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The entreaty in Denmark, after the escape route, will be sent to the registration and reception center at Sandholm or Avsntrup, which is the true north and the shore of the Kopeganga.
The center is controlled by the Danish Red Cross. At the time of registration, the owner of the message must inform his & mdash; ��’�, ����e�, the date of the birth and a brief explanation of the reasons for the seizure of loss.
If identity is established (there are some documents with a photo and stamp), and the itinerary, he / she will be moved to the Red Cross camp. If information is not sufficient to establish the identity and travel route, an asylum seeker may be detained and placed in Sandholm Prison (a unit in the same camp under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice) until the identity is established. If you want to go to Ukraine, then here you can find information and obtain services for obtaining a residence permit in this country, I highly recommend that foreigners keep this site handy, since there is the most useful information there.
After a short stay in the camp, the asylum seekers must be checked. Asylum seekers from European countries, including some Eastern European and some African countries, can be processed according to the expedited procedure (this does not apply to refugees from Central Asia or Transcaucasia, as well as refugees of Jewish nationality, Caucasians and sexual minorities from the CIS countries)
After this, it is necessary to pass an interview with a representative of the immigration service, where they will be given the opportunity to explain in detail all written in the questionnaire. A translator is provided.
If the service decides that your application is manifestly unreasonable, the case will be sent to the Danish Refugee Committee (DRC) for an independent council. A spokesman for the DRC’S Asylum Division will interview the asylum seeker to reassure the & mdash; it is not worth considering. After this interview, DRC disagrees with the decision of the Immigration Service to classify the case as manifestly unfounded, it has the right to veto a decision. The Immigration Service will be informed and the case will automatically be transferred to a normal review procedure. Odnako, if the DRC agrees that the case is manifestly unfounded, the Immigration Service will notify the refugee that his application has been rejected. In this case, the case is not subject to appeal and the country needs to leave immediately. The average time required to make a decision on an unreasonable procedure is & mdash; 90 days.
Justified asylum applications are forwarded to a normal review procedure. The Immigration Service, on the basis of the initial questionnaire information, interviews the asylum seekers. After that, the first decision will be made. Usually it takes about six months.
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Interpreters are provided at all stages of the procedure. DRC has its own list of translators, which covers all the possible languages spoken by asylum seekers in Denmark. Translation services are free of charge.
After the refusal, you can appeal again and ask for permanent residence on humanitarian grounds in accordance with Section 9.2.2 of the Aliens Act. The application will have a suspending effect if filed within 10 days. If you can not be deported in 18 months – you can apply for a residence permit.
All those who apply for asylum and reside in refugee reception centers are entitled to financial assistance in the form of benefits, clothing, food and pocket money. Assistance is provided throughout the procedure.
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Forum about emigration and immigration.
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In the Ukrainian zakonodatel’stve SALES ponimattya, yak & laquo; vitae na zhitelstvu & ra no no; Zamist zyogo v Ukrain� zakonax vikoristovuet analogii & la vozda na zhitelvstvu & raquo; & mdash; and sama, the term & la; i & mgr; & raquo ;. Tak, up to the point. 1 Law of Ukraine & Obr �m�gr�c�� & raquo; Skazani: �mm������� & mdash; Tsey priezd up to Odesi Restored by the law of the order of innozts tas osib without gromadynstva for perebuvannya postoannogo. Zigidno danyogo to the Law & la ProMagic & raquo; [. ]
Act Ukraine & laquo; Pro gromadyanstvo Ukraine & raquo; Ukraine v�dpov�dno to Konstituts�� Ukraine viznacha� gromadyanstvo Pravovyi zm�st, E i zasnuvav its Nabuttya i pripinennya, polnomocie Organ�v gosudarstvennoj Uryadov, Kotor�� Recovered fate in vir�shenn� nutrition Nats�onaln�st UKRAINA, E obzalovania rozv’yazannya nats�onalnogo supply, deystv�y abo the celebrity of the bodies of state property, their services and services. If you want to highlight a particular [. ]
The Law of Ukraine & laquo; Pro status pravovom ��������� �� ��� ��� ������������ & raquo; It depends on the legal status of inozemtsov in Ukraine, zakreplaet fundamental right, freedom and zbori inostrannyx gromadyan osib without gromadyanya, kotor�� p�d perebuvanya abo timhasovogo naxodatsa in Ukraine, � viznacha� pitan zabezpechennya Web, svazannyx IX � ������ ��� ������ Ukraine ������ ����� I. GENERALIZATION OF THE CONSTRUCTION Article [. ]
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Law & laquo; Pro zovn�shnyu m�grats�yu labor & raquo; � 225-Z Priynyato 30 Gruden 2010, the head 1 OBSCH�E POLOZHEN�YA Statya 1. Osnovn� dati, primenaemye at chinnomu zakonodavstv�, i IX opredelen�ya For tseley nastoyaschego Zakona pr�menyayutsya sleduyuschie osnovnie term�ni i IX opredelen�ya: vneshnyaya trudovaya ���a��� & mdash; ����� � �������� ��������� ��� ������������� � ����e��������� labor activity according to the labor agreement in [. ]
Law Respubl�ki B�lorus nats�onaln�st yako� viznacha� pravov� Fundamentals State Vlasn� resources gromadyanstvo, reglamentiruet target i E-priobretenia, soxranenia pripinennya gromadyanstva that Respubl�ki B�lorus, of acceptance, Produktivn�st i obzalovania rozv’yazannya nats�onalnogo power, viznacha� osobliv� vipadki, fallow od nats�onalnost� that soxranenia, vstanovlyu� kompetents�yu gosudarstvennyx ORGANIV, and takozh rights and obovvjazki gromadyan Respubliki Bilorus in the region. CHAPTER [. ]

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