It’s time to bring down? Emigration from Russia.
1. The development of IT in the Baltic countries, the level of salaries in the IT sphere.
2. Possibility (here and further – also in countries – where it is more possible, where less) and the difficulty of legal or not very comfortable working as a programmer to a resident of Ukraine with Ukrainian citizenship without knowledge of Lithuanian-Latvian-Estonian (hereinafter – local) but with knowledge of Russian. I plan to learn the local language on arrival.
3. The ability and complexity to live in capitals (as I understand it is not worthwhile to drive into the capital) without knowledge of the local language.
4. Possibility and complexity in the future of obtaining citizenship.
5. If there is an opportunity to evaluate – is the game worth the candle in comparison with Kiev (although the salary of programmers in comparison with Kiev)?
Briefly about himself – a resident of Ukraine, from birth until a little more than a year ago – he lived in the Donbass, then moved to central Ukraine (not Kiev). Himself. 25 years. Programmer, C ++ / C # / Objective-C, almost 2 years of work experience and the same programming education of Donetsk University. In fact, a little more, but in the first place of work too the ass was, because it can not fully reckon. The political position is for Ukraine. Knowledge of languages – Russian / Ukrainian – native, English – not very – technical literature still somehow read, but spoken only with a dictionary. In fact, there are thoughts still teach English and emigrate to some of the English-speaking countries but first I’m not sure that I want to leave a close language environment (and as I understand in the Baltic, many Russian-speakers), while in Russia and Belarus I do not want to live from the principle, and I can not guarantee the current borders of Ukraine by 2020, secondly, as I know from the experience of the Donbass, I do not at all exclude the possibility that at one point it may happen that the preparation time will be short … In fact, I still hesitate between thoughts about emigration and remain here, but I want to evaluate the possible options.
On frazochki like “sho, boarded?” I will not answer. I count on changes for the better in my country, but I do not know if they will be and if they will, then when.
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At home, he shit – and then just learn English and you can go to shit to others?
One house is croaked to the top floor and the next one is moved.
This is the whole patriotism of the Maidauns.
Company name: IOS dev.
Registration number: 40103662678.
Desired Education: Not lower than the highest.
Knowledge of languages: Russian, English.
Opening hours: 10: 00-18: 00.
Location: Riga, center.
Address, street: Elizabetes.
Russian language outside of Russia for a long time is not needed, and the Baltic will be a career impasse (if you are hoping to tighten up there English, then in vain. Who knows, has already flunked there for a long time). The only thing if you want to live there for 5+ years and get citizenship with an EU passport. but you as I understood the passport do not plan to change?
This is to some extent an advertising video, filmed just with people from Ukraine.
Relatively easy registration – confirmation of the diploma 4 weeks, and in fact three weeks to wait for permission from the exchange, at this time you can work remotely and come on tour.
In the capital, it is normal for a Russian, but after the Slavic studies, the Lithuanian studies until 4-5, but not without difficulty.
English is compulsory, without it anyway – all customers are Western. But enough level B1, that is, to conduct dialogues with blanks, but more or less understand everything. You have to work on this if you want to come here.
“It’s time to pour” into the social. networks.
There is a prophylaxis of the robot, delayed response is possible.

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