Moving to Germany: fears and reality.

Moving to Germany: fears and reality.
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 | 22:38.
Last summer, in the history of our family, a sharp turn took place, which changed all our plans. My husband was offered a job in Berlin, we thought for two whole days and agreed. Having received a blue card, he left for Germany, and I was left alone with two children in Kaluga to pack suitcases.
Fear one: financial dependence on the spouse.
It so happened that my first acquaintance in Berlin was with a single mother of two children, who had recently separated from her husband.
Fear of the second: And how am I without friends?
Another of my worst fears in Russia. My husband could not understand these misery. To him, a sociopath and introvert, the main thing is to have paid Internet traffic. But my Kaluga girlfriends understood me very much & # 8212; what a life, when there is nobody to chat with, discuss all important and unimportant, to go shopping, in the end ?!
Fear the third: who can I work there?
To this question, I heard the same answer from those who moved 5-10-15 years ago: “Housewife!” I do not know how to work, and I never sat in a decree (in the maternity home I frightened the nurses with a laptop from which I left to work on the third day after delivery). Therefore, the question of work was acute for me.
Fear Four: German Ordnung.
“Anya, Anya!” Imagine, we fly to live in Germany. & # 187; & # 8212; I yelled into the phone girlfriend. Congratulations & # 8230; If you’re happy, then I’m happy for you, & # 8221 ;, & # 8212; she drawled faintly. “What is it?” Why do not I hear enthusiasm in your voice? & # 187; “Well, if you were going to Canada or France, I would be very happy for you.” And Germany & # 8230; Well, I do not know & # 8230; There everything is like a square, practical, gut, everything is very clear and perpendicular. It seems to me that it is difficult for a Russian person to be there. ”
Fear five: children will not find friends.
I have a 3-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. Who do you think is the fastest growing among friends? That’s right, daughter. Children are more flexible than adults. And very little kids absorb like a sponge a new reality & # 8212; language, traditions, new people. So, my 3-year-old business sausage has got friends and an army of fans in just a couple of weeks in the garden. She has a girlfriend Barbara (educator 60+), German girl Ronika, with whom they play and chat in their own language, and several male fans.
Fear of the sixth: complexity due to ignorance of the German language.
I was afraid that I would never learn it. That without German here it will be very difficult. & # 8230; generally afraid of German. It seemed to me that it was such an aggressive, rough-sounding language (well, you know, there is such a common opinion), I was even afraid to start to teach it!
Fear of the seventh: depression and nostalgia for Russia.
This most difficult and delicate moment, I deliberately put at the very end of my list, because with him, I still did not figure it out.
Thanks, very interesting. I’m waiting for the continuation.
In Germany, I often go to a couple of weeks on vacation and often fly for two days on weekends. There are people close to me. Germans and emigrated family members. So for now, for me, the only & quot; problem & quot; – this is the absence of the usual products, such as sour cream, cottage cheese :).
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