Moving to North Korea for permanent residence

Moving to North Korea for permanent residence h1>
The following situation has developed: A girl from Ukraine with a child (divorced from her husband) plans to move to Russia for permanent residence. But there are several questions:
1) In what order and where should the girl turn to get Russian citizenship in an accelerated order? And what documents from Ukraine are needed for this? Do I need a passport? Or is it better to first register a marriage in the registry office and after applying for citizenship?
2) Will the child be able to cross the border if the father does not give permission for this?
3) Will the child subsequently obtain Russian citizenship? (pre-school child) and for how long (after receiving the citizenship of the mother or at the same time with her?)? Do you need any documents from Ukraine for this? And is it necessary for the father’s consent (as far as I know, if one parent has Russian citizenship, then the second parent’s permission is not needed)?
4) Will the child be able to go to a Russian school without the citizenship of the Russian Federation (unless he gets Russian citizenship by September 2017)?
December 20, 2016, 13:09 Sergey, Khabarovsk.
Lawyers’ answers (2)
I will answer your questions in accordance with the numbering.
1.) Initially, the girl with the child will need to become a migratory accountant in the Ministry of Internal Affairs UVM. Then apply to the registry office about the marriage. After the marriage and obtaining a certificate, you can collect the documents for the RWP.
2.) Crossing the border for minors together with one of the parents requires the availability of a notarial permit from another parent.
3.) It is possible that the best option for you and the child is the receipt by the mother of the RWP and, in the future, the submission of documents for participation in the state program for the resettlement of compatriots, as well as the inclusion of the child there is the fastest way to obtain citizenship, and the girl and her child. The consent of the father to the acquisition of the citizenship of the Russian Federation by the child is mandatory.
Clarification of the client.
Thank you, Alexander, for the detailed answer!
But there is one nuance – the father of the child does not give permission to leave. What can be done in this case?
20 December 2016, 20:00.
Unfortunately, I can not advise anything in this situation.
Sincerely, Alexander.
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