Permanent residence in Poland for the owners of the Pole Card: popular questions and answers.

Permanent residence in Poland for the owners of the Pole Card: popular questions and answers.
From November 2017, you can get a Polyak Card in Bialystok. Read about this in the article Since November 2017, you can turn over to the Polyak Card in Bialystok: the price of the issue.
October 30, 2017 in the evening I learned the bad news: radical changes are being prepared in the Law on the Map of the Poles. From the text of the Law, they want to remove the point permitting the receipt of the Card on the basis of ancestry’s CITIZENSHIP. Here you can see the progress of the project on this link. It can be seen that the Saeima unanimously adopted the draft and sent it for approval to the Senate and to the President of Poland. Now the amendments come into force & ndash; It’s a question of time. Information on voting in the Sejm and the Senate, documents on the service in the army, land purchase and sale and other documents confirming the Polish citizenship of the ancestors will not be accepted from the moment of adoption of the changes.
Here it is possible to see in the PDP format how new texts of the Laws will sound.
Below is a link to an article where I try to update the information on the news topic regularly.
I did not understand this quote from your article:
“Persons living abroad or staying in Poland on the basis of a visa or visa-free travel can apply for recognition of Polish citizenship exclusively from the consul at the place of residence.”
I live abroad (Belarus, Minsk). I have a map of the Pole. I can apply for Polish citizenship at the consul in Minsk? Explain, please.
No, of course you can not. It’s a different situation. When you work in Poland, for example, you can prove it with documents.
Here are the contacts
could you help me?
I live and work in Poland on the basis of a Pole’s card, in the spring I want to marry my girlfriend and get a permanent residence card.
The question is that my wife will automatically get her along with me.
” may, after a year from the date of obtaining a permanent residence permit, apply for recognition as a Polish citizen. ”
That is, one year after receiving the card, the steel flight can be submitted for citizenship, and how many more months or more does the process of obtaining citizenship take?
Thank you in advance for your response.
The answer to your question is in the article. Read carefully.
I got the Pole Card a month ago, moved to Poland and now I’m looking for a mate. help.
I rent an apartment, officially by agreement.
Do I understand correctly that one agreement is not enough? Is it necessary to agree with the owner of the apartment on temporary registration?
And I also wanted to clarify the moment.
To get help. I need to get a residence permit. However, you wrote that after obtaining a residence permit, you need to return the Pole’s Card.
But without the Card of the Pole and the payment of financial assistance is suspended. Or am I mistaken?
You just did not read the article very carefully. There all the information is present. In particular, here. Who and where should I apply for financial assistance? Where can I get a sample application, and what documents should I attach to it?
For the issuance of assistance, it is necessary to apply to Karte Stalego Pobytu, when receiving the documents you will simultaneously be asked to fill out the wniosek on the mat. help. Then just wait for the solution. Once again, I draw your attention to the fact that there is no need to wait for a decision to issue a residence permit, but only to file an application.

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