Prices in Greece in 2018.

Prices in Greece in 2018.
Greece for several years is a popular tourist route among Russians. The level of service and picturesque landscapes here are in no way inferior to Turkey and Egypt. If you intend to go on vacation or even permanent residence in this ancient country, then it is better to know in advance what prices in Greece in 2018 for rest, food, shelter and other needs.
Price level in Greece.
Compared to other European countries, for example, Germany or Sweden, the standard of living of local residents in Greece is much lower. The Greek economy was seriously undermined by the recent crisis. If even 6 years ago the average salary was about 2000 euros, now many citizens live on 400-800 �.
In Germany, the average salary at the level of 1800-2000 thousand euros, but in neighboring Bulgaria, the standard of living is much lower than in Greece – about 400 �.
At the same time, the cost of products in Greece is lower than in Western European countries and America by 30%. The income of 800-1200 dollars is enough for two members of the family. Prices for food, housing, transportation may vary by region. And in the resort cities the prices for food and housing are higher by 10-40%.
In recent years, housing prices have fallen to 30-50%, and for rented housing & # 8212; 20-40%. On the mainland, the most expensive prices in the south-east and north of the country. Of the islands, the highest prices are observed in Santorini, Corfu, Crete and Mykonos.
The fare, gasoline, car rental.
The most convenient way to see the country is to rent a car. To rent a car, you need to pay around 50-60 � per day. If you take a car for 10 days or more, the rent will be slightly cheaper – 40 euros. In the country there are toll roads, for example, a trip on the highway Athens-Thessaloniki will cost 34 euros. You can also go on a free road, but you will have to drive longer in this case.
For 1 liter of gasoline you need to pay 1.7 �, and for diesel fuel – 1.4. The taxi ride around the city ranges from 3 to 15 �. In public transport, the price for one trip is 1 euro, you can purchase a travel card for 1 month for 35 euros.
Cost of products.
As for prices in Greece in 2018 for food, inexpensive goods are best sought in the market. Here you will find fresh fish, vegetables, olives, clothes and shoes at reasonable prices. However, local markets do not sell meat.
The most acceptable price tags for food in Lidl supermarkets, however, here you do not always find quality products. And the most expensive, but always fresh and quality products can be purchased in the network of supermarkets Vasilopous.
Approximate cost of products:
Bread – from 0.70 to 1 euro. Cheese – from 7 to 13 euros per kilogram. Chicken – from 3 to 6 euros per 1 kg. Pork -5-6. Fish & # 8212; 5-15. Wine – from 1,5 to 15 euro. Olive oil – 3-5.
Dinner at a local restaurant will cost from 30-40 � (with meat dishes), if you book a fish, the average check will be 50-60 �. Alcoholic drinks in restaurants cost 7-13 euros (for one glass).
The cost of housing.
Housing prices in this state are quite loyal, if compared with other countries in Europe. For example, for a spacious two-storey house with a swimming pool asking for 3500 euros per square meter. And prices for 1 square. meter to the apartment start from 1800 euros. On the islands, prices are 50% higher than on the mainland.
For foreigners there are no restrictions when buying a home in Greece. In addition, if a resident of another country buys property for 250 thousand euros, he can count on getting a residence permit for all his family members.
To rent a house, you need to pay a minimum of 275 euros (studio apartment), and for a three-room apartment ask 455 euro. The communal fee for a two-room apartment is 150 �.
Prices in online retail outlets are slightly different from Russian stores. Various souvenirs can be purchased in all resort towns and on the islands. Tourists often purchase “food” souvenirs (cheese, wine, olive oil) in the markets. Local cognac can be purchased for 7 euros. Magnets, lighters, key chains cost from 1 euro. T-shirts with labels sell for 12-14 �, beach slippers – 11 euros, hats – from 10 euros.
Many Russians go to Greece in the so-called “fur coats”. In many Greek cities you can buy fur coats from mink fur, raccoon, beaver of excellent quality. The average cost of a mink fur coat from 2500 euros (one-piece), for a fur coat of mink pieces ask for 850-1000 euros.
Standard of living.
Life in Greece is now difficult, however, despite the protracted crisis, last year there was a small increase in wages. If you compare with the Russian Federation, the residents of Greece, taking into account all taxes, receive 22% more than the Russians.
Average salaries.
The most received in the banking sector, as well as in the shipping and metallurgical industry (2000-2500 euros). Unskilled workers without education receive up to 560 �. From the income tax is calculated from 22%, it can reach 42%, if the income is more than 42 thousand euros per year.
Compared with 2012, salaries in the country this year grew by 1.5 times. If you compare with the countries of Eastern Europe, the salary in Greece is one and a half times more.

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