Obtaining a residence permit in Spain without the right to work (Visa D)

Obtaining a residence permit in Spain without the right to work (Visa D)
The main criteria for the citizens of the Russian Federation to obtain a residence permit without the right to work are the purchase of real estate in Spain (as well as the purchase of real estate in Tenerife), as well as providing a certificate confirming the availability of sufficient funds for the normal level of residence of the applicant and his family throughout the proposed period finding in Spain without the right to work. Also mandatory for obtaining a residence permit are the existence of accounts in Spanish banks and the motivation and necessity of staying in Spain more than 183 days a year.
In order to obtain a residence permit, the following package of documents must be submitted to the Consulate General of Spain:
� 4 photos (white background, close-up face, 3.5 x 4.5 cm)
� Passport valid for at least 1 year (Original)
� Internal passport of the Russian Federation, copies of all pages.
� Certificate of criminal record.
� Confirmation of the availability of funds sufficient for a normal level of accommodation, including, as appropriate, the family members of the applicant, during the entire period of intended residence in Spain, without employment. The maintenance of the applicant during his stay in Spain requires a monthly amount in euros equal to 400% of the IPREM (IndicadorPublicodeRentadeEfectosMultiples), which.
in 2014 was 2.130 euros. For the maintenance of each family member who is dependent on him during his stay in Spain, this amount is 100% IPREM, which in 2014 was 532 euros.
� Documents proving the relationship (birth and marriage certificates)
� Nota Simple Informativa (Extract from the property register)
� Escritura de compraventa (Contract for Purchase and Sale)
� NIE (Identification number of the foreigner received when buying property in Spain)
� Medical insurance for the entire period of stay in Spain with a coverage of 30 000 euros.
� If children aged over six are registered, an invitation from the Spanish school is required.
� Certificate from the tax inspectorate that the applicant does not have debts in relation to the tax authorities (for an individual).
All documents are submitted to the Spanish language and legalized in the consulate of Spain in Moscow. The documents must be provided personally by the applicant or his authorized representative, but the Consulate may at any time demand the personal appearance of the applicant. In addition to the above documents, the Consulate of Spain at its discretion to request additional documents.
The process of reviewing documents in the Consulate of Spain is quite long, it can take from one and a half to six months.
The residence permit in Spain is obtained and updated according to the following system:
1. Obtaining a residence permit is one year.
3. Extension of residence permit for another two years, but with the possibility of obtaining the right to work.
5. Obtaining a Permanent Residence with the right to obtain the citizenship of Spain.
It is important to understand that a residence permit in Spain without the right to work does not prohibit the opening of your own business, the employment of employees and the development of entrepreneurial activities. Having placed the management of the firm on the hired manager, the owner himself will receive the right to receive and use profits from the activities of his company.
In the case of buying a property in Tenerife worth more than 500.000 Euro, residence permit is provided “automatically”, however, most documentary requirements are preserved.
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