New rules for entering Russia for Ukrainians: by invitation only.

New rules for entering Russia for Ukrainians: by invitation only.
According to the State Border Service of Ukraine, more than 180 Ukrainians Russian border guards banned entry to Russia. The motive is the absence of an invitation and a letter of guarantee. figured out what it is and how to issue these documents.
Problems with the entry into the territory of Russia from the Ukrainians began on March 15. According to the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine, from this date the Russian border guards began to demand from the citizens of Ukraine an invitation for entry, as well as a letter of guarantee from the inviting party about the material support of the driver, as well as medical care and housing provision.
Previously, Russian border guards did not require such documents, so Ukrainians did not face the need to formalize them. As a result, few people know how to do it right, so as to enter Russia without problems.
The possible problems with the entry into the Russian Federation was also warned by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. On March 19, the department published recommendations for Ukrainians gathering in Russia. In some cases, Russian border guards require Ukrainian citizens to document the purpose of the trip and / or the availability of funds for staying and leaving the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls on citizens of Ukraine to take into account, as much as possible, specified during the planning of trips to the Russian Federation & raquo ;, & ndash; the statement said. has studied the requirements of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation for the registration of the necessary documents for foreigners entering Russia and compiled an algorithm of actions & ndash; how to do it.
Who can issue an invitation. The one to whom you are going to go. It can be an individual & ndash; citizen of Russia, as well as a foreign citizen permanently residing in the Russian Federation. In addition, the host accepting the invitation can be any organization & ndash; a legal entity, its branches or representative offices, for example, a travel company.
The invitation is issued within 20 working days from the moment of submission of documents. At the same time, one should take into account that the term of temporary stay in the Russian Federation can not exceed 90 days for half a year in total.
What you need to make an invitation. The Ukrainian needs to provide the host country with the following data: name, date and place of birth, sex, citizenship, state of residence, as well as the number and date of issuance of the passport. To this information it is necessary to attach an explanation: the purpose of the trip, the expected duration of stay in the RF and all places without exception where you are going to visit.
What is a guarantee letter. The inviter must guarantee the material, medical and housing security for the person entering Russia for the entire period of his stay. This is a letter of guarantee. The receiving side guarantees monetary support at the level of the Russian subsistence level. On average in Russia this amount is 8200 rubles in 2014 & ndash; this is approximately 2240 UAH. per person per month.
Guarantees of living space provision are also provided & ndash; not less than the sanitary norms in the region. For large cities this is 18 square meters. meters per person in the townships may be less.
It is also necessary to guarantee payment of medical insurance. Its cost can vary significantly depending on the program, the term and the amount of insurance coverage. Based on Russian prices, the approximate minimum amount that should be guaranteed is 900 rubles. & Ndash; this is about 245 UAH. for three months.
Additional permissions. The Russian authorities may require the issuance of a special permit to visit a certain territory. This applies to the Russian lands on which an emergency or martial law is imposed, to the border zones, as well as to locations of facilities and organizations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops and military formations. Based on these definitions, you need to be prepared for the fact that a special permit will be required to enter the Crimea.
Refusal of entry. Even if all the necessary documents are collected, this does not guarantee entry into the Russian Federation. The refusal can be formulated as follows: “in order to ensure the defense capability or security of the state, or public order, or to protect the health of the population,” and “against a foreign citizen, a decision is made about the undesirability of staying in the RF.”
The reasons can be mass & ndash; administrative offenses during his previous stay in Russia, expulsion from the country to a previous trip, untimely departure from the country and much more.
What you need to enter Russia.
1. Contact the receiving party for an invitation.
2. Inform the receiving side of your personal data, the purpose and timing of the trip and the places you plan to visit.
3. Obtain copies of the invitation letter, guarantee letter and permission from the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation.
4. It is necessary to have an amount based on the subsistence minimum in the RF & ndash; 2240 UAH. per person per month, as well as a return ticket or the amount to buy it. Either the confirmation of the bank that there is enough money on your account.
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