One day in the American village.

One day in the American village.
We live in the state of New Jersey in the suburbs of New York.
I want to talk about our trip to Amish Country, Pennsylvania – a model exemplary Christian-utopian American village.
The first thing I try to do is check the mail. Because I work with Russia, a lot of news comes to me during the night and they need to be recognized urgently without getting out of bed.
The first morning photo on the way to the bathroom.
Just before the exit, we quickly remove and feed the beast. We leave for 4 days, we leave the beast a lot of food and water.
Almost there! We drive up to the stand by the road. Misha buys vegetables from an Amish woman. Vegetables and fruits are delicious, ripe and fragrant. Naturproduct! In the store you can not buy these!
Historical background: Amish is a religious group of people preaching a specific line of Baptism. Originally they came to the US from Switzerland in the early 18th century, naturally for religious freedom and with the goal of creating their own utopian Christian society. What, I must say, they almost succeeded.
Views around: A lot of attention, naturally, is given to religion.
Sofia draws. After we leave this picture on the stand in the restaurant.
It is impossible to believe that a herd of goats is living next to the house, and a horse farm is in front of the house.
Master’s house. In 1996, the old house burned down. This house was built with the help of all neighbors. They are always doing this here – all major works are carried out jointly.
Sofia, an urban child, after seeing a freely walking cat, screams at the whole house: “The CAT HAS COME!” MOM, LOOK, CAT! & Quot; )))
Hostess dogs are exhausted from the heat:
The farm has been operating since 1812. And in Russia at this time was Tsar Alexander and the war with Napoleon. Borodino, burnt Moscow. And here was built a farm, which still works.
It’s already & quot; podrochennye and with vaccinations & quot;
This is a shop for processing milk:
But now we are finally home. Again we are pricking. This time, shish kebabs. Misha is cooking.

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