Moving to Ecuador for a forum forum

Moving to Ecuador for a forum forum h1>
In the beginning of April we fly to Ecuador. There are two of us (two guys). It was determined that citizenship will be received by marriage, I want the official status of a citizen as soon as possible. Upon arrival, I would not like to stay in the hotel for a long time. Both Spanish do not know. Time for entertainment, independent searches, etc. especially will not, fly away and take in an armful of all cases (both work on the Internet). What would you advise in this case? Maybe on the forum there is someone renting a decent apartment in a decent area or someone can help choose and rent a house. Is it possible to rent a furnished apartment for 500-700? I saw the options on the forum, but the apartment for 600 was not impressed, the same thing in Russia for the same money. I would like to get the optimal price / quality ratio.
Psychological aspect does not give me rest. Marrying a ugly girl from the village does not appeal to the option. Let’s say I’m getting married, and then I’ll meet the one who will like and how? On the one hand, it is more likely to obtain citizenship, on the other – the desire to be with the one you want. Yes, and the children’s time. But until the moment when it will be possible to get to know the potential brides most of the time, a tourist visa can last for 90 days (and as I understand it does not extend). From here a question – what visa to issue, so that time could take a closer look at the local beauties? And a piquant question – maybe someone in the mind already has beauties who are looking for their prince?
Can I buy a car with a tourist status in Ecuador and Russian rights? Learning in the local driving school is definitely not going to be, are there any options to do the right (when will not there be a tourist visa) for money and without fuss?
Another question: what kind of visa should be to have the right to marry in Ecuador? Must change the tourist or there are loopholes in the law on the principle of “what is not prohibited, it is allowed”?
The apartment can be rented very decent and during the next 2 days or 3 days in a normal area – only without furniture – but there is a stove, a refrigerator, a built-in table where to cook as a minimum – from $ 350 + communal.
Of course, citizenship through marriage at the moment is actually difficult.
In principle, if you have your rights – then 3 months can still travel here – and getting “accelerated” rights – not legal. You still need training.
By the way most interesting – you can get the rights after training without having a gray-headed? I have already done all the documents.
Since the work is connected with constant access to the Internet, another question appeared: What is the quality of the connection in Quito for 3G, what is the speed and stability of the signal? If someone uses such (3G) Internet, please tell us how often disruptions occur and what speed?
1 – Meet on the Internet.
2 – solve this problem on arrival – while you are not here – hardly anything you can do.
Also on many windows of houses write announcements.
“To the Native American Forever Everywhere Nishtyak”
Did Ecuador really introduce the concept of “fictitious marriage”?
Someone can tell, for what minimum term it is possible to receive citizenship (on marriage)? What status do you need to have to marry a citizen of Ecuador? On a tourist visa will not go, let’s say for the 2nd-3rd month of our stay in Ecuador on a touristic tour for 90 days? Or do I need to purchase another visa? If so, which would you advise?
In 3 years, so get citizenship.
Your new lady after the divorce will give a pendal from Ecuador. That’s the whole fictitious marriage. Decide, of course, to you.
A Swallow – I can say one thing – getting a title and not a resident visa is the fastest 2 years – to have a child naturally here.
Tell me, if I get a parcel to Ecuador (for example by DHL) – a laptop, noticeably used, then I have to pay something at the customs?
I do not want to take two with me at once, and I do not know if everything will fit in the luggage, but the second one will also be needed for work. What is the best way to proceed?

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