Question answer.

Question answer.
Answer: Two. One certificate is needed if you get a residence permit by joining the existing Slovak company.
Question: If I change the purpose of residence permit, for example, from student to entrepreneurial, do I need a certificate of conviction and do I need to undergo a physical examination?
Answer: You do not need to have a physical examination if there was no gap between the validity of your residence permit, but you need a certificate of non-conviction from your country, because the purpose of the residence permit has changed.
Question: You say on the site that you do not take the prepayment, but nevertheless, when you remotely open a company or introduce me to the founders, you still need a contribution in the region of 396-796 Euros from the cost of the program?
Answer: That’s right, you make official payment through the bank on the invoiced invoice, so that we can go under your power of attorney and on the basis of payment of the state duty that you made, register a firm or changes in the charter. However, if you come personally to Banska Bystrica at the stage of registration of documents on the registration of your company, we do not need to pay anything and you will pay the entire amount only after obtaining a residence permit card.
Q: I have a question about & # 171; rejoining & # 187; families. Do I have to establish a separate account with my spouse?
Answer: No, it is not necessary. You in the police sign a paper stating that you are obligated to pay all of its expenses. Moreover, you will need an extract from your account already, that there is an amount in the account that is necessary for living in Slovakia.
Question: Can I live, say in Lithuania, on a Slovak residence permit?
Answer: Yes, of course, you can stay in any Schengen country.
Question: I’m not going to live in Banska Bystrica, but I would like to be issued only through Bystrica, and live in Bratislava. Is this possible?
Answer: Many of our clients do this. In Banska Bystrica, the clearance process was faster, more recently, there was a case where it was required to speed up the issuance of residence permits, because the residence permit of another EU country was expiring, and we completed all the documents for the family for 14 days from scratch. Moreover, in Bratislava, your residence permit will be prolonged and will be made only for one year, and in Banska Bystrica immediately two, you save on the cost of renewal. And to prolong the residence permit, which you can apply through Bratislava, you can also only for a year and the process will take you at least 90 days, whereas according to the usual, not accelerated program in Banska Bystrica you get a residence permit card in 50 days. After receiving the card, you can go to live in Bratislava in this no problem.
Question: Is it possible to get a job in Banska Bystrica and in general in Slovakia?
Answer: Absolutely, there are vacancies in many areas from the service sector. Highlights & # 8212; knowledge of the Slovak language.
Here our adaptation courses or individual courses will help you, for example, you can take 4-6 people to a group, paying 5-6 euros for an academic hour, or certified half-year courses for admission to the university.
Unlike many other companies, we bring our business to the end and always try to help our clients in the process of adaptation, as they were in their place.
Question: I think, according to which program to apply for a residence permit. On private entrepreneurship (IP) or through the opening of a company. Advise?
Answer: Definitely through the opening of the company. Approximately for an equal tax burden & # 8212; the company pays 22% of the income tax, and the IP is only 19%, and 4000 of them are not taxed. The FE, starting from the second year, pays a social contribution and is obliged to pay Slovak health insurance, which amounts to about 200 euros per month, , since the second year is not profitable. Moreover, they extend the residence permit for IP only for a year, and this is additional costs, and the residence permit through the opening of the LLC can be extended for three years at once, and when you open a new company through Banska Bystrica, you will receive the card immediately for 2 years.
Question: What is better than a residence permit through the opening of a company or through the entry of a working Slovak firm into the founders.
Answer: Here it is necessary to understand why you need a residence permit. If you do not plan to physically move and work on behalf of your company, then definitely by introducing you to the founders of the operating company, as the costs of maintaining the residence permit are significantly less. Service fees of only 2,400 euros per year under this scheme, while opening and maintaining a firm, together with accounting services, you will cost at least 5500-6000 euros per year. However, at your company you can work as a director, but being a founder in someone else’s “# 8212; no, you can not, and you can not work for hire. If you want to move in the future and already live, you can register a new company and conduct activities on its behalf, while the new firm will not have a minimum tax, as you will be entered by the founder in another company and on the basis of your foundation will be prolong your residence permit.
Question:. Is it possible to get a residence permit for work for hire?
Answer: Really, but difficult. The thing is that your employer must get a certificate from the Ministry of the State (Ministry of Economy), that no Slovak claims for your position. This is realistic, but in practice, Slovak employers do not want to do this & # 8212; create a vacancy in the database, wait 30 days (under the new law) and only then on the basis of this certificate you will receive documents in your country’s consulate. We can help to make such a reference. The cost of this service is 300 euros. However, your employer will need to sign your consent that we will post your vacancy in the employment service on his behalf and we will receive this information ourselves.
In fact, most of the labor relations in Slovakia are formalized through the provision of services (works) through an IP or firm, as they save both sides substantially on taxes. For example, a normal situation when there is a store and he has 10 IP-shnikov working as cashiers. Therefore, when registering a company and learning the language, the job is absolutely real.
Question: How much does it cost to rent a house?
Answer: One-room apartment from 250 euros with communal, one-bedroom 350 and above.
Question: What is the attitude of Slovaks to migrants?
Answer: Very loyal, moreover, the languages are very similar. Those who know the Ukrainian or Belarusian languages will begin to understand Slovak speech from the first day. Moreover, the Slovaks & # 8212; an educated nation, many know English, there will be no problems in communication.
Question: How to start registration?
Answer: Take a certificate of non-conviction (two pieces, if through the opening of the company) and apostilize it, decide on what immigration program you want to issue a residence permit and certify the power of attorney from the Slovak consul in your country and send it to us by mail. After 7-10 working days, your company (or change in the charter) will be ready, and you can come to our office at the central office in Banska Bystrica or regional in Bratislava and file documents with the police. The whole process is really done in 2 days, if you successfully and quickly rent a house for your needs. If you decide to register a residence permit, the whole process can be done in one working day.
Answer: Everything depends on needs. Prices for food are approximately equal to those in Ukraine, equipment and clothes are much cheaper.
Question: What can you do in Slovakia, which business to open?
Answer: The same as people do in your country, if it’s legal. However, here people value quality, therefore it is necessary to think about the quality of services.

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