Prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Prevention and treatment of various diseases.
2. OBTAINING PERMITS TO WORK IN SLOVENIYA. In order to obtain a residence permit, you must obtain a work permit from your registered company. So, in Slovenia. Living in a house built 500 or even 1,000 years ago is, of course, romantic. We will help you get a residence permit and immigrate to Slovenia. So, do you like Slovenia and want to get a residence permit in this country? You will be the owner and founder of your company in Slovenia.
Slovenia is a beautiful country located in the south of Central Europe in the Schengen area, with fantastic nature and calm, measured life. But we will not discuss the topic of immigration itself, but only try to understand the situation that has developed in the market of services for obtaining and extending residence permits in the Republic of Slovenia.
These are solid companies that have been working in the territory of Slovenia for several years, and using services that, in most cases, you will get the desired result. In principle, the conditions for Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia are approximately the same. In Slovenia, too, for a residence permit of 150-200, well, and others on trivia can be costs in the beginning. According to the content in Poland it is interesting, if there is information & # 8212; tell me.
Residence permit in Slovenia – it’s real!
Feb 25, 2015, 5:17 pm: the old people are usually loyal, and the laws are tightened mostly newcomers. If the dummy and without coming to the country & # 8212; It’s clear. 1) What is necessary to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia? It is necessary to register a legal entity in the country.
We get a residence permit in Slovenia and at the same time we acquire local real estate.
A package of documents prepared by an attorney is submitted to the consulate of Slovenia in the territory of the Russian Federation. This must be done personally to the founders of the legal entity. From the moment of submitting documents for obtaining residence permit in the consulate and until the moment of receipt, it is prohibited to enter Slovenia. In Slovenia, one of the easiest programs in the European Union for obtaining a residence permit for investors operates.
Residential and commercial real estate in Slovenia, Russians and citizens of the CIS countries can only acquire a legal entity. How to open a company in this country? To date, getting a residence permit in Slovenia is more real and easier than in any other EU country and Schengen zone. Of course, we do not mean that our employees work in the state bodies of Slovenia.
Hello! On the territory of which EU countries, has the right to operate a company registered in Slovenia? To save your time and provide the necessary assistance during your stay in Slovenia will help the accompanying person from our company. Slovenia (Republic of Slovenia) is a state in Central Europe on the Balkan Peninsula.
Recently, more and more people from the countries of the former Soviet Union have been thinking about immigration, and increasingly they are looking to Slovenia. We are all well aware of the & # 8212; Free cheese is only in a mousetrap. For everything you have to pay: for registration of residence permit, for registration and maintenance of your company, for medical insurance & # 8212; in the end, just for a decent life. It is necessary to pay, and not a little, but how much?
During the whole period of the company’s work, in partnership with ICC “Dialogue” to provide services for obtaining and prolonging residence permits, there was not a single case of refusal to issue it and prolong it. What is the logic in this? And this should warn people in advance!
Slovenia & # 8212; center of Europe.
And even in this case, the expenditure part will be a larger amount of & # 8212; it will tell you any Slovenian accountant. And let’s not forget that the above amount assumes 22500 � of investment costs! From this it clearly follows that the customer, that is, you will have to pay not only the extension of residence permit, but also all consultations on the activities of your company.
The mild climate of Slovenia.
Or maybe, it is implied that you now, taking care of all this yourself, also have to pay 360 � for something else? 800 � & # 8212; obtaining permanent residence without taking into account overhead costs, as they may differ depending on your situation. For some reason, this paragraph does not specify that you will have to pay more taxes when you renew, in accordance with a higher salary.
The certificate of marriage (with apostille) – 40 � for citizens of Russia and 65 � for citizens of Ukraine. And the person who first encountered business immigration and obtaining residence permit, it is difficult to collect all these figures together. We fully agree with this wisdom and at a certain stage we hold private consultations on business development and many other aspects of life in Slovenia.
After all for many people, immigration is the future of their children and a real chance to start a new life. And throwing a small kitten into the water (sorry for the comparison) is at least just cruel.
The network has a lot of conflicting information, which, as I understand it, is exhibited by intermediary firms. If you like this theme & # 8212; share a link to it with your friends in social networks. In Lithuania, residence permit immediately after the company’s opening can no longer be received unfortunately. It’s inexpensive and get a residence permit in the EU. In Bulgaria, you do not have the money to earn, but you do not need a freelancer. It will be necessary to take the zero reporting of OOO in Russia and reporting in Bulgaria.
Most probably the whole thing is that the question is too extensive. I study actively now a lot of materials on the topic. What I want to say … while the conclusion is this: VNZH through a firm, real estate and so on makes sense only if you really live in that country or build a business. This is the first. The second is & # 8212; in the description of the opening of the office or the acquisition of real estate, which is full on the net, is very much silent about.
VNZH just for the sake of visa-free travel, I think no one does, it is unprofitable. Probably people have plans to get permanent residence. After tightening the laws in Lithuania, it seems that Poland becomes the cheapest VNZ through the firm. Slovenia is not a bad option, if the firm is real, with fictitious there now, too, does not ride. Hungary does not like much because of the language, and you will need it anyway, both in everyday life and in bureaucratic matters. As for Slovakia, I will clarify, now I can not answer right away.

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