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On the Aland Islands.
We leave the bay in Stockholm.
We went to inspect the island the next day.
It turned out to be quite small. Part of it was occupied by the city of Mariehamn, but it was possible to pass this city from one end to the other in half an hour, and in our usual sense it looked like a village. Almost all the houses here were a maximum of two-storey cottages, absolutely not fenced with fences, as is customary in the whole of Sweden, but in architectural terms representing a mix of residential architecture of both Sweden and Finland. For example, there were buildings painted in a smart red color with white shutters of flat windows with typical windows for Sweden.
Until the beginning of the 19th century, the entire Aland archipelago, consisting of several hundred islands, belonged to Sweden. But in 1809, after the victory of Russia in the Russian-Swedish war, the Aland Islands withdrew to Russia. To be more exact, to Finland, which at that time was geographically part of the Russian Empire. But after our revolution in 1917 Finland declared its independence. So the Aland Islands turned out to be in its composition.
Coat of arms of the Aland Islands.
Of the sights in Mariehamn there are several museums – the Sea, the Aland Islands and the Museum of Art. Cute monuments. For example, a very original monument of propeller blades crashed into the rocks of the ship, which from afar resembles a flock of fish.
Perhaps, to the sights of Mariehamn can be attributed to the local lyceum, built in the middle of the 19th century, in which young inhabitants of the islands still study.
But I’ll tell you about it next time.
My other stories from this trip:
2010 year, September:
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I think that I like it. :))
And the most important thing for me is that there are very few people there.
Good places. It’s quiet there, it’s so cozy.
Yes, yes, here I am. And for some reason, “The Nightmare on Elm Street” is an old version. :)))
Katya_Dizayner_Ivanova, I do not know about the stamps, Katya, but it seems to me that yes. 🙂
julycaesar, hehe, did not guess. :)) Do you think that the kebab contains?
By the way, they are almost not on Madeira, oddly enough.
Elf_v_kapyushone, I agree. It happens that you do not even know it.
Chashkapetri, what was your route, if not secret? 🙂
Svetlana_Yuristik, Sveta, honestly, we did not see any drunks at all. There is really nothing to do there, but it’s what anyone wants. Of course, if someone needs parties, nightclubs, then they are unlikely to be found there. And sailing, to go to the neighboring uninhabited islands, in the summer to do windsurfing is always possible.
We met on our Alands – those who are for permanent residence. They did not complain. I do not know, maybe the girl in the book has something personal?
Chashkapetri, what was your route, if not secret? 🙂
we went on a bike trip 🙂 first we went from St. Petersburg, through Turku to Nagu, from there we started. then they drove through the Corps to Marienhum, from there to Stockholm, then to Uppsala. in total we visited more in Foglo, Eckero, Bomarsund and Kustavi. from Kustavi we went back to St. Petersburg. the whole trip took us 9 days, not counting the Moscow-St. Petersburg train and back.
The entire campaign was in accordance with the “bicycle – ferry” scheme.
such hikes, and in different countries organize Petrograd, the site is called
if interested, the report on this journey is in my blog, under the tag “Sweden”.
PS: if there are questions, I will be happy to answer them 🙂
Chashkapetri, thank you, I’ll take a look. But some names do not tell me anything at all. Have you been to Alanda where else?
I looked at your photos. Great! And with Skansen lucky. The gigantic Emil with the geese is simply lovely! 🙂
Chashkapetri, thank you, I’ll take a look. But some names do not tell me anything at all. Have you been to Alanda where else?
these “terrible” names (Foglo, Eckero, Bomarsund and Kustavi) are the names of the islands (or cities.) on the Alands. just they have that island, that village is one name :))) Bomarsund is a former fortress, where soldiers of the Russian army were based in the 19th century, during the Crimean (?) war, from her the truth remained a couple of walls, and a dozen 2 cannons . but still impressive, when in such a secluded corner of the Earth you see the Russian Coat of Arms 🙂
I looked at your photos. Great! And with Skansen lucky. The gigantic Emil with the geese is simply lovely! 🙂
Thank you 🙂 photos, of course, at times more 🙂 all the time there, before the blog hands do not reach: (
right now in the decree I’ll leave, can still lay out something from that trip 🙂
Katya_Dizayner_Ivanova, oh! Did he bring them from there? So it was there too?
Chashkapetri, class! You are good fellows! And we there still on Cobb Clintar were.
Initial report of Chashkapetri.
Annataliya, by the way Emil with geese – this is a girl :)))))
hehe, well, you must! :))
Yes, put it, according to Alandam is especially interesting. And then somehow you are not enough for them at all. 🙂

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