Move border with Ukraine

Move border with Ukraine h1>
I can not say which option is better for you, but the legal one is this one, the above.
Legislation of Ukraine on gromadyannost �runtuyetsya on such.
viklyucha mozhniv�st ��������� ������������.
�������������-������������� oditsy Ukraine. Yakshcho gromadyyanin.
Ukrainians having filled up gromadyanstvo (piddanstvo) ���� ������ ��� ��� powers,
then the legal representatives of Ukraine vin viznatsya lisha.
gromadian of Ukraine. ���� ��������� nabuv gromadyanstvo of Ukraine,
then the legal representatives of Ukraine vin viznatsya lisha.
ϳ�������� ��� ������ ������������ ������ �:
1) kindly nabutty gromadyaninom Ukraine gromadyanya.
���� �������, ���� at the time of such nabuttya �� ����� ���������.
Illegally – to present ukr. border guards at the entrance to Ukraine and on the departure from Ukraine Ross. documents (the Russian passport – yours and the child).
I apologize in advance if I duplicate the question, but I could not find it from you.
I’ll start from the beginning)
In 2014, I decided to move from Ukraine to the Russian Federation for permanent residence (since the spouse of a Russian citizen, she also has Vnzh of Ukraine), issued all the documents for permanent residence, stamped “for permanent residence in Russia” in a passport and took an internal pass. I left without problems.
During his stay in the RF he received a pvp, there is a mark in the country, he already submitted docks for Vunge, he should get it in August. Now the question itself :))
In May, I plan to go to Ukraine with my wife on vacation, naturally on my passport. The wife has no problems because of the Vunge. But about myself, I’m not sure at all what the norms will pass.
There are several options frightening my family:
1) will not be allowed to enter Ukraine.
2) they will be taken into the army or ATO immediately from the train (but I have a white ticket, not suitable for service, I’m 27 years old by the way)
3) will not be released back to the Russian Federation.
4) ask for a large bribe)
So we think we can go or not?
Thanks for the answer!)
Legal problems can not be. If there are illegal claims – overcome in conventional ways.
In addition, a Russian woman entering VNZ should observe the rules (including residence) provided for by the law of the legal status of inozemtsiv. , A memory card about the freedom of overstressing. and the Order of registration. Postings on the postinay of living.
By themselves, laws and rules are not bad, but the servicemen have a habit of misunderstanding them (the principal problem is that it is impossible to prove legally irreproachably that a person lives or does not live at a given address). It’s hard to guess which whimper will attack a certain person while performing, but to questions about the presence or absence of registration at the place of residence in Ukraine, one must be prepared. Overcome the claims, too, traditionally: On what legal basis do you act? What letter of the law did I violate? Issue a decree, a protocol, which I will appeal. Demonstratively call the trust phone service.

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