway, BusinessTimes prepared material on the real estate of this country. Such a purchase will not be very cheap, but if you have such funds, the costs will justify themselves.
Speaking about real estate in Norway, the first thing to note is its quality. Because of the cold climate, Norway has very high technical standards for housing, which is closely monitored by the Norwegian legislator. The second plus of Norwegian real estate is the unique natural landscape of the country. Norway has a coastline of more than 5,000 kilometers, in the eastern part of the country there are mountain areas with ski resorts – that is, there are offers for lovers of very different nature in this country. This – in addition to the world-famous fjords, the symbol of the country.
In addition to nature, we can say more about the Norwegian ecology, one of the best in Europe, and, of course, the general level of life in the country. Combining all these factors together, it becomes clear the interest of foreigners in Norwegian real estate – despite the fact that its value is extremely high even by European standards.
This, in the first place, concerns the southern and south-eastern regions, as well as the capital of Norway, Oslo. Naturally, high prices for real estate in ski resorts. The recent economic crisis was relatively mild in Norway: prices fell, but there were no sharp leaps, and the level of property prices had already returned to the pre-crisis level. Of course, the specific price will depend on the type and location of the property you are interested in, however, the approximate figure in Norway is 500 thousand euros for a good country house.
The most popular among foreigners is real estate in Oslo and Bergen, the cultural center of the country. In Oslo, real estate is bought by those who are going to live there and work, or – for the subsequent delivery of this property for rent. There are no restrictions on renting a house in Norway.
In addition to Bergen, foreigners distinguish Stavangen, Trondheim and ski resorts – Hafjell, Hemsedal, Trysil and Geilo. Of course, housing here can be rented if you plan to live in Norway only for a while. If you are determined to buy real estate in Norway, then you will have a choice, there are many types of housing in Norway: small budget studios or spacious apartments, multi-storey houses with balconies, townhouses, own houses for two families or just one, and so Further.
As for the legal side of the acquisition of real estate by a foreigner, this is the situation in Norway with this question. General provision: foreigners have the right to buy an apartment, house, land or commercial object in Norway. Moreover, the procedure for buying property there is devoid of many formalities, and to conclude a contract of sale, you can only sign a contract or even make an oral agreement – to confirm that you agree to buy such a property for such a price – and the contract is considered concluded.
Besides this, as in many other countries, some difficulties will arise if you want to buy land. For the purchase of agricultural land in Norway you need to get a permit – it will have to pay 750-15000 Norwegian kroner depending on the size of the plot. In addition, when buying any real estate, the buyer will have to pay a stamp duty of 2.5% of the purchase price.
The very procedure of buying property in Norway usually takes place with the participation of real estate agents, whose activities are controlled by the state. The real estate agent enters into transactions without the participation of an attorney and is responsible for the financial settlement of the issue and the state registration of the purchase. Registration means entering in the central register – in a database containing information about all property owners in Norway. As a rule, the payment for the mediation of real estate agents is 1.2% -3.1% of the value of the property.
Buying a property in Norway does not entitle you to Norwegian citizenship, but it facilitates obtaining a tourist visa, according to which the owner and his family can stay in the country for up to 3 months during the year.
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Speaking about real estate in Norway, the first thing to note is its quality. Due to the cold climate, Norway has very high technical standards for housing, which is closely monitored.
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