Our move to Slovakia. How to collect things?

Our move to Slovakia. How to collect things?
To save time, money, strength and nerves, it is necessary to take seriously the process of collecting things when moving. When you move, you need to take the minimum of necessary things.
Hello! As I promised, the second part of the video will be about how to properly gather things, how to plan a move, so as not to go insane. If you are interested, then stay with me.
Today I want to tell you about our move to Bratislava, but perhaps the very principle of collecting things will help you to move to where you are planning. Our county was planned long before the filing of documents, etc. We have long wanted to leave, no events in Ukraine affected it, we just decided that long ago. Since we have decided this for a long time, we have not made any global purchases in the last few years and lived in a rented dwelling. Since the grandiose purchases were not, then we almost did not have to get rid of anything. So it seemed at first sight. When we started to get together, we realized that during our life together we have acquired a bunch of all kindness, and we have to give it somewhere. Some great things, for example, a car, we sold. And for things that need not be sold, and we are ready to give them, for example, pieces of furniture, we have compiled a list. Right in the notebook we painted that we give and to whom, what we take with us and what we will leave, in order to take it with us later. Of the things that we distributed, we wrote to whom what thing, then to not forget, because then you forget. All this was distributed and then transported. A bunch of other things you can not carry with you, so the most essential things were taken. Thus, all things were divided into two categories: what I give, and what I will definitely take with me either immediately or later.
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With those things that we give, we sorted it out. Remained those things that are dear to our heart, and we want to take them. Among them, too, were different groups, for example, those things that will be needed immediately upon arrival. Of the things I used, I chose only the best, because on arrival I always want something to buy something new. What did not seem to me the best, I left my relatives with no shame.
This concerned the dishes. We had friends, friends, who could be useful, for example, to a housewarming. First of all, I postponed what will be needed in the first place, that’s moved – and without it anywhere. The second group are things that I would like to pick up at first. We will move and we will not lose everything, but that in the near future these things will be brought to us. The third group is something that is dear to the heart, it is impossible to lose sight of and give to someone, but it is not a matter of first necessity. These are photos, favorite books. I packed it in boxes, I wanted to take it back, but this is definitely not the first thing to take with you when moving. Of course, in the first handful of the most necessary things gets a lot of things that do not physically fit into the suitcase, so this all moves to the second heap. Approximately a month or two our mother-in-law came to us, which brought a huge bag of things. When you move, as a rule, you will get acquainted in another country with Russian speakers who will travel to your country, and your relatives or friends will be able to convey the things you ask for. At the same time it is desirable to sign packages or boxes, indicating which things are there, so that later it would not be difficult to take this thing and send it to where it should be. This, as for the organization.
By the way, moving here, it seemed to me that I leave so much useful and useful. First, evaluate how much you will cost to transport this load. If we go by train across Ukraine, then from Kiev to Budapest by plane, then by train to Bratislava. We fly Wizzair, we do not pay only for small hand luggage, in which nothing will fit. Accordingly, it is necessary to take luggage, which costs, like a ticket. Therefore, appreciate, you can buy similar things here for that cost of luggage. If not, then maybe it makes sense to carry, if yes, then keep in mind that you will waste energy, not all things you can bring, for example, dishes. Accordingly, after the move, make a healthy assessment of whether you will need all of what you left behind. Because at first everything is very desirable to take with them, because it is all native, accumulated over the years, but, after all, these are not such necessary things. A lot of things that I thought I would definitely take them to, now I do not see the point of dragging. It’s easier to buy them here in the store, it could be something new or just better.
In total, we got two large suitcases: a bag with wheels and a suitcase, which was tightly tampered with. I packed it all at home, sealed bags with a commodity film sold by large rolls. The way they pack at airports is just ridiculous. They stuff everything in bags, pull them up with scraps or tape. It’s all nonsense. If you have a tattered suitcase, then with the way they throw it at the loading-unloading, it will burst. Our certainly could not stand, our packaging was so pulling the suitcase and holding it by the frame, that then it was difficult to cut it. Of course, we were wrapped up so that we could get hold of the pens, maybe it’s useful to someone who is packing things. In the places where the handle, I cut the bag, pulled out the handle and sealed it with tape so that this weak spot in the film does not form. Packing things, we still had a couple of large hand luggage and a few small ones, where something was to eat, change clothes. If you are traveling more than one day, there may be a change of weather, so take umbrellas, for example.
Collecting all the things, we went. It was hard enough because there are a lot of transplants. One of our suitcases broke already between the railway station and a taxi shortly before the hotel. He broke the handle, unable to withstand such gravity, although the suitcase was not very, but he lived to see Bratislava, and it was good for us. The rest of the things were brought to us by my mother-in-law. Of course, when you move, you will be visited by friends, relatives, and they will be able to take you things you deem necessary.
Another point about which I want to tell you. If you carry with you some winter things, pack them in vacuum bags, so you will save a lot of space.
If we are not talking about our case, then there are other options for moving. I know that it is in Ukraine that there are carriers that provide a transfer service on minibuses from Lviv or Uzhgorod. You can send a new mail to this city by New Post, and then either you will go by yourself on this minibus, or the carrier himself will bring you these things. Some of our friends used to transport bicycles. They sent them to the carrier, and he brought them here. It was more profitable for them to transport those bicycles than to buy new ones here.
These are the things that I can tell on our experience or the experience of our friends. Perhaps I forgot something, so if you still have questions on this topic, then I’m waiting for them in the comments, or share your experiences, how you moved, maybe it’s useful to someone. If this video seemed useful to you, then put your finger up. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel so you do not miss the next video. Thank you all for viewing! Bye Bye!
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And the residence permit can be obtained for the purpose of studying in the Slovak language courses. It is similar to Ukrainian, its feature is the accent on the first syllable.
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