My history of moving to Germany by Blaue Karte.

My history of moving to Germany by Blaue Karte.
graduated in 2011, the MSTU. N.E. Bauman, specialty – & ldquo; Hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives and hydropneumatic automation & rdquo ;;
worked after graduation and until his departure at his department, specialized in writing mathematical models of hydraulic drives, and he also taught a little;
defended in 2014 thesis on the way to regulate the pneumohydraulic suspension on multi-axis machines;
on the 4th course he studied for 1 semester at the Dresden Technical University, where he worked at the Hydraulic Engineering Department (IFD), where he received a good recommendation;
German is fluent at the level of communication, but as a whole was a bit forgotten for lack of practice for five years; English – again at the level of communication with stuttering, well, writing articles through google-translator;
wife, by profession – designer, no children.
Following the discussion, I decided: do not hide the degree, do not expect to work in industry, accept that I will probably write one more dissertation and start sending out a resume. For another couple of weeks I was engaged in collecting and translating all the documents, and at the end of June everything was ready.
To start with, I had a vacancy in my dream – working at ITI, developing software for one-dimensional mathematical modeling of technical systems called SimulationX, where the hydraulics were needed, the list of tasks of which practically coincided with my activities in Russia. I was subscribed to the mailing of this program, tk. worked in it in Dresden and found a job simply on their site.
The first summary, of course, turned out to be a lump, in particular, I made a mistake and for some reason wrote that my knowledge of English is average (all other vacancies that I found required good or fluent English, after German, of course). But it was an original resume, which I did almost without a carbon copy, and where I laid out what could be useful to the firm. Of course, I was determined that they would immediately take me.
A week passed and the only result I got was the vacancy disappeared from the site & hellip;
But nothing, for this case I had one more vacancy on the note – at the Department of Hydraulic Drives and Control Systems (IFAS) in RWTH Aachen. This is a very steep department with a large laboratory, where I agreed to write a second and even a third thesis.
I sent a summary and a couple of days later I get an answer from ITI asking to send an insert to the diploma, which I generally forgot. To do this, it was still necessary to give it to the translation agency, so I only sent it in a few days and received an automatic reply that HR in a two-week vacation & hellip; The vacancy on the site did not appear, and I did not know what to think.
In Aachen, I did not wait for an answer, and a week later I called there. They told me that now they do not have open vacancies, and in general they do not take any crooks. From this began a gradual descent to the ground. So I decided to use the last, no-lose option. I wrote to the Dresden Technical University at the department, where I had an excellent recommendation. My former German head, who worked there, helped me correct the summary for the current projects of the department, so this time I was confident of success. The letter has sunk to oblivion. I must say that I received a refusal only in September.
This time I finally gave up and began to send out summaries for engineering vacancies, more likely associated with glands than with my mathematical models. To my disappointment, on all popular sites I found ten jobs that formally fit my education, of which half were in small town-villages, where I did not want to move. I even already started to bite my elbows that I did not study as an electronic engineer or at least CFD & hellip;
In these firms, I sent out summaries, written in almost one template, in the end it turned out only 6 pieces. As a result, I received a call back in mid-August only from the agency EuroEngineering (even as I was at a conference in China).
However, it did not go further than this interview, and in the beginning of September I wrote a letter of desperation to ITI, where he reminded me that 2 months ago I sent my resume and asked if I still had chances. This time, my potential immediate supervisor answered me, who on the same day offered an interview on Skype. There it was decided that I would perform a test task, which I will present in the form of a presentation within one or two weeks.
In the task it was necessary to simulate in their program a pneumatic system of two pneumatic cylinders and suction cups, which were supposed to move a certain load algorithm. There have been two successively laid-down “underwater stones”, but nothing supernatural. I did a task for about a day, sketched a presentation for another day and sent it. In mid-September, I reported the results on the WebEx & ldquo; commission & rdquo; from the chief and several employees and received a positive opinion.
Now it was necessary to come to Dresden for a formal final interview with the director of the company. Taking into account the process of visa registration, the trip was at the end of October, just on my wife’s birthday. Therefore, we decided to kill two birds with one stone, go for a few days, celebrate our birthday in Dresden and at the same time pick up an apartment.
At the interview, I was most impressed by the test from the HR department, where it was necessary to select personal qualities from the list of several dozen titles. I knew the words there from the strength of 20 percent, I had to emphasize the bald, so I still try to avoid contact with the woman who gave me this test (I do not know what she thinks about me after that).
The conversation with the director was much calmer, they talked about my thesis, about the teaching experience, and eventually I was offered a contract from the New Year with a sum near the lower border for Blaue Karte for rare specialties. I previously estimated the prices in Dresden, according to preliminary calculations it turned out that you can live with this money together, that’s why, of course, I did not think long and agreed.
The boss found out that they had been looking for this employee for a total of several years. For some reason, many people came with knowledge of CFD, but no one could do the test task. The academic degree, exactly like the teaching experience, positively affected the decision in my favor.
As a result, I miraculously succeeded, at the first attempt, to find the only suitable position for me in Germany, to which I am very glad.
Of course, my example because of the chance factor is not indicative, but as a general recommendation, it is important to note the summary of what exactly you would like to do in the firm and what your own could bring. In particular, the first task was to develop my work on the topic, which I mentioned in the summary. And, of course, when looking for work, if possible, you need to contact the head of the department directly, where you want to settle. This can save a lot of time and nerves.

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