Pmzh in Croatia for pensioners.

Pmzh in Croatia for pensioners.
Forum of independent travelers.
08-Jul-2014, 15:24.
1) Favorable location: affordable Europe by car (Ljubljana 130 km, Venice 230 km, Vienna 490 km, Budapest 500 km, Munich 500 km, etc.).
2) Excellent sea: clear water, beaches with a blue flag.
3) Ecology, climate and unique nature. Beech forests, amazing waterfalls (for example, Plitvice Lakes or Krka waterfalls).
4) The Croatian language, which has many similar words with the Russian and is not so complicated for studying a man of Slavic origin.
5) Education for children (Italian schools with free high-quality education).
6) Friendly attitude of the population.
7) High quality of food and water.
The basis for obtaining residence permit in my case was the purchase of a small but working travel agency. Registration of residence permit took about four months (a little delayed because the first submission of documents takes place at the Croatian embassy in Moscow, and the addition of documents in the planned region of residence in Croatia).
08-Jul-2014, 18:33.
And why are Italian schools? Croatian paid? Or substandard? Or both?
08-Jul-2014, 18:37.
08-Jul-2014, 18:53.
And why are Italian schools? Croatian paid? Or substandard? Or both?
But Italian schools are better funded, after graduating more chances to continue their studies in Italy (it is near), the Croats themselves prefer to send their children to such schools. And this is relevant only for Kvarner and Istria, since before the formation of Yugoslavia it was the Italian territory.
08 Jul 2014, 18:59.
08-Jul-2014, 19:01.
How costly? What is the order of the figures if you start and maintain a fictitious business solely for the sake of residence permit?
08-Jul-2014, 19:18.
08-Jul-2014, 19:27.
What about medicine? For her from his own pocket will have to pay the owner of this residence permit and their spouses?
08 Jul 2014, 19:52.
It is worthwhile to warn, Croats (depending on the region) check the business when applying for residence permits for the second and subsequent periods, and if the firm is in doubt (did not conduct activities or led, but with a negative balance), they can easily refuse to renew.
10-Jul-2014, 11:48.
10 Jul 2014, 13:07.
On visa problems: if there is a Schengen – the question does not arise (according to the Schengen, you can easily come to Croatia). As for the purchase procedure, it does not take much time, but it is important to pay attention to the details of the balance of the business and its condition. See business, make a decision, buy! And only after that you collect the documents and submit them to the embassy in Moscow (this is only primary, the extension is drawn up already on the spot).
By the way, the question is, what purpose do you pursue when considering the purchase of a business? Getting a residence permit, making a profit or both?
In places where I was looking: basically,
10-Jul-2014, 13:31.
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10 Jul 2014, 15:34.
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Jul 10, 2014, 15:52.
If you do not have enough sources of income, then it will be extremely difficult to conduct an active profitable business in the EU! My advice: create if there is a possibility of additional sources in Russia and look closely at the foreign business in the segment in which you are well versed.
Yes, thanks for the advice !! In principle, I assumed that there will be a lot of pitfalls in terms of organizing your own business and that at least to leave for a short time this will be a good result. And you, of course, are right, it is necessary to provide a financial pillow or a stable permanent source here. This also has to be dealt with in parallel now. And yet, I’m interested in, the purchase of a ready-made business will certainly help to solve a lot of problems at the initial stage (organizational)? Here you, for example, it took a lot of time to get into all the necessary nuances of doing business in Croatia? Something tells me that when you go to Croatia with your company, you would have to be much more threatened than you could buy a ready-made business? And in general, how are things going with you, if not secret?)
10-Jul-2014, 17:37.
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