PMZ of Canada through a tourist visa

PMZ of Canada through a tourist visa h1>
examples of the implementation of independent tours.
independent travel: educational program.
help, features, what to see.
hotels, air tickets, car rental.
exchange of travel experiences.
photos from around the world.
Canadian visa. How to get a visa to Canada on your own?
Guest visa to Canada. As a preface.
A trip to the World Ice Hockey Championship in Canada led us to the need for a Canadian visa. Canadian visitor’s visa (CVV) or temporary resident visa (temporary resident visa).
Registration of a visa to Canada. Likbez.
Registration of a visa to Canada for you must be built according to the following scheme:
Step one . Forget about third-party support of firms. You will save considerable money, time (!), Keep the confidentiality of your documents submitted to the Canadian consulate.
Step two. Read this article carefully. Pay attention to the main postulates.
Step three. Gather the necessary documents.
Step four. Pass documents to the consulate (send via courier service, having an agreement with the Canadian consulate – about this below).
Step five. Get a visa.
Next, I will take a closer look at all the steps.
Documents for a visa to Canada.
“By applying for a visa, you must convince the visa officer that you have a good reason for traveling to Canada and that your personal situation proves that you will return to the country of residence.” – this is a quote from the official website of the Canadian consulates. Perhaps, this is the main thing, what should be guided at all stages, if you want to get a visa. When collecting documents – this is the main principle.
1. Application for a temporary resident visa (application form) in two copies. Everyone who travels to Canada at the age of 18 years and older must fill out a separate application form. (If the child leaves alone, you should fill out a separate questionnaire for this child.) You can download the application form here:
2. The questionnaire “Family information” of two copies. It is filled by each applicant from 18 years old, who will enter Canada. You can download the application form here:
3. Passport, the validity of which ends no earlier than 6 months at the time of the end of the trip.
4. 2 photos 35�45 mm in accordance with the requirements (see below).
5. Certificate from the place of employment on the letterhead of the enterprise, containing the following information: name, position, length of service, average monthly income, leave permit for travel to Canada. The certificate must be certified by the signature of the head and the seal. If you are married, provide a letter from the work of your spouse (s).
6. If you traveled abroad earlier: a copy of the pages of the old passport with visas and pages marked with the entry / exit marks.
7. Documents reflecting your financial and family welfare:
advertising brochures of the company where you work, a letter with a brief description of the activities of your company, the year of creation, etc .;
if you are a founder, co-founder of an enterprise – constituent documents, a certificate of registration, a license, accounts, and other materials confirming the firm economic position of your company (photocopies);
documents on the availability of property (photocopies): a certificate of privatization of the apartment; contract of sale and purchase of an apartment, land plot, dacha, garage; donative, technical passport of the car, general power of attorney for cars;
a credit card or a certificate from the bank about the availability of your bank account.
8. If you are accompanied by a child under 18 years of age, a notarized authorization to export it.
9. Description of the route of your trip, including documents for booking tickets and hotels (see articles on hotel reservations and air tickets).
Photo size: at least 35×45 mm (1.37×1.77 inches).
Face size (vertical): 31-36 mm (1.22-1.41 inches).
The photo must be taken in full face. The face should be placed in the center of the frame. The upper part of the shoulders should also be visible.
The size of the head from the chin to the vertex: 31-36 mm (1.22-1.41 inches).
Photos should be the same, colored, made in the last 6 months.
The image should be clear on a white or light background.
Photographs taken with a digital camera should not be altered in any way.
The person should be located in the center of the photo. The facial expression must be neutral. Do not frown or smile. The mouth should be closed.
It is allowed to be photographed in darkened glasses, if the eyes are clearly visible, and the frame does not cover any part of the eyes. It is forbidden to be photographed in sunglasses.
Wigs or other cosmetics are allowed if they do not distort the appearance.
Photos on which the applicant is depicted in a hat or his head is covered for religious reasons are permissible if all the features of his face are clearly visible on them.
A copy of the work record card, stamped from the place of work;
Copy of the issued insurance for the period of stay in Canada (read how to arrange insurance for the visa online);
List of participants of the trip;
The document on booking a car;
A photocopy of marriage certificates and the birth of children;
A photocopy of the parents’ pension certificates, certificates of disability for parents or other persons who are dependent on you;
Currency exchange help.
Visa fees / Visa payment.
The payment for processing a visa application (visa fees) is NOT returned under any circumstances. Payment is charged for each person intending to enter Canada. This applies to all children, regardless of whether they have their own passport or are entered in the passport of one of the parents.
Note: the value in rubles can vary with the Canadian Dollar rate fluctuations (CAD).
Multiple entry permits an unlimited number of entries to Canada during its validity.
Applying for a visa to Canada.
The Visa and Immigration Section of the Embassy of Canada accepts applications for visas from the applicants personally, by mail, through courier postal services or from the applicant’s representatives.
In order to apply and / or pay, applicants can contact Pony Express, a courier service with which the Canadian Embassy has concluded a contract,, or by phone +7 (495) 981-1956 ( for Moscow), 8-800-200-7669 (free calls from other regions). The International Organization for Migration (IOM), with which the embassy is also contracted, provides its services for applying and paying for their consideration to residents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. You can contact IOM offices by phone: +7 (495) 253-1330 (Russia), +7 (727) 258-2240, 258-4907 (Kazakhstan), + 7 (741) 058-5692 (Armenia). Information on the services provided by IOM and addresses of IOM offices can be obtained on the websites:, and
When the documents are handed in personally, the applicant still has to pay for the visa in Pony Express or IOM.
According to official data of the Canadian embassy, consideration of documents takes at least 15 working days without taking into account official state holidays and time for delivery of documents to the embassy and back. When we received the documents, we were warned that the waiting period would be 2-4 weeks. Imagine our surprise when we received our documents in St. Petersburg in 10 (including non-working!) Days after they were filed. Canadians obviously tried, for which they are very thankful! I think that the prompt resolution of the issue was due, among other things, to the completeness of the documents provided and information about the upcoming trip. Draw conclusions.
About refusals in the visa.
And what if they refuse me? This question worries anyone who applies for a visa. Why can they refuse, and what will happen in case of refusal? Now I will try to give the most clear answers to these questions.
Refuse can for many reasons. But in the end, the main reason, as mentioned above, may be insufficient reasons for traveling to Canada and for your return to your homeland. Both items are important.
the absence of a criminal past;
presence of other visas in the passport (and the more, the better);
your work, work experience and salary should show that you in some form have already taken place in Russia and in Canada you will not remain working;
married / married to a husband (an unmarried young girl who wants to enter Canada alone, the visa is unlikely to be given), whether there are children;
whether you have real estate in Russia, a car;
Do you have parents or relatives here, do you have dependents?
No. In this case, the consulate will ask you to provide additional information or documents, or invite for an interview to clarify the “white spots” in your application.
Those who are denied a visa are issued a letter stating the reason for the refusal. After you received such a letter, you have little chance of an appeal. There is no formal appeals mechanism for refusing to issue a visa.
Embassy of Canada. Moscow.
Address: 121002 Moscow, Starokonyushenny lane. 23.
The consular section of the Embassy is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00.
The Visa and Immigration Section of the Embassy is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00.
Note: fields marked with * are required!
I’m 33 years old, unmarried, without children, there is a permanent job, an apartment in a joint ownership (privatized to me and my parents, I live in it). Is it really possible to get a guest visa if I go to Canada on New Year’s holidays to my fellow Canadian citizen? I can provide proof that we are familiar, we have rested abroad together, i.e. relations are not fake. The plans for joint living and a wedding. Should I mention this when applying for a guest visa? After all, it turns out that I have plans on immigration, even after this New Year’s trip.
The son studies in Canada. I would like to visit him. Please tell me which visa is best served: tourist or guest? Thank you in advance.
The article was very useful. At least inspired me to apply for a visa to Canada on my own.
But I would like to clarify. The daughter goes to a private school. In May-graduation. The school sent an invitation to me, my husband and my youngest daughter. Are we the most reasonable to submit documents separately or together?
And what subtlety to apply, what would the visa be multiple? The eldest daughter plans to continue her education in Canada.
And why do you write that the translation of documents is not required?
How in my case can I confirm my return to Russia?
Thank you in advance for your answers !!
We want to visit a friend in Vancouver, I (33 years old) and my daughter (4,5 years). For 2 week. I’m not married, I work in a serious large organization, the salary is not bad, but not super. There are no cars / apartments in the property. As I understand it, the chances of obtaining a tourist visa are not enough for me. Is it worth trying to get a guest?

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