Ohio is a “big river” in the northwest of the United States.

Ohio is a “big river” in the northwest of the United States.
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Located in the northwest of the United States, Ohio has an average area and a large population. At one time he attracted a large number of settlers due to his fertile lands and good climate. And today continues to attract tourists and migrants with its sights and developed economy.
The current status of the state of Ohio (Ohio state) was 17th in a row. This happened on March 1, 1803, after the population growth has sharply increased. Today, an area of 116 thousand km 2 is home to 11.5 million inhabitants. The capital and the largest city is Columbus.
There are data that several large cultures lived on this territory, the belonging of which has not yet been clarified. From these peoples to our days are preserved various objects and archaeological monuments. By the time the first Europeans came, the Sioux and the Iroquois tribes lived here. By the way, it is from the language of the latter that the name of the state is translated as a “big river”.
Cleveland, Ohio.
The first settlers who mastered the future state of Ohio were the French. They owned this territory until 1763 when, as a result of the Franco-English war, it passed into the hands of Great Britain. And after the War of Independence, Ohio became part of a new state – the United States.
Population and religion.
As in other states, Christianity is the leading confession here. Most of the inhabitants consider themselves to be Protestants. About 17% consider themselves atheists. It is also interesting that in Youngstown is the Ukrainian Catholic Church, in its architecture is similar to the classical Orthodox churches.
Climatic features.
Most of Ohio is on the plains, which largely affects the state’s climate. Summer is hot, winter is cool – a temperate climate. The extreme index is not observed – on average in winter the thermometer’s column drops to minus 6 degrees, in summer it rises to 30 degrees.
The nature here is very beautiful, but in the winter months it will be rather difficult to enjoy. In the state there are often snowstorms, snowstorm. The most favorable months for heat lovers will be May-September.
Economic development.
In terms of GDP, Ohio is in the top 10 states of America. The economy here is very strong and diverse. Developed:
Banking and insurance Tourism Agriculture (basic: tomatoes, corn, beans) Heavy industry (metallurgy, steel, etc.) Mechanical engineering (Ford, General Motors, Honda, etc.) The chemical industry (especially the production of plastics and rubber)
A lot of attention in the state is given to scientific developments. Here is the Center of stem cells and the Center for tissue regeneration. In addition to research in medicine, such areas as space exploration and aeronautics are also developed.
Ohio State University is the largest in this territory and ranks third in terms of size among US universities. It was founded in 1870. Leading directions: jurisprudence, veterinary science, dentistry, journalist, medicine.
Ohio State University.
Ohio University also boasts a long history and scientific achievements. This is one of the 10 oldest universities in America. Has a research focus.
What to see.
One of the most interesting sights of Ohio is Snake Barrow. It is a monument of earth architecture of Indians, occupying 440 meters in length. The height of the mound is about 1.5 meters. If you look at it from a height, then the contours of the monument look like a snake swallowing an egg, a symbol of a solar eclipse.
The attraction of the city of Zanesville is an unusual bridge, which has three directions and is made in the form of the letter “Y”.
Sandusky has an amazing attraction height of 128 meters.
In Newark, you can see a building in the form of a large wicker basket – the headquarters of Longaberger (handmade baskets, etc.).
And, of course, Ohio has amazing natural assets: the Tinkers Creek Gorge, the Brandywine Waterfall and much more.
One-story America in Ohio:
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