Princess of Saudi Arabia Dina Abdulaziz: the royal life under the veil.

Princess of Saudi Arabia Dina Abdulaziz: the royal life under the veil.
It seems that in an adult life it is difficult to find a place for fairy tales, however, it turns out that they happen. An example of this is & ndash; Dina Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Princess of Saudi Arabia. But this beautiful young woman has not only successfully married, she lives a full, interesting and busy life. She manages to change the foundations of the whole world and at the same time observe the traditions. What is the life of the princess of Saudi Arabia?
Life before the fairy tale.
The future princess was born in California, in the city of Santa Barbara, in the family of a wealthy economist of Arab origin. From early childhood, she used to live in two countries, two worlds: in the US and Saudi Arabia. It shaped her personality and character. The girl grew American confident in herself, enterprising, but at the same time, in the East, closed, restrained. She lived for many years in New York, rotating in the circles of celebrities from the world of finance and fashion.
Passion for fashion.
The future princess of Saudi Arabia as early as 14 years old, for the first time leafing through the magazine Vogue, felt the incredible appeal of the fashion world. Since that time she is a fan and collector of this edition. As a teenager, Abdulaziz sought out her style and experienced a passion for punk style, but quickly grew out of it. Since the days of her youth, she had had many friends in the fashion world, and the girl, having an excellent taste, was immersed in the world of beauty and style with pleasure. Dina is close friends with many designers.
In 2006, the future princess of Saudi Arabia decided to do business and opened her own boutique D & rsquo; NA, first in Riyadh and then in Doha. This boutique can be accessed solely at Dina’s personal invitation, she knows every customer well and not only sells the goods to them, but helps them find the thing that they need in a friendly way. In its stores you can buy clothes and shoes of such famous and young brands as Jason Wu, Prabal Gurung, Maison Margiela, Rodarte, Juan Carlos Obando. She is recognized as one of the most talented buyers of modernity, Dina always knows exactly what her clients need.
She even meets the designers, changing the styles of clothes, to get into the tradition of Arab women. The success of her boutique encouraged some designers to start creating special collections for women in the Muslim world, taking into account traditional requirements. Abdulaziz showed herself as a skillful entrepreneur, she was able to monetize her sense of style, her shops have a special atmosphere: you can not run here when you like. In the boutique to Dina can only come by special arrangement, for each client, she creates a private setting so that Arab women can try on outfits without fear of extraneous views. Abdulaziz herself often wears clothes and especially shoes of brands presented in her boutique.
Acquaintance with the prince.
In 1996, Dean in London met with the prince of Saudi Arabia – Sultan ibn Fahd ibn Nasser ibn Abdul-Aziz al-Saud. The couple had much in common: both were accustomed to living in two worlds, both tasted the charms of Western civilization and at the same time honored the traditions of their ancestors. For two years, the couple met until they decided to get married – this is how the real story of the princess of Saudi Arabia began.
The new princess of Saudi Arabia understood what responsibility it takes to marry a representative of a royal family. But she was confident that she could change the Arab world for the better. A wedding dress for Dina was made by a French fashion designer, a native of Tunisia, her friend Azzedine Alaya. In accordance with strict eastern laws, photos from the wedding did not get into the press, although journalists hunted at least one shot. But privacy of privacy & ndash; one of the main laws of the East, and the newlyweds easily obeyed him.
Family life.
For 18 years, the princess of Saudi Arabia, Dina Abdulaziz, has proudly and proudly born her title. In the early years, the monarch’s family lived on the Upper East Side in New York, but then moved to the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. The couple had three children: a daughter and two twin boys. Despite her marriage and moving to a Muslim country, Dina continues to lead her usual lifestyle: she travels a lot, attends all the fashion shows of the world, often at social events, but everywhere she is alone, without her husband. He has too many duties in his homeland, and he has to observe royal etiquette more strictly than his wife. Becoming princess of Saudi Arabia – Dina Abdulaziz, – she did not change and her style, maybe, became even more refined. She rarely talks about her family, but always emphasizes that she is very happy in marriage. Princess of Saudi Arabia Dina Abdulaziz, whose photo can be seen in the report from almost any significant fashion event, organically entered the galaxy (very small in number) of eastern women who seek to change the situation of Arab women.
Vogue Arabia.
In 2016, the famous magazine about the style of Vogue announced the launch of a new project, led by the princess of Saudi Arabia. Photo Dina began to appear on the press, because now it was watched not only by the West, but also by the East. Previously, Vogue tried to launch a project for the Arab world, but quickly abandoned this idea due to the unclaimedness of the magazine. But the image of Dina Abdulaziz and some other modern eastern women forced the management of the publishing house Cond & eacute; Nast reconsider their views. So there was a new version of the publication & ndash; Vogue Arabia. Dina says that in the Muslim world there live a huge number of women, and they must dress, they think of fashion, maybe even more Western ladies, so they need a magazine about the style. But it must necessarily take into account the national specifics of the East. Vogue magazine is published since 1892, it is positioned not just as a fashion edition, but as a magazine about a certain lifestyle. Indeed, Vogue is shaping the worldview of several generations of women. Princess nominee for the post of editor-in-chief of Vogue & ndash; this is the best solution. She knows perfectly well the peculiarities of consumption of the fashion industry in the Arab world, she understands what boundaries can not be violated, and where it is possible to introduce new rules. In Saudi Arabia, women dress not for men, but for women, here is another way of life. And these features are well known to Dine Abdulaziz. The Arabic version of the gloss is very different from the American one, everything is chaste and reserved here. The publication promotes the modern style of a woman who is freed from the shackles of prejudice, but adheres to the rules. And the princess herself is a vivid example of this new type of women.
A special way of life.
Dina Abdulaziz is a category of modern women: they have a good education, know their worth, know how to make money, but still retain their feminine essence. She perfectly manages to combine the roles of a party person and a businesswoman with the roles of a loving wife and a caring mother. Dina spends a lot of time traveling, she does not miss a single significant event in the fashion world. Fashion world & ndash; this is a special way of life. It is necessary to be constantly in the thick of events, to communicate with people a lot, and Dina Abdulaziz does it perfectly. The fashion industry found a new star in her face. It is often compared with Audrey Hepburn for the restrained style and elegance of the highest level. It inspires designers, supports them. It is her thanks to many London designers for promoting their nascent brands. Dina gladly wears shoes of her name, which her friend Christian Louboutin is releasing. Yes, her way of life is not to everyone’s liking, it is often criticized by conservatives of the Arab world for violating the foundations. But the world is changing, including the Muslim world, more and more women are claiming their right to self-expression. And Dean is the embodiment of this new, emerging formation. She lives on two worlds and loves each of them. The princess says that she is very close to New York, here she is liberated, she can afford much, & laquo; even eat a hot dog & raquo ;, but it is in Riyadh that she feels at home, surrounded by stability, peace, harmony.
Circle of friends.
The duality of Dina’s life affects her surroundings. Princess of Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz communicates a lot with the inhabitants of two worlds: they are cream of the society, wealthy people of the East and representatives of fashion industry – designers, models, journalists. The second world seems to be closer and closer to her, she is closely friends with famous fashion figures: Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfeld, Miroslava Duma and Azzedin Alaya.
The style of the modern princess.
Looking at how the princess of Saudi Arabia, photo of which appears in many magazines about fashion and social life, dresses, you will never say that this girl belongs to the Muslim world. However, it is worth taking a closer look, and you will notice that Dina is trying to pay tribute to the basic requirements of Islam. Her style has become more and more pure and impeccable over the years, although in her youth she did not pass experiments, even rather risky. But over the years she has found what best emphasizes her personality. Its main distinguishing feature is & ndash; this is a short, concise haircut. She remains almost unchanged for years, this is her trademark, the constant of style. With her lean figure (and this despite three children) and a propensity for androgyny, Dina can afford to be both elegantly feminine and boyishly bold. But in her appearance, always, even if she is dressed for New York streets, there is a certain restraint. She does not wear very open dresses, although she allows herself to barely bare her shoulders or legs, but this nudity & ndash; Only a dash, not the basis of the image.
Still, her clothes are dominated in her bows. She skillfully combines all the trends of fashion with an individual reading, it is not in vain called a style icon and trendetter, as she does not just follow the fashion, she forms it. In Saudi Arabia, Dean dresses in the appropriate outfits of the country: she covers her head, covers her legs and shoulders, but still looks modern. For this country, of course, she is an avant-gardist, but not a revolutionary. Dina – a great fan of designer clothes, she skillfully combines the things of different authors and always looks original and very relevant.
Social position.
The princess of Saudi Arabia, at the time when she opened her first boutique, was thinking about the need to change the worldview of Arab women. In her country, the attitude towards the fairer sex does not meet the norms and perceptions of the Western world, but changes begin, and Dina’s share in this is there. At the same time, she never speaks out against the political or state structure in the country, does not pretend to change the social role of a woman & ndash; for Saudi Arabia, this is still not possible. But it seeks to make women’s lives better by helping them to believe in their beauty and gain self-confidence.

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