Lithuania is a small Europe!
Lithuania is the southernmost, largest and most populated state in the Baltics.
The capital of Lithuania is the city of Vilnius with ancient narrow winding streets that are so characteristic of all the ancient cities of Europe. In the Old Town of Vilnius houses, the domes of churches and churches are reminiscent of the beauty of the ancient rich cities of Italy – Rome and Florence. Vilnius is among the twenty most beautiful cities in the world.
Lithuania is the last state in Europe to adopt Christianity; nevertheless, it is one of the few countries in the world where the Catholic Church has a strong influence on society and among believers a lot of young people. And Vilnius University, one of the oldest in Europe, was founded in 1579.
The country is in the top ten states, in terms of the Internet population coverage, more than 60% of families connected to the Network. In Lithuania there are more than 100 providers, and more than 1000 online stores.
Uzupis, one of the districts of Vilnius is the Vilnius Montmartre, it is the abode of artists, musicians and poets. Just behind the bridge across the river Vilniale you will see painted houses, in the courtyards avant-garde sculptures are decorated, and in the center of the quarter there is an 11-meter pedestal crowned with the figure of an angel with a pipe. About ten years ago the inhabitants of Uzupis declared themselves an independent republic. Not that seriously, but not entirely in jest. In this tiny state there is a constitution, a president, a currency and even a newspaper.
Uzupis is an absolutely liberal and tolerant country. You can profess any life principles, but only on the condition that they do not make anyone unhappy. The first article of Uzhupis’ basic law allows anyone to live near the Vilniale River, and the Vilniale River – to flow near any person. Among other articles there are, for example, such: “A person has the right to be lazy”, “A cat does not have to love its owner, but in a difficult moment it should help”, “A person has the right to be naive and nothing to understand at all”, “A person has right with the onset of cold weather, fly away with wild geese to distant lands. ”
So why do not you also take advantage of the laws of the Lithuanian bohemia and fly “with the onset of cold weather along with the wild geese to distant lands” …
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Everyone is aware of the crisis that the European countries have engulfed, but the economic and political situation in the CIS countries “does not please us” even more.
In this regard, the residence permit in Europe was and still is a rather tempting prospect for the citizens of our countries. Being a member state of the EU, Lithuania provides its citizens with all the rights accepted for the countries of the European Union:
What gives you a residence permit in European Lithuania?
in reliable banks of the EU.
The residence permit is issued for one year, then renewed in the migration service at the place of residence in Lithuania. After 5 years can be issued permanent residence – a permanent residence permit. The citizenship of Lithuania can be granted 10 years after the receipt of the residence permit.
Obtaining residence permit in Lithuania through business immigration.
The advantages of having a business in Lithuania.
Under the Lithuanian Aliens Act, a foreign citizen who has registered in Lithuania his own company or a branch of a foreign company can get a residence permit in Lithuania.
1st option. Opening of a new company in Lithuania.
The most common form of a commercial enterprise in Lithuania is Closed Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as CJSC), it is a legal entity with limited civil liability. According to its obligations, ZAO is liable within its property. Participants (shareholders) are not responsible for the obligations of the CJSC.
We will provide you with a real legal and physical address in Lithuania, if necessary. You do not need to know all the nuances of accounting in Lithuania – we will provide an excellent accountant from Lithuania, and if the company is checked by the Lithuanian regulatory authorities, they will not find any errors in the accounting documentation. Everyone should understand that errors in accounting, or incorrect payment of taxes can lead to refusal to extend residence permits and other problems.
Our specialists will prepare all documents for submitting documents to the immigration department for obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania and assisting in doing business in this country. Requirements for the preparation of documentation are specific to each of the countries of Europe. By contacting us, you will receive a guarantee that all the necessary papers will be processed correctly, taxes will be assessed on time and after 6 months you will receive a residence permit in Lithuania if your new firm will work and bring in revenue.
Topic of Lithuania’s residence permit has died?
Unfortunately, after the amendment of the Lithuanian legislation at the end of 2014, getting a residence permit “on business” without his real reference “# 8212; economically stupid!
To obtain a residence permit in Lithuania, you need to establish an enterprise with an authorized capital of 30,000 euros (up to 3 founders) and it must employ at least three people for a minimum salary of 1,000 litas and work and pay taxes for at least 6 months.
P.S. Permanent residence, which is issued after 5 years, you will cost about 23-25 thousand euros.
How to comfortably get and extend residence permit in Lithuania in 2015?
Without opening a company and statutory fund Without buying a property in Lithuania Without the employment of 3 Lithuanian citizens.
The second option. Opening of a branch of a foreign company in Lithuania.
British company Europerspective Ltd. provides services for obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania through registration of representative offices of foreign companies. We suggest that you register in Lithuania a branch of an operating company in your country of residence. This is a complex but fully achievable business immigration option to Lithuania without introducing a statutory fund and employing local labor.
Our company unites leading experts in the field of law, investment, accounting services and employment in the European Union. With the help of an experienced lawyer, we arrange for you a representation of a foreign company in Lithuania within 15 days.
You will get a residence permit for 2 years, with the extension of residence permit for the next 2 + 1 year before the receipt of permanent residence in 5 years.
3750 euros. 3500 euros.
Get a residence permit in Lithuania immediately for 2 years!
Required documents for obtaining residence permit.
international passport; documents confirming the right of an alien to obtain a temporary residence permit. It is a document on the establishment of a Lithuanian firm or branch company from your country of residence; documents on the availability of sufficient funds for living in Lithuania. Bank account statement. The minimum amount for living in a month is equal to the minimum wage in Lithuania; document confirming the place of legal residence in Lithuania (certificate of ownership, lease agreement); a receipt for payment of the state fee for processing documents 300 litas (� 87).
P.S. Globalization is inevitable and our task is to ensure that citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan have equal chances with EU citizens and could travel without visas, get a job or build their business in the European Union.
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