Advantages and disadvantages.
Any pluses and any minuses are always subjective, do not forget about it.
So the pros from my point of view.
1. The climate .. it’s wonderful. A lot of sun, we are at 34 latitude of the southern hemisphere. For the northern hemisphere, this is equivalent to the north of Africa, the Arab Emirates .. Realizing that on the plain it will be hot, we climbed a bit into the mountains, 600 meters above sea level. There are all 4 seasons, in autumn the beauty of colored foliage and leaf fall, everything rustles under your feet .. Winter – snowless, but very dry, no rain, dirt, only August windy .. But here everything is the opposite than in the northern hemisphere. Winter is June, July and August. In the summer – the rainy season. sometimes very serious, but with short showers.
5.transport: all year round you can ride a bike and moto – it’s economical and convenient, the weather allows.
10 in the province in a small tourist town the crime rate is very low. everyone knows each other, at least in person. The police monitor the strangers by caring about the safety of tourists. Children walk alone and it’s absolutely safe.
1. the country’s industry is in a deplorable state. Agriculture is excellent. Production of whatever it lacks seems completely. After the military dictatorship, the enterprises in mass were destroyed, something was demolished, something was abandoned .. The country was inundated with imported goods at bargain prices with which local industry could not compete .. The government is trying to do something .. but it is very peculiar methods. For example, all imported is 100% taxable. and if you take into account that literally everything is cut from screws and light bulbs to machine tools, then you can imagine what all the price tag is. There is not enough metallurgy, metal rolling, very much. Grades of steel? no, did not hear. Stamps of cement ?? no, they did not hear – that’s just cement, just iron.
what else? I’ve got more pluses than minuses.
I think for my first performance in this community about Argentina is still enough.
life in the Argentine province (pros and cons)
And what do you live there, in terms of means to live? If my question is inappropriate or unpleasant, it is not necessary to answer, of course.

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