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The Russian diaspora in South Africa was founded back in the 1870s by descendants of Russian gold and diamond prospectors. Also, immigrants who left Russia after the revolution in 1917 arrived in South Africa. There are Russian entrepreneurs who immigrated to the country from the 1990s to the 2000s.
Immigration to South Africa is popular because it is legally allowed to have a second citizenship, but due to the high unemployment rate among the country’s indigenous population, the government had to make the immigration rules and visa procedure more stringent. So, sometimes the embassy can demand from the tourist to make a cash deposit in the amount of $ 1200. USA. This deposit is a certain guarantee of the return of the tourist to South Africa. Upon arrival in his country, a person gets the full amount in his hands.
The basis for immigration in South Africa can be:
Job; doing business in the country; immigration to South Africa for investment; marriage.
If you are planning to immigrate to South Africa for permanent residence, then from the employer you need to get an invitation to a permanent job. Before hiring an alien, the employer needs to prove that among the local population there was no candidate for a job and that the qualifications of this foreigner are unique for this job. Of course, highly qualified specialists are much more likely to find jobs in this state. Such specialists as doctors, scientists, teachers, engineers, programmers, etc., are always in short supply in South Africa.
Immigration to South Africa for the purpose of running your own business.
The most promising way to immigrate to South Africa & ndash; investing in business. Of course, the type of business you choose should be in accordance with the national interests of South Africa – then the chances that your application will be approved by the authorities of the country will be much higher. In order to apply, you need to have on your account an amount of about $ 45,000, which you can invest in either your new business or an existing partner business. If you plan to open your own business, you will also need to provide a business plan.
Investing & ndash; this is the easiest option, with the help of which it is possible to immigrate to South Africa, although it requires an impressive amount of money. This category provides for the presence of a foreigner in the amount of $ 300,000. At the same time, half of the funds should be invested in shares or real estate of South Africa, while the second half may be spent on current expenses. It is worth noting that the investor will be able to find a job or open a business in this country only after three years.
Immigrate to South Africa, a foreigner can by marriage, both with a citizen of this country, and with a person who has a permanent residence permit. In this case, a spouse with a permanent status in South Africa must provide evidence that he will be able to ensure proper maintenance of the second half.
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The Republic of Kenya has an area of more than 582 thousand square meters. km is located in the northern part of East Africa. The most characteristic geographical feature of the country is the predominance of plateaus, elevated at 1200-2500 m above sea level. The southeast of Kenya is washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and off the coast are picturesque coral islets.
Paraguay is located in the heart of South America, in the north it borders Bolivia, in the northeast – with Brazil, and in the south and west – n. with Argentina. Gosudarstvo has no access to the sea. The country’s territory is 406.752 km2 and is divided by the Paraguay River (main river) into 2 large regions: Gran Chaco (Western Region) and Selva (Eastern Region).
One of the key events in the social life of modern Sweden is the annual awarding of the Nobel Prize, which traditionally takes place on December 10 at the Stockholm City Hall Studdhuset. However, not only this made the state famous. High level of development, excellent winter resorts, political stability, loyalty to immigrants and the opportunity to conduct business in one of the most successful EU states – all this attracts thousands of foreigners in Sweden who want to settle in this country.
The state in the central part of South America. Bolivia borders on the north and northeast with Brazil, in the southeast with Paraguay, in the south with Argentina, in the south-west and west with Chile and Peru. The total area – 1098.6 thousand km.kv. The population is 5.95 million people. The capital of the constitution is the city of Sucre, but in fact & ndash; La Paz. In administrative terms, the territory of Bolivia is divided into 9 departments. Bolivia is located in the subequatorial and tropical belts, occupies a large eastern part of the Central Andes in the west and extensive plains in the east. These parts differ sharply in natural conditions. Over half of the population are Indian peoples (Quechua, Aymara, etc.), the rest are Hispanic Indian mestizos and whites. In the tropical forests (gilea) of the eastern part of Bolivia, there live the so-called & laquo; forest & raquo; Indians (90 thousand people). The official languages are Spanish, Aymara and Quechua.
Argentina & mdash; the quintessence of the south. A good half of the local realities proudly wears the title of the ‘southernmost & hellip; & raquo; To get started & mdash; the southernmost railway in the world: the Argentine answer to the bourgeois Orient Express and the harsh domestic Transsib & mdash; Patagonian broad gauge, built with a continental scope: about 30 years of work and unprecedented for such far-off edges of convenience & mdash; wagons of the brand & laquo; Fiat Concord & raquo ;, as well as special trailers for the transportation of cars. Next & mdash; the southernmost city on the planet Ushuaia, on the promenade at the harbor which is so pleasant to contemplate summer apricot sunsets. Finally & mdash; the most southern glaciers on the globe (not counting, of course, the poles), with a constant dry crack slipping from the mountains to the crystal & laquo; silver & raquo; lakes of Lago Argentino. An additional bonus: Patagonia, known to all of us from childhood, immortalized by Monsieur Verne, is also here. In general, & laquo; who is merry & mdash; he laughs who wants to & mdash; he will achieve who is looking for & mdash; he will always find it! & raquo;
Monaco is a dwarf state bordering France. The densely populated country has become famous thanks to the Monte Carlo casino and a high standard of living: there are few poor here, and the regularly held Formula 1 championship “Monaco Grand Prix” regularly attracts thousands of tourists and investors to the state.
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