Montenegro: registration of a visa for Russians in 2018.

Montenegro: registration of a visa for Russians in 2018.
Montenegro and Russia signed an agreement under which a visa to Montenegro for Russians in 2018 is not needed if they plan to visit the country for tourist purposes. However, the visa-free regime has its limitations, because Montenegro is a European state that shares borders with the Schengen countries.
A quarter of the territory in Montenegro is occupied by natural parks and reserves.
Do I need a visa for recreation?
Montenegro is not included in the Schengen zone, therefore it is not necessary to receive the Schengen. Moreover, there is a visa-free regime for Russians. A Russian tourist has the right to rest on the territory of the country for up to 30 days. But there are certain rules:
On arrival you must register; It is forbidden to get a job; It is necessary to confirm the place of residence.
An alien who has arrived independently to Montenegro is obliged to contact the local municipality within 24 hours in order to obtain a registration. The cost of the service varies depending on the region, as the price is set by local authorities, but not more than 1 euro per day of stay.
To complete the registration, you will need to fill out a special form. Russians do not have to fill out a question-answer form, since the information on the form is duplicated in Russian. After registration, the tourist will be given a special card “white cardboard”, which gives permission to be in the country.
What to do if the trip is over 30 days.
A visa to Montenegro for Russians planning a vacation in 2018 is needed if they want to stay in the country for more than a month. However, the maximum visa-free one-month period can be extended. To do this, it is enough to make a visa-wound. A trip from Montenegro to Croatia on an excursion without a visa in 2018 & # 8212; a good version of the visa-wound. The installation of a new entry stamp at the crossing of the Croatian-Montenegrin border gives another thirty days of stay.
For those who do not wish to apply for a visa for more than a month, you need to obtain a visa.
Important! The end of the visa-free stay, however, as for the visa regime, is the date of departure from the country or departure of the aircraft. Especially it’s worth to be careful when you have an overnight flight. The time after 00:00 is considered to be the next day.
Montenegro issues visas of four types, according to the legislation of the country.
Visas of categories A and B provide for a transit visit to the country. The first one is given to those who carry out a transit flight through the country’s airport, this type of visa does not give the right to stay outside the airport. The second type is for a transit trip, for example, if you follow from one Balkan country to another through Montenegro – the period of stay is 5 days.
These two types of visas are not issued to Russians, since Russian citizens do not need to get a visa if the trip does not exceed 30 days, according to the points of the international agreement between Russia and Montenegro. For Russians, two other types are available: for short-term rest and for a long stay in the country.
A category C visa is needed for a holiday lasting more than a month. It gives the right to stay in Montenegro for 31 to 90 days. Such a visa is issued usually for 1 year without prolongation. If it is necessary to extend the visa, then it is necessary to file documents as a new one.
Standard Montenegrin visa category C does not entitle you to visit the countries of the Schengen zone. Therefore, if you want to go from Montenegro to Croatia, without a Schengen visa in 2018, you will need to register a national Croatian one.
Visa of category D.
A long-term visa of category D can be obtained for the realization of certain purposes on the territory of the country. For example:
Doing work; Treatment; Education; Reunion with the family; Participation in international volunteer or humanitarian programs; Other reasons.
This type is considered as a prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit. Montenegro is not included in the Schengen countries, therefore a special permit is issued for travel to Schengen with a long-term visa.
Documents for obtaining a visa.
Through the embassy in Moscow, you can only get a visa category C (up to 90 days). The applicant should prepare the documents:
Photocopy of the first page of the passport; Completed application form (filling sample); Proof of housing provision; Confirmation of financial security; Statement; Copies of tickets (reservation) in both directions; 2 color photos in the size 3×4 cm.
The passport must meet two conditions: contain 2 blank pages and be valid all the travel time plus 90 days. Passport is accepted old and new sample (biometric).
The form should be completed either in English or in Russian, without corrections and errors.
To confirm the living conditions, you must provide any of the following options to the embassy:
Reservation for hotel (hostel / hotel); Tourist voucher with the indication of the place of rest; Lease agreement with a resident of Montenegro; Documents on the right of ownership; Invitation of the Montenegrin side.
For financial security, a minimum amount of � 20 per adult per day for the entire period of stay is set. For minors, there is no restriction. In the form of confirmation, a certificate from the work, a certificate from the bank, security at the expense of the host party or sponsors is accepted.
Montenegro does not require health insurance, but it is recommended to purchase a policy. It is also important to have a return ticket, or a reservation for it.
Algorithm for obtaining a visa.
Citizens of Russia to apply for a visa must apply to the Embassy of Montenegro in Moscow.
Address: Russia, Moscow, ul. Mytnaya, house 3, office 23-25. You can get there on foot from the metro stations Serpukhovskaya, Dobryninskaya, Oktyabrskaya; Phones: +7 (499) 230-18-65, +7 (499) 230-18-76; Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 17:00; Reception of documents: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 12:00; Issue of ready visas: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 12:00 to 13:00.
Submission of documents is carried out personally at least 30 days before the planned trip. The personal presence of only children is not required if the documents are submitted by their parents.
The applicant’s appeal is considered within two weeks. After that, a visa is issued or the applicant is denied.
The cost of the consular fee.
The price for a visa to Montenegro for Russians in 2018 will be 62 euros.
The consular fee is paid not at the filing of documents, but when obtaining a visa, that is, if you were suddenly refused extradition, you will not have to pay money.
Payment is made strictly in euros (in rubles you can not pay) directly at the embassy. The price for a category C visa to Montenegro for Russians under 14 years in 2018 is 32 euros.
Refusal of a visa.
Montenegro is quite loyal to the issue of issuing tourist visas. However, there are refusals. The key reasons for denying a visa are:
Forgery of documents; Deceit of consulate employees; Having a criminal record; Individual features of behavior; Absence of mandatory vaccination.
Traveling with a child.
To enter Montenegro with a child, the presence of both parents is required, or permission to the name of the accompanying person. If one of the parents acts as an accompanying person, it is necessary to prepare a notarized power of attorney on behalf of the second parent. If a minor travels with another relative, trainer, tutor, or medical staff, then the corresponding permit must be issued on behalf of both parents.
The authorities of Montenegro allow the entry of a child (up to 14 years) without their own Russian passport, if it is inscribed in the parent. Otherwise, you need to issue a children’s passport.
Customs rules of Montenegro.
Montenegro establishes its own customs restrictions for persons entering the country. Requires availability:
Valid no less than 14 days after the end of the stay of the passport; Return ticket; The power of attorney for the accompanying persons if the children are traveling; The issued documents on animals: the certificate on vaccination and the veterinary passport (chipping of animals it is not necessary); Russian or international driving license and international green card insurance if you enter the country by car.
The customs can ask about the availability of a tourist voucher or an armor for a hotel room, but this is not mandatory if you are planning a holiday for a period of not more than 1 month.
Montenegro is prohibited from importing food. For the import or export of things of historical importance, you need special permission from the authorities. There is no limit on the import of currency. From alcohol you can import – 1 liter of strong drinks and 2 liters of wine. Cigarettes are allowed to import no more than 200 pieces per person, cigars – 50 pieces.
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