Moving to Thailand as a way to survive the separation – does it work?

Moving to Thailand as a way to survive the separation – does it work?
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Not bad started. We are waiting for the continuation)
. but rather ending the sad topic and starting a new one) ATP for moral support. When I started a blog, I did not find the rules that za, and why not za. Because he did not specify the address of his blog about the district from Moscow and move to Tai, but he is, in LJ – svalitoday.
Soon everything will end with money and a visa.
Well, even if so. I have already had a lot of treatment over these months) But we will hold on to that there is strength!)
Roman, if you, as you say, did not “come” to Thailand, but “left” from somewhere, for some reason, then why hold on to that there is strength behind Tai? The world is big. ))
Roma, tell me your age?
The most unnecessary question in the world. I do not remember my age, but about you wash it on the photo in this text. As you might guess, I have not been a teenager for a long time, so let’s say) And I had many happy encounters and painful partings. But it was such that it was impossible to stay in place, if not for this breath of air – Thailand – I would forgive the banal hyperbole, I think, would have died.
It works, only time needs much more. In my case, after the divorce was six months of acute depression, without alcohol could not fall asleep, then six months of depression depressed and only then began to set the distance from the past and events in it. This is not such an individual case, a year of depression after a serious relationship, when we lived together for two or three years – quite normal. But in a couple of years there will be assimilation with the local environment, everything will begin to be perceived simply and calmly, and the troubles of the past – like the book I read when something was remembered, something that was forgotten, by and large – no difference 🙂
This is the answer of a person who has been in this skin, because, thanks for writing. But your timing scares the pipets. Year of depression .. Yes, the year when you somehow think about it, about how it could be if it was, and when in sex it is better than no one and no – yes, it’s normal, but you like it is too dramatic , I hope, I have already significantly released. I will write about this in the sequel. But as a whole, I think the REASON of parting is important. If you do NOT see any cons in the person after the break, for yourself, perhaps, for example, they left you because you changed, then this is one thing. And when you broke up and saw a man and your failed union in a new way, then lets go faster.
I went through this three times in my life. And the recipe for healing is only one – time. Your biggest mistake is correspondence. You can not drive thoughts out of your head, but you can not write. Remember, every SMS kills a week of your time spent on recovery. Forget, do not write, and your rebirth will come sooner. As for alcohol and new relationships – it does not help until the pain has passed. A year is an acceptable time for recovery. But if you continue to communicate – can drag on for a long time.
Roman, I, with all due respect to the cited live rock musicians and dead Jewish kings, wanted to ask – and the whores in your reports will be? The existential Pattaya sufferings of a Russian manager from Moscow are much more interesting when around him are the greedy Thai whores from Beach Road and Insomnia, destroying his life, mental health and finances. At least, the statistics of comments of some authors kakbe hints)) Well write, continue!
Thank you for the hint of choosing the direction of the creative channel, I hasten to reassure you – of course there will be, or rather – there is. For it is not by chance that the character in his heart waved his hand at the capital of the Russian Federation chose one of the world capitals of “sin”.
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