The Kingdom of Belgium is considered one of the most prosperous states within the European Union. It is a country with a comfortable geographical location close to Germany, France and the Netherlands, access to the North Sea, stable economy and high social standards. Not surprisingly, thousands of foreigners, including Europeans, are eager to find work in Belgium or invest in Belgian business.
The universities of Belgium provide quality education and graduate to the local labor market qualified professionals who can count on a high income. For example, Belgium is ahead of most EU states in terms of minimum wages. Unemployment in the country does not exceed 7%. In general, conduct professional activities and live in Belgium & ndash; this is the dream of many immigrants. Next, find out what salaries are in Belgium in 2017.
The minimum wage in Belgium.
The Belgian labor legislation provides for the establishment of a minimum wage both at the national level and in the context of individual sectors of industry (collective agreements). In the second case, the salary depends on the specific province, the position of the employee, the number of hours worked per week and sometimes the length of service. Before taxes, the national monthly minimum wage in Belgium in 2017 is:
For employees aged 18 and over & ndash; 1531.93 euros.
For workers aged 19 and over, experience of at least 6 months & ndash; 1 572.58 euros.
For employees aged 20 years and experience of at least 12 months & ndash; 1 590.64 euros.
There are no minimum hourly rates in Belgium, so to calculate this figure you need to start from the standard work week at 38 hours. For the duration of the internship in Belgian companies, employees over the age of 21 must pay an allowance of not less than 751 euros per month. Note that of all EU countries where the minimum wage is set, Belgium is second only to Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands.
The average salary in Belgium.
At the official level, the average wage in Belgium is not regulated. Nevertheless, according to local statistical offices, over the past few years, the incomes of Belgian citizens have grown by somewhere between 2% -3% and today they make up about 3,020 euros for qualified specialists per month, and for workers without qualification around 1,850 euros.
According to studies conducted by the Belgian publications “Vacature & raquo; and “Leuven University”, before taxes, the average salary in Belgium in 2017 is 3,401 euros per month. After all compulsory deductions, about 2,000-2,200 euros remain at the disposal of local workers. At the same time, up to 75% of local specialists receive a 13th salary, 40% use a company car and about 65% have medical insurance.
The lowest wages in Belgium are recorded in the area of accommodation and food & ndash; 2 676 euros per month, and the highest incomes for employees of the banking, pharmaceutical and chemical industries & ndash; 4 279 euros. In Brussels, the capital of Belgium, salaries are on average 14% higher than in the country, around 3,908 euros. In Leuven earn 3 610 euros, in Nivella 3 565, and in Antwerp 3 543 euros. Worst of all, things are in Dinan, where the average salary is only 2,592 euros.
Taxes on wages in Belgium.
The filing of tax returns and the payment of taxes on salaries in Belgium by non-residents, that is, persons who are located in Belgian territory for less than 183 days a year, are carried out annually until September 30, and residents until June 30. The country has a progressive income tax rate from 25 to 50%.
Income tax in Belgium in 2017.
Annual revenue up to � 11,070 & ndash; 25%
The annual income from 11 070 euros to 12 720 euros & ndash; thirty%
Annual revenue from 12,720 euros to 21,190 euros & ndash; 40%
Annual revenue from 21,790 euros to 38,830 euros & ndash; 45%
Annual income over 38080 euros & ndash; 50%
In some cases, foreign workers in Belgium are entitled to benefit from special benefits, which reduce the total taxation of income in the amount of 11,250/29,750 euros.

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