Permanent residence in Poland.

Permanent residence in Poland.
Emigration to Poland is attractive for our compatriots for many reasons. Easy to learn language; high level of culture; the opportunity to obtain a European education is not astronomical, but at quite adequate prices; relatively simple employment with guaranteed stable earnings. If we add to this the territorial proximity, the habitual climate and the completely Slavic mentality, then the benefits and prospects of leaving for permanent residence in Poland become obvious.
In order to determine the methods of emigration to Poland, you should first understand the terminology. The status of permanent residence (permanent residence) is preceded by the status of a residence permit (residence permit), and the final stage of emigration is the acquisition of Polish citizenship. This rule does not apply only to repatriates who become citizens of Poland immediately after crossing the border of the Republic.
Another important point that should be taken into account when considering ways of leaving for permanent residence in Poland is the fact that the acquisition of property in the territory of the Republic of Poland does not entitle to a residence permit and, therefore, does not solve the issue of permanent residence.
Ways to go to Poland for permanent residence.
According to the existing legislation, for departure for permanent residence in Poland, there are four ways: repatriation, marriage, business immigration, education in a Polish university. Once again, we emphasize that buying property does not give any privileges in this matter. So, let’s take a closer look at all four ways, so that you can find a suitable and easily feasible option for yourself.
Repatriation and second citizenship.
Unfortunately, this method is suitable only for people of Polish origin, who have the opportunity to confirm Polish nationality and the corresponding citizenship of their direct or indirect relatives – parents or grandparents. The issue of granting a repatriation visa is considered in each particular case, and the consul of the Republic of Poland accepts the final decision on issuing it.
Repatriates receive Polish citizenship immediately upon entry into the country. At the same time, they can count on financial assistance from the state. Registration of documents of a citizen of Poland can take place without a waiver of previous citizenship.
A legitimate marriage.
It is noteworthy that only the legality of marriage with a citizen or a citizen of Poland is not enough for today. In the light of the latest trends, we will have to prove that marriage is not fictitious. To do this, you will need to live together with your spouse for a long time. And only then, after two years in the status of residence permit, you can apply for a permanent residence permit. Receiving the latter makes it possible to become a citizen of Poland in five years.
Permanent residence for businessmen.
This is probably the most common way to travel to Poland for permanent residence. It is available to all foreigners who have the opportunity to create their own business on the territory of the Republic. In this situation, there are three main criteria on the basis of which a decision is made to grant the right to permanent residence:
availability of a permanent source of income. The officially confirmed income must equal or exceed the amount calculated as follows: � 100 per month for each family member plus the total costs of housing maintenance; permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland for 5 years. The allowed period of absence in the country for this period should not exceed 10 months in total; financial and social benefits to the state from business. This point is considered in terms of the number of jobs provided to Polish citizens and the tax profitability of the enterprise in favor of the state budget.
Study in a Polish university.
The training of foreigners in Polish universities is only for a fee. Therefore, there are usually no special problems with admission. Student visa is issued for a period of one year and is renewed automatically. It is this visa that serves as the basis for obtaining residence permit. After five years in this status, you can safely apply for permanent residence.
In conclusion, it would not be superfluous to add that according to sociological research, the majority of our compatriots who moved to Poland for permanent residence have profitable changes in their social and financial situation, without losing close relations with friends and relatives at home, which is greatly facilitated by the territorial the proximity of Poland.
I was born in Poland, Russian. Can I obtain citizenship?
Good afternoon, after reading all the articles on your website about permanent residence and residence permit in Poland, I had a question. I am a Ukrainian citizen, I have a daughter of 5 years, officially I am a single mother. When obtaining a residence permit in accordance with a work visa, can I reside in Poland with a child and can a child attend an educational institution?
Catherine, good afternoon.
Minor children can be taken with them. She will be able to study. Even adult students from Ukraine are easily taken to the universities of Poland.
My grandfather was born in Lutsk. He was in the Polish army. He has Georgievsky cross. I live in Kazakhstan. I want to go to Poland.
Hello. I live in Ukraine, my husband has a secondary special education with work experience, I have a higher medical education (but I need to pass an internship) now in the decree. Is there an opportunity for us to move and get an internship in Poland?
I live in Kazakhstan. My great-grandmother was born in Poland. Can I get repatriation (or something like that) to Poland?
Sincerely, Angelica.
When you get a permanent residence permit a Polish passport? If so, is it possible to open a tourist visa to other countries.
The husband in Poland at work, left for half a year, can I go with the children to live there and arrange the children for school and kindergarten, if I can go anywhere? Advise.
In the circle of my friends, Poland is seen as the easiest and most understandable way to leave for permanent residence in Europe. I did not even think about this country before. It turns out that it is very popular.
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