Migration, which has become a great segregation.

Migration, which has become a great segregation.
The tragedy of the Italian island of Lampedusa once again showed that the EU’s migration policy is untenable, and there are no barriers to refugees and migrants. And the most surprising is that a tolerant Europe already recognizes its mistakes: the policy of multiculturalism has led to segregation, and liberalism & mdash; to chaos. That’s just not clear what to do now.
Globalization has led to a rapid displacement of both capital and people. Unprecedented flows of migrants from states with underdeveloped or crisis economies are rushing to find a better life in the prosperous European countries. This has led to the fact that migration in Europe has become today one of the most important problems. How is the EU going to solve it?
The EU needs a new migration policy.
The tragedy of illegal immigrants drowning near the Italian island of Lampedusa underscores the importance of creating a “general, balanced and solidary European immigration policy,” said Didier Reinders, Belgium’s foreign minister. Expressing his condolences on the incident in the Mediterranean, the head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry said that the EU should “prevent the recurrence of such dramas by fighting more severely with the criminal network that exploits the desperate situation of migrants.” We must develop programs that will improve the living conditions in those regions , where people are fleeing, and also to strengthen dialogue with transit countries of illegal immigrants. ”
In turn, UN special rapporteur Francois Crapo, after the Lampedusian tragedy, called on the world community to expand the possibilities for legal migration. He severely criticized the EU migration policy, stressing that it was possible to prevent the death of people. The Special Rapporteur is convinced that the problem of illegal migration can not be solved “solely through repressive methods.”
In his view, the penalties should affect employers who hire illegal migrants, rather than the refugees themselves. However, the authorities, guided only by “political considerations,” do not take any serious steps in this direction. Migrant-hosting countries need to take into account aspects such as diversity and multiculturalism, the UN special rapporteur said.
Malta asks the EU to change its migration policy.
Left alone with African refugees, Malta asks the European Union to radically change the migration policy. Almost every week in this island state, migrants from Africa arrive on boats, and this flow continues unabated. This state of affairs does not suit the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, therefore he urged the European Union to urgently introduce a new migration policy. The Maltese, according to the prime minister, “need a consistent European policy.”
“There is not enough empty talk about solidarity,” he added. “If Europe does not adopt uniform rules on refugees, the situation will become simply unbearable.”
Note that Malta & mdash; leader among European countries by the number of refugees per one thousand inhabitants. So, last year, one thousand Maltese had almost 22 people who wanted to get asylum. According to the current immigration rules of the EU, people who want to obtain refugee status are obliged to stay until the final review of their application in the country through which they first entered the territory of the EU. Most of the African migrants go to Europe through Malta.
The policy of multiculturalism has failed.
Migratory flows have recently reached such an intensity that the leading analysts consider the changes connected with them to be the most real problem. The problem of migration in Europe in the last decade has come to the fore. European politicians have recognized the policy of multiculturalism as a failure and are now trying to reconsider their attitude towards migrants. British Prime Minister David Cameron, for example, calls for forever to abandon the failed policy of multiculturalism and more aggressively defend Western liberal values.
Let us note that in his opinion he is not alone. Earlier this fact was recognized by Angela Merkel, German Chancellor. She repeatedly stated the short-sightedness of the migration policy, which was elected 50 years ago. According to her, the orientation towards multiculturalism was a mistake. Recall that in the 60 years, Europe began to attract large numbers of foreign workers, mainly from North Africa, Turkey and the Asian regions. Then it was dictated by economic needs.
Post-war Europe needed a workforce, so labor migration was seen as a forced temporary measure. It was assumed that with time migrants would return to their homeland. But that did not happen. The vast majority of them settled in Europe. The situation became even more complicated after the “Arab Spring” and the outbreak of hostilities in some African states.
According to official data, now more than 30 million migrants live in the EU. Most of them in Germany & mdash; 7 million If we talk about the UK, it is estimated by David Coleman, an Oxford demographer, even if the authorities completely stop immigration, in the country by 2050 there will live 7 million “non-white” Englishmen. There are a lot of immigrants among Muslims. They can not integrate into European societies.
Elena Ponomareva, an associate professor of the comparative political science department at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, says: “As a result of the fairly loyal migration legislation, many representatives of different cultures have gathered in Europe, but they have different ideas about how to live.” The radical French and Muslims from Algeria lead themselves completely differently.The people included in a specific cultural community did not assimilate into it, but lived enclaves, diasporas, whole regions. was smeared on a rod classic Old Europe. It is only when the situation tipped the scales to the limit, and there was a question of survival of the indigenous population of Europe, politicians have understood that multiculturalism was a mistake. ”
Instead of a multicultural society, many European countries received segregation & mdash; the parallel existence of a variety of cultures. And since the fertility of immigrants is much higher than that of the indigenous population, there is a real threat that the face of Europe will change drastically over time. There will be completely different nations and states.
The European Union needs a new migration policy.
The above threat is understood by all European politicians, but no serious measures have been taken so far. To solve the refugee problem, the EU needs a fundamentally new approach, says Stefan Trondle, an expert at Deutsche Welle. In his opinion, the situation can not be solved solely by border control. In addition, the expert is convinced that the problem of refugees will not be resolved quickly. Therefore, it is necessary that the European countries finally start working together.
The problem of illegal migrants can not be solved only by the formation in the Mediterranean of a new coast guard that would protect the rich North from the poor South of Europe. A unified European migration policy is needed. Stefan Trondle proposes to introduce quotas for the reception of migrants by analogy with American green cards and issue temporary work permits. Germany, for example, annually needs harvesters.
In addition, European countries should help poor countries: support their economy, implement educational and humanitarian programs to improve the quality of life of local people. If the standard of living rises, people will simply not have to leave their homeland. But that’s not all. Refugees reaching southern Europe must be distributed across all European countries & mdash; despite the Dublin agreement, which provides for the presence of refugees before the completion of the application procedure in the state whose border it first crossed.
I wonder if there will be a solution to the migration problem in the near future, which would combine the Western ideology of democracy and human rights? This is an extremely difficult task. Here you need non-standard thinking and political leadership. Neither the one nor the other, the EU, apparently does not have.
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