READY list – Parents move. Adjust.

READY list – Parents move. Adjust.
Hello, members of the forum! Below is a detailed list of all the documents that are needed to move the parent to a permanent residence in Italy. This is an integrated whole of the forum. In fact, this is a step-by-step instruction (long, but detailed). But the answers from the forums are many and they do not always coincide. There are serious differences and this is fraught with gross mistakes and troubles when moving. Therefore, please, everyone who has experience and encountered these issues (in particular, married girls – who have not yet become citizens of Italy but have a husband-citizen of Italy, as well as lawyers and all Forum Experts) check the entire list to the end and submit ITS UPDATES, AMENDMENTS AND EXPLANATIONS. In order not to get confused, I numbered all the answers and questions (it is very convenient when the forum responds to every single quote from the text). Therefore, if not difficult, please write your answers and explanations after each item (or at least links 2009). As far as possible, who knows what.
Thank you in advance for your respect for the forum members’ questions and qualified answers. It’s great that there is a website that unites and supports compatriots.
We look forward to participation from all with great hope.
Topic: Moving a parent to a permanent residence in Italy to his daughter and son-in-law. The daughter married an Italian citizen, but is not yet a citizen of Italy.
I got married (in Russia) for an Italian citizen. Now while I live in Russia, but soon I leave for my husband to live permanently. While I’m not a citizen of Italy. Husband & ndash; citizen of Italy (now in Italy). Before I leave forever to my husband I want to have time to collect all the documents for moving my mother to live permanently in Italy and help her in my presence to obtain a visa on the grounds of reunification. The husband agrees. Mom is over 65 years old, she has other adult children. I will receive documents from my husband from Italy by mail.
I) The mother must ask the Consulate of Italy in Moscow ANNUAL MULTIVISE & laquo; R icongiungimento familiare & raquo ;.
The question is: is it correct or not?
II) In order to receive an annual multivisa ricongiungimento familiare, the following will be required:
The son-in-law (my husband) must make a PROMOTION for the mother-in-law on the grounds of family reunion & Ricongiungimento Famifliare & raquo; (in the case of the invitation, the son-in-law should indicate “ricongiungimento famigliare”).
– The question is: is it correct or not?
Together with the invitation from the son-in to the Consulate of Italy in Moscow, you must pass several more documents:
2. WRITTEN APPLICATION FROM THE SCHOOL (my husband) – an Italian citizen about reunification with his mother-in-law and that she will be on its maintenance (DICHIARAZIONE). (Correct or not?) & Hellip ;.
1) Tell me, Dichiarazione is exactly the same in form and inscriptions in the hat that the husband filled, after the wedding? (throw the link, who has it)
2) Should the son-in-law in Italy somehow certify Dichiarazione (seals, signatures, apostille)?
(he will send me by mail).
3) Should I translate Dichiarazione (in a consulate or a regular interpreter?), Notarize?
1) What is this document?
2) where the son-in-law (my husband) should receive it?
3) He must assure her of this in Italy (seals, signatures, apostille)?
4) Do I need to translate and notarize?
4.1) What is this for the certificate of the nationality of the husband?
4.2) where should he take it?
4.3) Do I need to present to the Italian Consulate in Moscow an original or enough photocopies of this certificate?
4.4.) Son-in-law at home in Italy, should he somehow reassure him? (seals, signatures, apostille)?
4.5) Should I translate and notarize?
5.1) & lt; / RTI & gt; Carta d’identita & lt; / RTI & gt; & ndash; This is an identity document & ndash; that is a passport?
5.2) I must present to the Italian Consulate in Moscow the original “Carta d’identit & agrave” & raquo; husband or enough photocopies?
5.3) the son-in-law at home in Italy, must somehow reassure him? (seals, signatures, apostille)?
5.4) Should I somehow certify his identity in Russia: translate into Italian (from simple translators or the consulate in Moscow)? Check with a notary?
6. documents on family ties:
MY PERSONAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE – apostilled, translated into Italian, certified by the Consular Section of the Italian Embassy in Moscow + PHOTOCOPY of my birth certificate.
6.1) who should translate into Italian & ndash; in the Consulate of Italy in Moscow or a regular translator?
6.2) Do I need a notarization?
7. QUESTIONNAIRE – REQUEST FROM MOTHER FOR OBTAINING ITALIAN VISAS of type & laquo; D & raquo; (multi) for family reunification, signed by the person concerned (apparently the mother). In the questionnaire, the mother should write that “the inviter is her son-in-law and the purpose of her visit” family reunion “. In the questionnaire at once it is necessary to specify that the visa is multi for 365 days.
7.1) Why is the visa only a type D? Is it possible to have a D + C visa? And in which case?
7.2) Can a person go to Italy by train (to Italy via other countries), if from the day of the validity of the visa (type D + C) will it take 4-6 months?
– a) The fact is that it seems like you need to transit from Russia to Italy in the first 90 days from the day of the visa’s operation (by the way, it’s unclear how to count: from the day of visa validity or from the date of the first crossing of the border? )
– b) And after the first 90 days have elapsed, you can no longer go by train (visa & laquo; ceases to operate)? Only by plane or what? Unclear.
7.3) In which LENGTH terms from the day of visa validity it is necessary to have time to leave Russia for Italy (for permanent residence), if the visa is for 365 days?
8. ORIGINAL OF MOTHER’S POST-TRANSPORTATION + PHOTOCOPY (pages with personal data and available previous visas) + 4 photos.
9. A photocopy of the residence permit from my (!) Party.
9.1) Can my RESIDENCE PERMIT is not needed at all to obtain a visa for my mother (& la Ricongiungimento familiare & raquo;)? After all, my husband-citizen of Italy invites my mother (mother-in-law) to live.
9.2) Where will I get my residence permit if I am still in Russia and will leave only when I make the documents for the mother – (I have a visa for 365 days still valid for more than 6 months)?
9.3) what kind of document is it. How it is correctly called?
9.4) In general, I sent a copy of my passport and a visa for reunification after my husband from Russia to my husband in Italy. He referred my documents to Italy somewhere, and said that now I’m all right with the residency (but what is normal I did not understand – can I have a residence permit and the husband can send this document or a copy of it?)
9.5) I still hope, my RESIDENCE PERMIT for getting my mother’s multivisa (ricongiungimento familiare) is not needed. Advise as it is correct?
10) Documents require the & dquo; dichiarazione & raquo; and attached to it a copy of the “carta d’itentita”.
Question: 10.1) Refine YOUR “carte d’itentita” & raquo; : my or my husband? What does it depend on?
11.1) Is it necessary to do a translation into Italian (from ordinary translators or from the Consulate of Italy in Moscow?)
11.2) whether it is necessary notar. assurance?
Questions: 13.1) Do I need an APOSTILLE, translation, notary?
14.2) Do I need an apostille, translation, notary?
15.1) Do I need an apostille, translation, notary?
17.1) the husband (son-in-law) should assure her of Italy (signatures, seals, Apostille)?
17.2) Whom should he certify, if he works for himself?
17.3) Do I need to make a translation, notary?
18) For one invited person, the inviter must have & quot; Importo annuo pari all’assegno sociale (per il 2007 di 5.062.68euro). “- 2008.
18.1) Do I need DOCUMENTS FROM THE HUSBAND (STUDENT) ABOUT FINANCE for proof and which ones?
18.2) How much is this amount today?
19) Do you need a husband (son-in-law) DOCUMENT ON ADEQUATE LIFE? (maybe it will be needed now or later?)
Comment No. 1 from the forums: & laquo; & hellip; when filing for residence permit, you must, as before, show documents for housing in the property (request a document of ownership and a copy thereof) & raquo ;.
Comment No. 2 of the forums: & laquo; & hellip; only housing! and no finances! & raquo;
At this stage, all the documents or not?
20) After mothers are given out an annual multivisa ricongiungimento familiare, she must come to Italy.
Questions: 20.1) if the visa is issued, then the parent can come to permanent residence and not leave more? Or the mother must leave and wait for the ‘Di Carte’ card & raquo; in Russia?
Suppose the mother received a visa (ricongiungimento familiare) and came to Italy for permanent residence Then it will be required:
Unclear! In the forums, several different comments about & laquo; Map of Di Sogerno & raquo ;:
Comment No. 1: & laquo; & hellip; Map di diagonal & raquo; is a residence permit & raquo; – give a maximum of 5 years, after which it is necessary to prolong & raquo ;.
Comment No. 2: & la carte Diogo & raquo; gives the opportunity not to run every year in Questura and not to file documents for an extension. since the validity period is 5 years, and not as a residence permit for 1 or 2 years .. The card can be submitted to those who have lived in Italy for 5 years or more, or if by relationship with IT. citizen, then immediately and in Questura .. & raquo;
Comment No. 3: & quot; Map di Sogerno & quot; no more . It is now called & laquo; Permesso di Sogerno for a long stay & raquo; and gives, respectively, the right to a long (?) residence in the country (consider unlimited), because to reassemble all the documents the cardholder will no longer need, replace only the photos and everything. A simple permesso is given for 1-2 years and it needs to be updated all the time & raquo .
22.1) Is the “Map of di Sogerno” (for 5 years) now completely canceled or does it still exist?
22.2) How many years are given for “Permesso di Sogerno for a long stay” & raquo; ?
22.3) The new document “Permesso di Sogerno for a long stay” & raquo; absolutely the same functions as “Map di Sogerno”? What is their difference?
22.5) Clarify the final version of how still right today is called a document to ensure that the parent lived in Italy permanently:
b) & laquo; Permesso di Sogerno for a long stay & raquo;
23) During which period of time it is necessary to make a request to & laquo; Diagonal card & raquo; (apparently the new title of the document)?
Comment from the forums: & laquo; say that the Card (for 5 years) is issued and issued after 3 months & raquo ;.
24) How long will the card be ready?
25) whether the personal presence of the parent with a passport is necessary to obtain a card in his hands.
26) After how much time does the mother have to extend the ‘Di Carte di Soggiorno & raquo ;?
27) after a request to the questor at & laquo; Di Carte di diagono & raquo; (some new name), the parent must complete 2 more documents:
1) Clarify that the “codice fiscale” & raquo; and & quot; Tessera Sanitaria & lt; / RTI & gt; give them to the owner?
2) where to draw up documents and in what terms –
Simultaneously with the “Di Carte” card & raquo ;?
3) What documents from the mother will be needed to receive them?
28) After you give out the ‘Di Cartagena’ card & raquo; the parent must MAKE AN INQUIRY AT & laquo; the RESIDENT & raquo ;.
-28.1) what does it give?
-28.2) in which time frame to submit a request?
-28.3) Where do I go?
-28.4) what documents will be needed?
-28.5) How much time is being done?
29) on the basis of & laquo; Residents & raquo; the parent will choose a family doctor.
30) try to formalize her pension.
– 30.1) Some make out an Italian pension of 400 euros. Is it possible now? And what documents are needed? Where to go?
– 30.2) If the Italian pension is not given, how best to receive a Russian pension:
a) which bank card is better to transfer the Russian pension?
b. How and in which bank of Italy is it better to keep a pension and receive it?
c) They wrote somewhere that a bank account is opened to someone who has a special code.
e) How to get this code to the mother? This is not by accident Kodich Fiskal?
31) when should the mother apply for citizenship?
Next is a list of sample documents from Russia that the Italian authorities can now request in the future? Including to obtain citizenship (I will not then have the opportunity to go to Russia or someone there to ask):
1) Surely, I need an ORIGINAL of my birth certificate, apostilled, translated, certified in the embassy + PHOTOCOPIA?
2) it is possible that for the acquisition of citizenship in the future, I and my mother will need the HELP OF DISCUSSION?
3) will my MOTHER ever need her BIRTH CERTIFICATE? (can she apply for her citizenship?)
4) Does the mother need a CERTIFICATE of her marriage (she is already a widow)?
5) Will the CERTIFICATE OF THE DEATH OF ITS HUSBAND (my father) also be required?
6) What other documents will be needed?
Additional questions from the forum:
1) What documents prove the relationship between me and my mother:
1.1 Apparently, my birth certificate is apostilled and translated?
1.3. What other people might ask?
2) What documents prove the relationship between my husband, an Italian citizen and me:
2.3) His passport or enough copies? (He is now in Italy). The copy should be certified by someone and apostilled? What else?
3) What documents prove the relationship between son-in-law (Italian citizen) and mother-in-law?
4) Son-in-law invites to mother-in-law. Tell me they are considered to be direct relatives or not? And what is the degree of kinship (1st, 2nd, 3rd & hellip;)?
5) Does it matter whether my mother has other children?
6) Is it necessary for my mother to prove (and with what documents) that she:
6.1) does not work in Russia;
6.2) has no income other than pension;
6.3) is not on the maintenance of her other adult children in Russia?
7) Do I have to prove that I keep the mother – money transfers from Italy, etc.?
8) & Nulla left & raquo; for mum it is not required?
9) During which period, if I have a visa for family reunification for 365 days (ricongiungimento famifliare) (D + C), I must come to my husband to Italy, in order to be able to apply for my residence permit (or as it is correctly called for permanent residence )?
Perhaps this is all the documents?
Re: READY list – Parents move. Adjust.
Thank you Pauline for the instruction! I really helped her a little bit in this situation. I myself even in the file copied on the computer. But it’s more difficult for me – my mother is still young for 46 years and works in Russia, I wanted her to do permesso, but apparently without a chance, because even the sister has a native 23-year-old who lives with her. Maybe if only when I have a child try something to do.
Re: READY list – moving.
nightmare! Well, who will read it all? I would advise you first to wait for citizenship, then this list will decrease tens of times.
Re: READY list – moving.
This is an integrated whole of the forum. In fact, this is a step-by-step instruction (long, but detailed).
but it looks like a step-by-step questionnaire.
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