My Montenegro, 6 years later.

My Montenegro, 6 years later.
The author-guest: Galina Gromyko.
Having visited Montenegro as a guest for only a week, I decided that moving to Montenegro was a matter of time.
The name of the city, 6 years ago, became mine, today sounds like Bar. This is one of the towns of Montenegrin Primorsky Krai and the administrative center of the homonymous community. But it’s today. And the first name of the city was Antibari (Antivari).
The prefix anti, as is known, means the opposite. Opposite Bar, on the other side of the Adriatic there is the Italian city of Bari. And without thinking twice, the new city was named Antivari, the city opposite. The prefix anti has been lost with time, the root has remained. And we live, the modern Italians in their Bari, we, from the Montenegrin side – in our Bar.
Moving to Montenegro.
Reasonable people, for various reasons, having come to a decision to seek other shores for themselves, are guided, as a rule, by rational arguments. To the number of reasonable people, I confidently counted myself.
Until I was in Montenegro! Arriving here quite by accident, about ten years ago for a week on a business trip, she became the next and not the first victim of the fascinating and very powerful charm of this country. Tiny, but incredibly strong in terms of energy.
To say that Montenegro is fantastically beautiful means simply repeating the banality. But it’s not even in the external beauty of the landscapes that really cost what they are told about. There is also something else, a certain multifacetedness and depth of sensations.
Perhaps because of the concentration of differences. In everything – architecture, way of life, imagine, even the climate. It’s amazing how on such a small area of 11 thousand square kilometers there are so many different.
A stunningly beautiful country in the Mediterranean.
Only four hours by car along the Adriatic route separate the easternmost coastal Ulcin from the westernmost city of the coast of Herceg Novi. But it seems that you traveled a few countries. And from the traditional Muslim city with mosques and calls muezzins got into medieval Florence.
And in five hours you can drive the country from the south to the north. To drink morning coffee, basking on a sunny terrace at a temperature of +15, and after dinner already to sculpt snowballs and ski in the mountains in the north.
Montenegrins comment on the size of their micro-country: “Yes, we have a small area. But look, what high mountains we have! And if we smooth them with an iron, we would be like half a Europe! & # 8221;
The locals like to repeat that if they smooth the mountains of Montenegro, they will occupy the floor of Europe.
They are in no hurry.
The most noticeable difference from us, which immediately attract attention to visitors, especially us, Russians – the pace of life of this country and the people in it inhabiting.
To begin with, the two most commonly used words here are & # 8221; and “get along”. Polako & # 8221; in translation means – unhurriedly, without any haste, without haste. They all do it this way – leisurely and with dignity.
Chinno walk through the streets, spontaneously and smilingly greet, not forgetting to add their indispensable “kako si” # 8221; – How are you, how are you?
Calmly lined up in the box office supermarket, not trying its best to trim you with a cart on approach to the tail of the queue. Yeah, in our garden a pebble, alas. Slowly explain with officials in the tax, serenely watching the pranks of their children. Although a small but absolutely whole country of people who never hurry anywhere!
And not because they live in paradise, where all earthly problems have been solved long ago, and in their favor.
For a minute, the average salary in the country is 485 euros, plus – the wildest unemployment. According to official data – about 20%, unofficial – more than 45%. And to the eye to count their employed neighbors, I have enough fingers of one hand.
St. Stephen is an island hotel.
Happy Montenegrins.
This question for a long time did not bother me – why with so many problems, they are imperturbable and smiling? And how do they live, feed and teach children, are treated, rest, keep their homes and cars?
When I asked my Montenegrin friend about this, he replied: “Well, how?” Approximately, as you have in the Soviet Union, when there was nothing in the shops, but the refrigerators were always full. Nobody died of hunger and did not go naked! & # 8221;
Somehow they live, not having a job does not mean not working and doing nothing. They try to find at least some earnings.
In the summer tourism helps, in winter, all Montenegro turns into a large construction. Simply they very much do not like two things – to complain and go in cycles in problems.
Here, by the way, you need to explain the meaning of the second most popular word & # 8220; get along & # 8221 ;. A direct analogue in Russian does not exist. Something like getting pleasure from life in the present moment, enjoy what’s around you.
Well, there is no work now, and there are enough worries, so what now, just think about it? And do not notice the beauty of life around? But it’s so short that it’s just stupid to spend it only on experiencing problems and failures. Here somehow so approximately.
From our point of view – careless and irresponsible? But we sometimes seem to them too fussy, not too assertive, tense, and as a knot bound by the solution of their vital tasks.
There’s no point in figuring out who’s right, of course. But to look at oneself from outside is always useful. And maybe, and learn something?
Mountain roads of Montenegro.
There is nothing more important than communication.
And, of course, there is no such Montenegrin who considers things more important than a good conversation over a cup of coffee or raki, unhurried conversation heart to heart. They are very open and inquisitive, they love a good joke and appreciate a person who knows how to joke by the way.
And if you have learned to do it in their language – your chances of a good attitude toward yourself will increase many times. A joke can get rid of the already fined traffic policeman or help in an explanation with an official in a situation where you are not so right, putting your hand on your heart. It is checked on personal experience and operates faultlessly.
By the way, they understand Russian well enough, and problems with communications, as a rule, do not arise.
But! Talking to them in Russian or bad Montenegrin, you will never become your own for them. The language is not so difficult to learn, not Chinese yet, related, Slavic.
At the end of the season, the resorts of the country are noticeably empty.
Language learning.
But the language itself does not enter the head, do not wait. Close, but still different. However, for a year of regular classes one can learn to speak and understand quite decently. Otherwise, you will remain for them an eternal tourist, just settled in the country. It will also be impossible to buy friends or simply establish good relations with neighbors.
By the way, in the name of good relations, it is highly advisable not to glance at friends for a cup of coffee, even if you did not plan this at the moment. Or do not give proper attention to suddenly surfaced neighbors.
And to go to visit in Montenegro it is accepted so – without the invitation. And it does not matter if you clean up at the height or something else. Be kind enough to set aside everything and go make coffee!
On the one hand, they are very different, and on the other – in many respects similar to us. And this greatly facilitates the period of getting used to the country.
Moreover, given their genuinely kind attitude towards Russians and Russia. This is indeed so. Despite the official government course and massive propaganda, the number of eurosceptics in the country is quite large. And this factor for many, considering the move to Montenegro, becomes decisive.
Landscapes in Montenegro – as in the picture.
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A beautiful country, and it’s probably good to live there. But only those who have money, and once the unemployment among their population, come to find means of livelihood will be very, very difficult.
Reading such articles always remember the saying “Do not confuse tourism with a permanent place of residence”. It’s very pleasant to have a rest in Montenegro, not everyone is to decide to move, but this is a personal decision, as there are really enough problems there, however, as in the whole world.
Oh, how I love Montenegro! For the first time I visited the country with my girlfriend. Landscapes, climate & sea. It is unmatched. We were not photographed. We enjoyed!
I think that Montenegro is one of the most undervalued countries. Why is it not so popular than other countries with the least natural resources. It is strange that unemployment is in the country, but it may be because Montenegro is exclusively a resort area …. Very interesting mentality … Indeed, just we should learn from them not to whine and not complain, but quietly solve their problems on their own.
I’ve never been to Montenegro. I read it and very much wanted to go there, go and have a rest, admire its beauties. Change of residence, especially moving to another country, is a very important step. Especially with work there napryazhenka. Everywhere there are pluses and minuses. The fact that they are in no hurry is so, probably because once there is no work, then where to hurry? Home affairs have remade and enjoy life with a cup of coffee.
I was in Montenegro this summer. And I really liked & # 8230; The country is small, in two weeks time to see everything. There’s such beauty. “” Indescribable. ” and people are all so friendly and sympathetic. For the whole vacation, I did not see a single person who looked askance and did not suggest anything. Dorogovato there now of course, but I think it’s worth it.
The country is very beautiful. A couple of years ago I went to rest with my friends. The trip was pleased. Being there, you forget about everything.
I plan to go on vacation to Montenegro next summer. I am going for the fourth time, but I’m not ready to move. The country is really beautiful: the sea, mountains, people & # 8211; they are simply wonderful, very kind and hospitable. We ride around as savages, that is, we try to avoid resorts in order to get to know more about sights, nature, history and local people. I want to say that with each new visit I want to return more and more!
I always wanted to visit Montenegro, and I’m sure that everyone who was there was happy to come back, but unfortunately money does not allow to visit, because this is not a cheap resort.
I also dream to go to Montenegro. Friends were last year, they say it’s very beautiful there and the air is clean.
Montenegro & # 8211; just an amazing place to relax! The nature is simply breathtaking, the prices are very democratic, it is very convenient to relax with children. But to move to permanent residence & # 8230; definitely NO! I saw practically no possibility there either to find a well-paid job, or to give the children a decent education. ” Therefore, I think that it is better to leave this paradise for rest, but not for permanent residence. Although & # 8230; if there are sources of income that do not need constant monitoring, then why not?))

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