No. 1094978: Moving in and out.

No. 1094978: Moving in and out.
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Information about the cargo.
Date of shipment: from 03.05 to 03.05.
Time of transportation: from 13:00 to 15:00.
Total volume: 2 m3.
Total weight: 200 kg.
Services of loaders are not required.
Elevator of loading: elevator.
Unloading Elevator: elevator None.
Bags with personal belongings: 4pcs; Table: 1 piece;
Estonia, Harju County.
Tallinn, Suve street, 2.
Russia, the Tyumen region.
Tyumen, Fedyuninsky Street, 30/1.
Distance: 2920 km.
Loading: Estonia, Harjumaa county, Tallinn, str. Suve street, 2.
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General comments to the order Edit.
Total weight: 200 kg.
Total volume: 2 m3.
Cargo insurance is required: Yes.
Methods of payment: Cash, Without VAT or with VAT, On the card.
General description of the goods: There is also a bicycle and skis (added + 2 to the bags, so that it appears in the offer)
Desirable budget: 20 000 rubles.
Questions and discussions.
Hello. Could you clarify the approximate weight and its length, width and height of each load? At least approximately? So it will be more exact to offer the price. It will be great if you edit the order and specify this information.
Hello! Judging by the place that things occupy in the pantry is about 2 cubic meters, and probably about 200 kg.
I do not need to go to Pskov. There are drivers with a visa working on international routes.
The apartment move is the basis?
Declared for Estonian customs at the entrance from Russia to Estonia – this declaration is needed? Russian customs let me pass without a declaration.
In accordance with Art. 281 of the LC RF individuals can move goods through the customs border of the Russian Federation for personal use in a simplified preferential order.
Ilya, with your budget you can only go to Moscow. Further TC, do you agree?
Please name the budget from Tallinn to Tyumen nonstop.
Approximately 90 tyr will be nonstop, sportivnenko how. But it seems to me more profitable to find a carrier from Moscow. Or to load a luggage car, type. I would solve this logistical problem.
Thanks for the advice! Perhaps this is what I’ll have to do, especially since they write that the last pants will be removed from the customs at the customs house.
It seems to me – this option will rise more expensive, because if one driver takes 10k, two drivers – already 20k – it’s easier to pay 10k for customs clearance and go by one car.
If in February I will take it, until the end of April everything will be in Moscow. Read reviews.
Mandatory written declarations are to be moved in hand luggage, accompanied and unaccompanied baggage: 1. Imported goods, the total value of which exceeds 65 thousand rubles and (or) the total weight of which exceeds 35 kg.
35kg is a single indivisible object, yes. And so 50 kg per person. And at-the-price, you have everything like Bushny, I understand. Or is there something expensive?
Dear not, just you wrote that up to 100kg can, and by law 50kg maximum.
Hehe 🙂 Yes, the offer is good! Only the date is not convenient, I have everything planned for the beginning of May.
Ilya, I can send it after May. And anytime, things can be in Moscow and in an apartment, and in my warehouse to lie down. Another question, with St. Petersburg, when sending through the TC, I do not have much sense to compete.
Good day. Tallinn – St. Petersburg 10 th. only transportation, there will be customs payments. �_�� – Tyumen any �� of your choice.
And what is TC? If the transport company – what kind? I would like a service from the threshold to the threshold without a change.
Ilya, the car to Tyumen will cost inadequate money, I sent and received cargo to the far east and the price was within 12-14 tr. the truth is not very fast)), but everything came in order. I propose a solution that saves your money, compensating at least what the luspekaev service will select).
It is interesting! I was interested in prices in transport companies in Russia and just the same they gave me a space account of 3-5 thousand dollars, and in Estonia at one time I brought through this site for 24k rubles, although it was from Moscow, but the driver was from St. Petersburg.
I offer you the delivery from Tallinn to St. Petersburg, I do it, then the transport company in the Russian Federation, there will be an adequate price tag. Any large company, the prices are roughly the same, you can order what would be delivered to the threshold, it’s not expensive.
Read the reviews in my profile, I work in this direction.
OK, I read, tell me please the transport company, and the way of docking from you to them.
We’ll discuss customs privately, if you choose me). Here everyone has their own ways to optimize costs.
Hehe, great! Then I’ll count on you for the time being. Until May, 3 more months, closer to April, I propose to return to the issue more thoroughly, if you do not mind.
I made an offer, I’m on call.
only transportation to Tyumen 65t.r. plus customs.
Price offers: 1.
Display the trading history.
Information about the carrier.
Time on site: 10 months 16 days.
Realized transportations: 41 26 0.
Level of Reliability The level of reliability of the carrier is a percentage scale that consists of several components. The higher the level of reliability, the more confidence in the carrier.
Rating Carrier rating – consists of the history of the carrier’s transactions and customer feedback on its services.
Transport for transportation.
Carrying capacity: 0.5 t.
documents Documents of the carrier checked by the service moderators.
“The order was executed quickly and efficiently! The wife is satisfied with the sink. If necessary, I will gladly use the services of Vezet All and in particular the services of this carrier. Alexander, Happy New Year! ”
Information about the company.
The carrier did not provide additional information about himself or the company.
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