Pharmaceutical industry in Canada.

Pharmaceutical industry in Canada.
According to the capacity of the pharmaceutical market, Canada is on the tenth place in the world, which is about 21 billion US dollars. As in the country there is an increase in the number of elderly people every year, this figure will grow. In Canada, more than a hundred pharmaceutical companies that produce various drugs. It is noteworthy that scientists try to take into account the traditions of traditional medicine when developing medicines, study the useful properties of taiga plants in Canada.
About thirty years ago, Canada was the second country in the world for the price of medicines. For the population, this was a very big problem. Since it is the state that regulates this issue, it began to pursue a policy based on setting the price of medicines in accordance with reviews of medicines, negotiation pricing and the large use of generic drugs. Generic means are no different from the original, except that they have expired patent protection and the price is lower by 20-80%. Implemented under a different name than the original drug.
In each province of Canada there is a body that regulates the activities of pharmacies, as well as the professional level of pharmacists. Well at least, the release of X-ray film is not controlled. It would be utter absurdity. There are 9 higher educational institutions in the country that prepare pharmacists. He goes to school for four years, another year leaves for practice. There are about 20,000 pharmaceutical workers in the country, and this is not enough. This is due to the fact that in the US, the same workers receive a large salary, so there is a leakage of personnel.
In Canada, more than seven thousand pharmacies. The largest network of pharmacies & # 8212; Shoppers Drug Mart. It includes about 1,250 pharmacies. These pharmacies sell both medicines and self-care products, household chemical goods, goods for children, and products. The network of these pharmacies conducts an active policy to attract buyers & # 8212; charity events are organized, a healthy lifestyle is promoted among the population, a free newspaper is published, in which discounts and promotions are indicated. For customers, they generate cards and regular customers receive savings points.
In each pharmacy, a special electronic dossier (similar to AGFA Ipmax Agility) is launched for any visitor. It lists all the diseases, all the recommendations of the attending physician, prescribed prescriptions. If there is an allergy. A person can be registered in several pharmacies. In each of them there is his dossier and when passing from one pharmacy to another, the data is transferred. Medicines can be dispensed without a prescription, prescription, and also without a prescription, but on the advice of a doctor. Medicines issued without a prescription, the buyer pays for himself, the rest partially or completely can cover insurance. In order to get a prescription medicine, the buyer sends the prescription to the pharmacist. Instead, he receives an apparatus that looks like a pager. When the recipe is ready, the machine will fire. This means that you need to pay the cashier. After that, the pharmacist must familiarize the client with the medicine, give recommendations on admission, on possible side effects. Therefore, the pharmacist is partly a doctor.
Pharmacists are helping people in measuring blood pressure, in delivering drugs home. Thus, the industry is actively developing, there is a constant increase in the number of pharmacies, but there is an acute shortage in pharmacies.

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