Moving of one family to Ukraine from Russia and attempts of legalization.

Moving of one family to Ukraine from Russia and attempts of legalization.
January 10, 2016 15:59.
Last September, we reported on the fate of the six heroes of our previous publications. Today, we propose to read the story of Alexei Shumak moving with his family to Ukraine from Russia and legalization in the country.
Petersburger repairs for his family an abandoned house near Dnepropetrovsk and tries to break through bureaucratic barriers.
The tragic death of 18-year-old Vlad Kolesnikov from Podolsk again brought public attention to the problems of immigration from Russia. Journalist Aider Muzhdabaev (who himself moved to Kiev from Moscow) wrote in Facebook:
I ask you, dear President of Ukraine, Prime Minister, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, dear Ukrainian volunteers, & # 8212; notice, save, invite and accept such people in Ukraine. This is for you & # 8212; a matter of honor and conscience, but for such as Vlad, & # 8212; a matter of life and death. To accept such people in Ukraine & # 8212; this is how to save the Jews during the Second World War. Please, take the necessary laws, develop facilitated procedures for granting refugee status. Such people should not die if there is a free country of Ukraine next to this inhuman hell! & # 187;
It is possible to consider the historical analogies used by the journalist as strained (or not to be counted), but it is impossible to turn a blind eye to the fact that the migration laws of Ukraine are excessively complicated and make a completely legal move to Ukraine for political refugees from Russia almost impossible.
According to the press service of the SMS of Ukraine, during the first 8 months of 2015, 906 asylum applications were submitted, of which 29 were granted, and 70 more applicants were recognized as persons who reasonably need protection. That is, a positive decision was taken for 99 calls from more than nine hundred.
We talked to one of the immigrants, whose petition is still not satisfied. His story & # 8212; The indicator of the quality of work of the Ukrainian state machine in relation to political immigrants.
Alexey Shumak & # 8212; an engineer with twenty years of experience from St. Petersburg, worked as a system administrator in large companies (“Leningrad House of Trade”, # 188 Ozon & # 187; and others). In Ukraine, moved a year ago, to put it mildly, with great adventures. By this winter, I almost finished repairing for my family a house in the village near Dnepropetrovsk.
& # 8212; Let’s start with how you even reached the decision to immigrate from Russia to Ukraine.
I used to be like everyone else. Well, I do not know if I was a padded jacket or not, but I did not care much for my future, I lived as I live. Afternoon work, evening dinner with beer. But after the birth of her daughter began to ask myself questions & # 8212; that she is waiting for in the future, how she will live in this country … And immediately felt fear for her & # 8212; the country is plundered, laws and militia protect only gangsters entrenched in power, the ordinary citizen is completely defenseless, medicine and education every year worse and worse, corruption goes off scale.
I decided that something should be done about it. If not for the sake of building an ideal society, then at least for their conscience and for answering the future question of their daughter, “Daddy, why did you see all this and did nothing?”
Since the spring of 2005 he began to take part in protest actions, he organized several rallies and demonstrations. He was engaged in the protection of the rights of motorists, then joined the party & Apple; & # 8212; then she was really an opposition party; now, alas, almost all the oppositionists were expelled from it and turned into a political pacifier. In the fall of 2011, he moved from Yabloko & # 187; in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg & # 8212; conversed with a huge number of Petersburgers, saw all the ins and outs of the Russian so-called elections … And after that I realized that the Russian Federation does not have a future. And not even because all the power is captured by the KGB bastards, but because the population either does not really care (or nothing depends on us) or citizens (you can call them citizens after that) # 187 ;?) actively supported by these bastards. I had to realize that I am a white crow among them. ” only me and a few others want the same other life so much that we were ready to spend time and energy on it. But this is a drop in the ocean. As if on purpose, and with the first wife then everything went wrong.
& # 8212; Then there was a desire to leave?
There were such thoughts. But very timid & # 8212; I did not want to be a rat, running from a ship, kept sayings of the type where I was born, Talcov’s songs were useful …
Yes, people everywhere are about the same, but somewhere they were able to create normal states, legally acting courts, and somewhere and live on the wreckage of the 1917 revolution, not respecting either their own laws or their neighbors. On the other hand, there are people who are very easy to change the country & # 8212; live where it is more comfortable, without bothering with some kind of mission. ”
And then I met Jeanne. There is such & # 8212; find your own person, like-minded person, life partner, and everything that used to take years, suddenly starts to get much faster, easier, easier, even more fun. So it happened with us.
& # 8212; And when did you decide that you still have to go?
Immediately after the Maidan. He surprised us. Do not even pick up words, how amazing. Such a contrast, compared to the mentality of a typical Russian, simply did not believe that very near people live like us, but not units, but millions! There was a desire to give up everything and go to Maidan. Kept the thought that I’m not Ukrainian, I do not have the right to interfere.
But I still undertook to study the immigration laws of Ukraine and once again convinced that the chances of legally moving to a permanent place of residence with the prospect of obtaining citizenship from us are no. there are no Ukrainian relatives, one hundred thousand dollars for investing in the Ukrainian economy & # 8212; especially.
On this, probably, everything would have ended, but here Putin occupied the Crimea. Impudently, shamelessly, treacherously. In 2008, I was against the war with Georgia. But then at least in the media there were speeches against this invasion, the opposition (or those who called themselves so) even somehow protested. And after the annexation of the Crimea and the campaign in the press in the Russian Federation, almost all of them were crazy & # 8212; They were ready to tear and destroy khokhlov and other fascists. To say that it was embarrassing & # 8212; this is not to say anything. Even many of my esteemed people with whom we organized protest actions and created public organizations have gone missing. For a year, Zhanna and I lost almost all our friends. I wanted to escape from this psychiatric hospital, anywhere, even to the edge of the Earth. It’s to escape & # 8212; to keep one’s mind.
And then suddenly I see the comment of Anton Gerashchenko (adviser to the minister of the Ministry of the Interior, people’s deputy) on the article of some Russian oppositionist who condemns the war with Ukraine. “So come to us & # 187 ;. I found Anton in Facebook, told him about us for a while and asked if he could help us with a residence permit in Ukraine. What did he say? & 8212; “Do it.” I, of course, ofigel from such an answer, & # 8212; as it is possible, if by laws it is impossible. I went to Ukraine with the hope to meet with Anton and discuss how it is possible to draw a documentary transfer. Met just on Independence Day & # 8212; 24 August. The conversation was very brief, move, and then it will be seen. Well, like Europeans once moved to America. Only America then had no laws on deportation …
We sold an apartment in St. Petersburg (it took more than half a year, and because of the fall of the ruble and the real estate market we lost money on this transaction just the sea), we collected things & # 8212; and on New Year’s Day they moved to Kiev.
We moved in two sets. First they transported things at the end of December. Especially for the move, I bought a trailer in St. Petersburg and made a superstructure for it. In Kiev, that trailer was immediately stolen, and then called and offered to return for a ransom. It is very likely that they stole from the tip of the militia “# 8212; otherwise how could hijackers know my phone number? Two months later, when the formalities with the sale of the apartment were completed, we transported the remaining items and the oldest daughter.
& # 8212; How did the border go?
Better not ask. Every time & # 8212; adventure for many hours.
& # 8212; And what are the legalization options in Ukraine you had?
We have no relatives here, so you can only register labor migration. Russian citizens can stay in Ukraine for only 90 days out of 180. In three months it is necessary to find an employer who is willing to hire a foreigner and bear all the complexities and costs associated with obtaining a work permit for him. And so it is not easy to find work in Ukraine, but with such a load in general & # 8230; But even if you manage to get a “work visa” and under it to issue a temporary residence permit for the wife, then for the daughter of the wife from her first marriage, the residence permit on this basis will not be issued. At least, I did not find in the law loopholes, which would allow to move all at once. And again: as soon as I lose my job, I must immediately leave Ukraine. And there are no grounds for obtaining citizenship. It seems that there was a bill in the Verkhovna Rada that simplified the acquisition of citizenship for Russians who were against the Putin occupation of the Crimea, but it still remained a bill.
& # 8212; And tried to get refugee status?
This option to us in the migratory was discarded & # 8212; they say, there are a lot of failures. I spoke with Natalia Naumenko, director of the department for refugees and foreigners of the State Migration Service. From the conversation, I realized that the only meaningful option is & # 8212; to request the status of political refugee. This is now busy.
We applied to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, so that they could consult us and support us in the procedure. But, alas, after the first interview they could not contact them any more.
As far as I understand from the laws of Ukraine, we will be able to apply for Ukrainian citizenship after 3 years of refugee status (and the term begins to count from the moment we were officially granted status).
They say you can get citizenship through fictitious divorce and marriage with citizens of Ukraine, but we do not consider this option.
We applied in writing to both the president and the Verkhovna Rada deputies asking them to help them obtain Ukrainian citizenship. From the presidential administration came a formal response with references to the existing laws, which I had already read, and the deputies almost all of my letters were ignored & # 8212; except for Lutsenko and Kononenko. Yuriy Lutsenko wrote a request to the migration service, which “# 187; this request to the passport desk at the place of my residence with the resolution “clarify”. I was invited and explained that I have no grounds for obtaining citizenship. Igor Kononenko applied to my letter with a request to help and sent to the president. A month later came a response with a list of documents necessary to simplify the procedure for obtaining citizenship. Among them is the main one. the representation of the central executive body that the granting of Ukrainian citizenship to me is in the public interest. And who will give me such a document? Again by & # 8230;
& # 8212; So what did you eventually decide?
Six months ago, they applied for political asylum. According to the law, it should be considered for a month and a half, but there is still no solution. And while there is no refugee’s certificate, it is impossible to carry out any legal actions & # 8212; neither open an account in the bank, nor get a job & # 8230;
So all who are going to apply for asylum in Ukraine, you need to prepare a financial pillow for a couple of years.
& # 8212; Was there no thought for all this, that maybe it’s worth returning to?
We left Russia. Permanently. In the migration service, we have already been told more than once. they say, do not give up Russian citizenship, we still do not know what or how … We know now two things: Ukraine will win and we will not return to Russia. Yes, we are running out of the legal stay on the territory of Ukraine. It is possible that we will not have time to issue a residence permit in Ukraine and will have to leave. Maybe I will have to apply for refugee status in some other country. Unfortunately, to obtain refugee status, residence permit, and even more so, citizenship in Ukraine is much more complicated than in some European countries. But our daughter has already gone to school here. She likes it there & # 8212; and the teachers are excellent, and classmates are very warm to her, help. But a Ukrainian tutor, of course, should be found as soon as possible.
So while we wait for the decision of the migration service. If we get a refusal & # 8212; we will go to court, it will give us some more time & # 8230;
On Independence Day 2015 Alex and Jeanne came to Kiev & # 8212; took part in the rally in embroidered cars along with avtoydanovtsami. The drivers nicknamed them “the Russians”. I do not know whether Aleksey told them or not, that he put the car in embroidery & # 187; still in St. Petersburg. As he himself says, “for the sake of conscience”. show that not a coward, not a kitchen rat. ” And that got his Toyota there for this & # 171; combat coloring & # 187; under the full program & # 8212; up to the adjusted road accidents. But still did not trample him there.
And here they can. Just refusing to legalize & # 8212; on some quite legitimate grounds.
How many have already been denied to hundreds.
Source: LIG.Anet / Sergey Berezhnoy / Political refugees from Russia: how they are met by Ukraine.
& copy; Crossing – assistance in immigration to Ukraine, 2014-2017.

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