Moving to Lithuania from Kaliningrad

Moving to Lithuania from Kaliningrad h1>
3) another bedroom.
4) terrace – sorry, it was not very warm to enjoy the morning coffee on the terrace.
5) view from the window: on the right – the old city, on the left – the center.
2. As can be seen from the photo 5) – our hotel was in a very good place: between the center and the old city. As a result, we were able to bypass the whole old city, walk along the central street, go to the shopping center “Acropolis”, and visit the holiday “Agrobalte”.
7) central walking street. It must be very, very beautiful in the summer!
8) shopping center & quot; Acropolis & quot; (on the right – a huge parking lot)
9) holiday “Agrobalt”: a children’s playground.
10) “Agrobalt”: trading rows. Denis tried smoked meat – very tasty! Unfortunately, the importation of pork from the EU to Kaliningrad is prohibited!
11) “Agrobalt”: the scene with the artists, people are left to the left, tk. are about to start distributing sausages for free.
12) “Agrobalt”: free distribution of sausages. To be honest, they look umm. in a peculiar way. not very appetizing.
13) “Agrobalt”: here is how many sausages have been prepared – for the whole city 🙂
3. After the holiday, “Agrobalt & raquo; on the way to the hotel we saw another congestion of the people. The orchestra is playing. Some kind of trading tents. We look, with any woman all are photographed. It can be seen that a woman is not simple & ndash; around her bodyguards spin, on the sides zyrkaut. I photographed it. Come to the hotel, looked on the internet & ndash; and this is the President of Lithuania – Dalia Grybauskaite.
Still, in small European countries have their own charm! I am very impressed with the closeness of the state and the people! J.
Let me remind you, in Kaliningrad, in principle, do not engage in such a repair of transmissions.
Only in & quot; Dianette & quot; it is necessary to call (in Russian they talk). They do not respond to emails.
What made me feel bitter in Lithuania:
We went to other places, but this one was really the best. For dinner for two, we paid about 60-80 litas (rate: 1 lit. = 15 rubles.).
By the way, as it turned out, it was this restaurant that cooked sausage at the city holiday & laquo; Agrobalt & raquo; – look at the photo 12) above.
17) chicken with spinach sauce with baked mashed potatoes, very tasty! Denis had not yet brought his dish – he was gnawing snacks.
18) I have a very juicy chicken with prunes and cheese. Denis has an unusual pickled meat, when served, it also burned with fire.
3. Shops: as in all Europe, in Lithuania & ndash; several network supermarkets that are everywhere. Prices are about the same as in Kaliningrad. By the way, the assortment is also very similar. Significantly more expensive & ndash; cigarettes (every 2), cheaper and more diverse & ndash; alcohol (especially beer – different and tasty).
Although, Kaunas in some places too, “laquo; city of contrasts & raquo ;. In the center (where we actually were), next to the luxurious shopping centers, hotels, preserved old buildings, there can be very shabby old, and even abandoned, buildings.
20) and this is also in the center of the city, near the bridge across the river.
21) in the center – a huge empty building. Does not it remind you of anything?
22) and here is another huge concrete empty building (very close to the “Acropolis”)
5. I did not understand why and for whom all around Kaunas are payphones? The same question I ask when I see a payphone in some remote village in the Kaliningrad region (here they were put on some sort of pseudo-necessary program). In Kaunas, I did not see a single person in the phone booth. Except us. And then we used it for other purposes. I mean, we were photographed 🙂
6. Lithuanian culture, of course, peculiar. Look, for example, on city monuments and drawings:
26) a monument to the Lithuanian Mongol:
27) unexpected drawing:
29) in the old town:
7. Advertise very little. Both in the city and on the road. You can say that there is almost no advertising. This is very correct! On the road are rare billboards, but not near the road, as in Russia, but at a distance of about 50 meters from the road. At the same time, on the way to Kaunas and back, I did not see any billboard with advertising, on a gray background & ndash; only the phone number, apparently, by which you can call and place ads.
10. Cellular communication: a sim card can be bought anywhere. At the same time, the passport is not needed (in contrast to Russia). Simka was needed for us to be able to call from the car-care center. Sim card cost 5 litas. For 3 litas it was possible to buy a sim card without a number (although I did not understand its meaning).
11. Weather: in Kaunas it is colder than in Kaliningrad. Still, the absence of the sea affects. And the climate is tougher. If in Kaliningrad, during our trip, the leaves in the trees were already blossoming, then in Kaunas the trees stood still completely bare.
But we really enjoyed traveling! We want more!)))
In the meantime, we are building plans & hellip;
Postmodernism and all that. It should be more culturally, comrades, more cultured! %)
Lithuanian visual art is still a phenomenon! I remember the Lithuanian cartoons, still made under the Soviet Union – the impression that the grass was smoked especially by their creators. The current sculptures and images confirm that nothing has changed.
In general, it would be interesting to “dig” in this from the point of view of anthropology, ethnology and cultural studies.
Well, then it’s clear where the Lithuanian Mongol comes from)) It’s practically our relatives, according to the latest data of genetic studies, Russians have more Finno-Ugric genes than Slavic ones.
You have not seen visual art yet in Estonia)) Style is guessed.
But unfortunately, now all these old buildings are slowly decaying. This is very sad!
But next time there is an excuse to stop by to see it. Thanks for the info! 🙂
and how good that it turned out much better than expected! 🙂
You can climb the stairs and look in the ass of the sculpture to watch a video about two Czech politicians who feed each other in the mud under the soundtrack “We are the Champions”
Two peeing people ..
It is on the roof of the People’s Theater in the center of Prague.
Thank you for your kind wishes! 🙂
I saw them only on the Day of Herring – but they Lithuanians came and sold. And quite a tiny cake (like a cake) cost 100 rubles.
At us now all is good – we work, we start to build the house, in general, all in affairs-cares. In July we will go on vacation in Vilnius – then I’ll sign off on the trip.

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