Moving to Canada with dogs

Moving to Canada with dogs h1>
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Somebody took a dog out of Ukraine? Tell me, is this possible? The only thing that I remember when I passed the medical examination in Kiev was a poster with the inscription “Import of animals to Canada”. However, by reading the sites, I’ve never seen such a thing again.
You read something wrong. In Canada, banned the import of Sala. But animals can be. I drove my dog. On the airline’s website, see the dimensions of the required cage. You warn them when buying a ticket, that you carry the dog (this is necessary because usually they allow no more than 2 cells with animals on the plane). In the veterinary service of the airport you will learn the details of medical certificates – from a veterinarian and a certificate from the veterinary service of the airport.
I have that terrier. She is very small, I do not walk her. It is very pitiful to leave the animal.
For most carriers, a dog weighing up to about 8 kg (you need to know the specific weight of the airline) can be carried in the cabin of the aircraft. So, I think, that the terrier in the luggage will not have to pass. But carrying (cage) is still necessary. Canada for the importation of dogs requires only documents for it, a veterinary certificate and a vaccination against rabies. But the airline itself may also have its own requirements (for example, chipping). It is necessary to learn everything from them.
We spent years in Ukraine, yaki were transported to the cat salon. The stinkers bought a kvitok for it, and the cell stood on the bed. ˳��� “��������”.
In December I brought to Canada from Canada the Staffordshire terrier. This is if anyone has a question, can I bring this breed to Canada? Can.
& # 8226; bought an enormous box-cage for transportation. Ferplast Atlas 70. For my breed, even too big was, but the dog is comfortable.
& # 8226; from the cynological organization (which is trusted by the customs) for damage to the Russian gene pool.
& # 8226; a month before the flight, he was vaccinated in a veto-clinic and made an international passport. Private vet clinics do not fit here.
& # 8226; for 2 (TWO) days before the flight went to the same veterinary clinic and received a certificate that is needed in the airport vettamozhne.
& # 8226; 3 hours before the flight took an international rampage at the airport.
& # 8226; handed the boxing with the dog in the luggage.
& # 8226; showed this information to the customs officer along with the declaration.
& # 8226; on arrival in Montreal received a dog and doned it from Canadian customs officers, paying $ 33 of duty.
At the moment, I learned in airlines Lufthansa, LOT, Swiss, Finnair. All of them allow an animal weighing up to 8 kg (weight together with a cage) to be carried in the cabin. But, really, there are some moments. As far as I remember, Air Canada is now forbidden to be transported in the cabin of animals, so here it is still necessary to watch which airline to fly after the transplant. If the same one you fly to Europe, then there should not be any problems. Only, of course, you need to pre-book a place for an animal, and the requirements are all to learn.

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