Methods of obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) in Thailand.

Methods of obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) in Thailand.
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Own house on the coast in a tropical country – a dream of millions. And this dream may well come true if you decide to purchase a cozy villa in such a fantastic place as Thailand. One obvious advantage of this purchase will be inexpensive real estate in Thailand, built of modern, high-quality materials. Plus, you will have a personal resting place, where you can visit as soon as you have a free minute. But, unlike Turkey (choose a country to rest – Turkey or Thailand?), Buying a home does not give the right to purchase a residence permit in Thailand.
In this country, obtaining such a document is much more difficult, not to mention the acquisition of the status of a citizen of Thailand. How, then, can a simple person who wants to settle in Thailand receive a residence permit?
There is a separate category of people who can easily acquire this treasured document. First of all, they belong to civil servants whose presence in the country represents for Thailand a certain significance. Foreign students who want to get not only higher education but also secondary education in this state can also become happy owners of a residence permit without special difficulties. But what about those foreigners who do not belong to these groups of people? For them, there are several other ways of obtaining a residence permit in Thailand.
Establishment or purchase of a company. One of the true ways to acquire a residence permit is to start a business in Thailand or buy a ready-made company. But such a business requires large financial investments, which will amount to at least $ 100,000. Employees of foreign enterprises can also acquire residence permits if they open a representative company in Thailand.
Capital investments. Any state strives to attract foreign investment. This is especially beneficial for the developing economy of Thailand. If you are willing to invest in more than $ 200,000 in a Thai project, you can be sure that you will get a residence permit.
Marriage. At first glance, this method seems to be the most elementary, but there are also delays. If a foreigner marries a Thai woman, he gets a residence permit and the right to work, and his spouse loses Thai citizenship. She will be able to regain her citizenship only if her marriage to an alien lasts more than 12 years.
Documents for obtaining residence permits in Thailand.
To obtain a residence permit in Thailand, you may need different documents, the name of which depends on the purposes of your stay in Thailand. Nevertheless, there is a list of basic, necessary documentation.
Special form with your data Photocopy of the passport 3 photos in 3.5 x 4.5 cm format The document that determines the purpose of your visit to Thailand (referral to an educational institution, marriage certificate, contract for work in a company, incorporation certificate of incorporation). Document confirming that you have the minimum amount necessary to stay within Thailand Document proving that you have a place of temporary residence in your country Document indicating the absence of a criminal record within Thailand (applies to persons over 15 years of age)
All documentation must be translated into Thai language and notarized. By the way, do you know how to define tonality in Thai?
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“However, if a foreigner marries a Thai citizen, he gets a residence permit and the right to work, and his wife loses Thai citizenship.” She will be able to regain her citizenship only if her marriage to a foreigner lasts more than 12 years. ”
whence such strange information? proof pliz on soap.
Have not you read other forums? There is the same information. After marriage, the husband gets a residence permit, the Thai wife loses her citizenship for 12 years and after the same 12 years the husband gets citizenship. In any case, it was half a year ago. Maybe again that changed, if that, enlighten.
honestly, for the first time I hear that the Thai must lose citizenship. And in my head this somehow does not fit, that having married, a person loses citizenship. somewhere here the error has crept in ..
Maybe the translation is wrong and all the blogs on it did rewrite. Find the original in Thai or English.
It’s just sealed the site, in fact, if the Thai wants to take the citizenship of the husband during marriage, then it loses its. And can return it in 12 years. (ie, here it means that you will not get dual citizenship if the marriage is not long)
Apparently this meant: “If a woman wants to take on her own country, note that she will lose her Thai citizenship, but that she can reclaim it later if she would like to move back to Thailand.”
but let’s ask the Thai people who can easily be a Thai lawyer because Thai is so easy? Thai laws are strange and not understandable as all foreigners in general;) I long could not understand why they build roads and then at home, because in our home a roads as it is necessary;) taxes too strange to collect? sport, too, the coach does not work for us, the sportsman does not earn their own money, the state pays them, and the Thais have their people pay from their own pockets-how much they will pay and they live;) we do not depend on the people from the people;) the salary of the aligarchs is paid or not paid differently, the people in the side are in fact interested in how they do not live right, the economy does not collapse because there is no oil;) strange country and strange economy do not you find ?!
Good afternoon! Tell me please, for obtaining a residence permit in Thailand, only two ways are obtained: large business and investment and marriage with taikoy? Best regards, Sergei.
Hello! As far as I know, in order to get a residence permit in Thailand, one must either live there for a certain time (several years), or open a business, invest in the economy, marry a secret or if you are a pensioner. In one of these cases, you can obtain a residence permit as soon as possible.
About the fact that Taika loses citizenship after marriage with a foreigner – this is nonsense. She will lose him only if she takes another citizenship. They do not have dual citizenship. Second, marriage with Taika does not give you a residence permit, but only an annual visa, which you can renew once a year without leaving the country. This visa does not give you a thief permitting, it must be received separately. But if a foreigner marries Thai, then yes, she automatically receives a residence permit. That the muzhik could receive it or him, it is necessary to live in marriage with Taika at least 3 years and to have the child, only then you can submit for a residence permit, and that not the fact that will give.
Thank you for correcting, I have not shoveled the information, how many have not read blogs, they always write the same thing. See the subtleties of the translation, or changes in legislation.
There is another way. more precisely already three.
1_change the gender and at the stage of changing documents ask for the citizenship of Taya under the pretext that trances in Russia, politely speaking, dislike. Especially Christians, and in some shops in general can not admit.
In essence, the option of the previous one is to ask for political asylum in view of disagreement with the political course of the country and the situation in the society as a whole. I think in Rashen Federeshen you then even as a tourist (ku) will not be allowed!
3_to the Thais brains some kind of development. which is unrealistic to introduce in the territory of Russia, or there is a danger that the military-industrial complex nationalizes it, and you will be thrown out at best to the street, at worst to prison or the HDPE.
Yes, just all of each other’s rewrite) Brad is of course with the loss of citizenship.
My friends, everything is much easier done. Come to the country, get a job. receive an annual work visa and vorkmeet. lives on this visa for three years and apply for residence permit. CALCULATION OF WORK: I need English teachers with a higher education (any). Below is the description:
UNN Academy is looking for NES and non-NES english teachers. He can offer you a job in different thai provinces. Salary 25000-53000 B. 20-25 days per week. Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, language institutes. We provide non-B visa, workpermit, accomodation. Don`t be hesistate to request an information by LINE ID Archerman85. Thank you! Repost to your friends pls 🙂
if you bring a friend / friend with you, then my services are free.
Please, tell me the amount of the minimum amount needed to stay within Thailand. I am a pensioner. I get a pension of 8000 rubles.
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