Professional immigration to Australia.

Professional immigration to Australia.
One of the most common ways of immigration to Australia is to obtain a professional visa.
In order to obtain a professional visa, the applicant must score a certain number of points – currently 65 – for the age, work experience, education and level of English. Education and work experience should be on the same specialty or closely related to it. In addition, the applicant’s specialty must be on the list of specialties in demand in Australia. The main applicant can include in his application all members of his family.
The first step on the path to professional immigration is to confirm the compliance of the applicant’s existing specialty with the standards that apply to the same specialty in Australia.
Such confirmation is carried out by specially authorized professional organizations for this purpose.
Visas of professional immigration are divided into independent and sponsored, which in turn are divided into permanent and temporary.
When an independent visa is received, applicants count only on the points they can collect themselves. The list of specialties for this visa at the moment it includes about 200 specialties. If the applicant collects the necessary points, he receives a permanent visa and can choose without any restrictions for residence any state and any city in Australia.
If the applicant does not collect the necessary points for independent immigration, or his specialty is not on the list of specialties for independent immigration, but is on the state sponsorship lists, the applicant must apply to the relevant state before applying for a visa with a request for sponsorship. Along with other requirements, an important condition for the provision of sponsorship is the applicant’s obligation to live in the state sponsoring his assigned number of years.
Sponsorship adds 5 points to the points scored by the applicant, if the application is submitted for a permanent visa, or 10 points, if for a temporary visa.
If the applicant in Australia has a close relative, the applicant’s relative may be a sponsor. Sponsorship of the relative will bring the applicant additional points only if the application is submitted for a temporary visa.
Points scored by the applicant are calculated as follows:
30 points are received by those whose age ranges from 25 to 33 years. Applicants aged 18 to 24 and 33 to 49 receive 25 points. 15 points are awarded to applicants from 40 to 45 years. Those who are between the ages of 45 and 50 can apply for a visa, but will not receive points for age.
To demonstrate the level of English proficiency, the applicant must present the results of the IELTS exam. The test consists of four parts: reading, writing, understanding speech by ear and speaking. The maximum score of the IELTS exam is 9.
20 points the applicant receives if he scored a minimum of eight for each of the parts of the test. If all the results are not less than seven – 10 points. Sixes for IELTS are a passing result, but points for six do not accrue.
Work experience in the specialty is counted from the moment of receiving the corresponding education.
Applicants with work experience of eight years out of ten, preceding the submission of documents for a visa, receive 15 points. With work experience, five years out of the eight preceding the application – 10 points. 5 points for experience gives three years of work out of five before filing.
In the presence of a doctor or a candidate, the applicant receives 20 points.
If the applicant has a master’s, master’s, bachelor’s or specialist’s diploma, he gets 15 points. If the applicant has a diploma of secondary vocational education – 10 points.
An additional 5 points can be brought by the applicant’s spouse if the spouse is under 50 years old, has a specialty in demand in Australia and experience in this specialty at least a year before the date of filing. The spouse must also present the results of the IELTS (at least six).
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