Questions and answers on the citizenship of Bulgaria.

Questions and answers on the citizenship of Bulgaria.
Questions about real estate:
If I buy a home in Bulgaria, will I get a residence permit?
Buying a home in Bulgaria does not give you an automatic right to a residence permit, but when you purchase a home, costing from 300,000 euros, you have the opportunity to qualify for a residence permit. Give it to you or not – to decide the competent authorities of Bulgaria.
What documents are needed to buy property in Bulgaria?
With a personal transaction you only need to provide your passport. The deal can also be arranged at a distance. In this case, you will need to register and confirm with the notary that the Bulgarian real estate agency has the authority to represent your interests without your participation. And also provide a certificate of income and marital status.
If I already have housing in Bulgaria, then what expenses should I expect?
In each village, utilities tariffs are different. For example, prices for water – 22-83 kopeks / m3�. While the price of electricity is the same throughout Bulgaria, it is divided into two tariffs: daily – 44 kopecks / kWh, night – 19 kopecks. For a landline phone it is necessary to pay 66 UAH / month. Payment for cable TV and Internet – 83-165 UAH. / Month.
I bought a house in Bulgaria, what kind of visa do I need now?
Visa D. Having lived in Bulgaria for a year with such a visa, you will be able to obtain a visa for 3 years.
Can I lose property in Bulgaria for some reason?
You have the right to dispose of your property as you want, since you have absolutely the same rights to this on equal terms with the Bulgarians. The law protects your possessions, so there is no reason for any concern.
Questions on the documents:
Can I submit documents to the DAHR and the Ministry of Justice at the Embassy or Consulate of Bulgaria in Ukraine?
What documents are needed for children under 18 in the DAHR and the Ministry of Justice?
In DABCH, documents such as:
– Foreign passport (copy);
– birth certificate;
– birth certificate of mother, father;
– certificate of marriage of mother and father.
– birth certificate;
– a certificate of the birth of a mother, father, grandmother and grandfather on one of the lines;
– certificate of marriage of mother and father, grandparents along the same line;
– a written agreement of the parents to obtain citizenship for the child (for children under 14 years);
– a written agreement between parents and an underage child to obtain citizenship (14 to 18 years);
I have grounds for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship. What documents for this need to be submitted to the Ministry of Justice?
– certificate of Bulgarian origin;
– birth certificate;
– a certificate of the birth of a mother, father, grandmother and grandfather on one of the lines;
– certificate of marriage of mother and father, grandparents along the same line;
– certificate of good conduct;
– A certificate of absence of HIV, Wasserman;
– certificate from a psychological dispensary;
– medical form F082;
Documents not in Bulgarian should be with translation and legalization?
Right. In order for documents issued abroad to have legal effect in the territory of Bulgaria, they must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized.
What are the costs of money waiting for me, when I will file documents in DABCH and Mine. justice?
– 30 lev – state fee for filing an application;
– 50-70 levs / document – translation and legalization of documents received abroad.
I need to have a DABCH certificate if one of the parents is a citizen of Bulgaria?
Based on that, can I qualify for citizenship in Bulgaria?
– marriage with a Bulgarian citizen;
– Work permit;
– Investing in the state;
– representation of a foreign company;
How to acquire a child by naturalization?
Children can get a Bulgarian passport if:
– one of the parents is a Bulgarian citizen.
Is it possible to obtain a second citizenship?
There is. Bulgaria allows its citizens to have citizenship of another country, although it does not recognize it.
How is it possible to find out personal information in the Ministry of Justice and that I obtained the citizenship of Bulgaria?
Such information you can get on the official website of the Ministry of Justice.
How can I get Bulgarian citizenship if I do not have any connections and relatives?
There are several ways to obtain citizenship in Bulgaria, but we recommend that you check your roots by contacting our specialists, because many of us are not fully aware of this issue.
Who can become a citizen of Bulgaria?
– investors who invested more than 250 000 dollars;
– a person who is married to / for a citizen / citizen of Bulgaria or a person who has a residence permit in Bulgaria for at least 2 years;
– a person who has lived on the territory of Bulgaria in the status of permanent residence for more than 5 years;
– Minor children whose parents register citizenship or already have it.
What is the source of the citizenship of Bulgaria?
You can apply for Bulgarian citizenship with a certificate of Bulgarian origin. For more details, you can contact our manager.
I do Bulgarian citizenship by roots, what should I do with children: to join together or after moving on the basis of reunification with the family?
Our company advises you to go together, but for the child to do only the origin first. Since this contributes to the fact that the child can enjoy the same privileges as Bulgarian children. And after that, children will easily be able to obtain Bulgarian citizenship.
Will I need to go to Bulgaria when registering for citizenship?
It is necessary, since the documents are filed at the main office in Sofia.
How is the interview with the consul?
The interview with the consul consists of several simple questions in the Bulgarian language (about 15 pieces). We can prepare for you a list of questions that will be asked in the consulate. You can learn them and easily pass the interview.
Do I need to know the Bulgarian language well?
Knowledge of the Bulgarian language is necessary only at a basic level for the successful passing of an interview with the consul.
How many times will it be necessary to travel to Bulgaria and for how long for the entire period of citizenship?
� 1st trip – submission of documents to DABCH, takes 3 days;
� 2 nd trip – getting a certificate from the DAHR and submitting documents to the Ministry of Justice takes 3-4 days;
� 3rd trip – interview with the consul, takes 2-3 days;
� 4th trip – obtaining a certificate of conferring citizenship, takes 1 day.
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