Life in the United States through the eyes of Russians.

Life in the United States through the eyes of Russians.
This article will tell you which city in the United States is considered the best place to live. After all, since a very long time many people want to emigrate to this country. That is why we will talk about the most stable cities in the social and economic plans.
Many experts believe that more suitable pride for life are small suburbs or simply small and very quiet towns that, unlike large megacities, feel economic leaps are not so acute. Thus, the choice of experts fell on cities in which certain conditions were observed. First of all, the unemployment rate, the price of housing, the level of medicine at which the crime rate was high, and the activity of the city’s cultural life were compared. As a result, a list appeared that included cities where a low percentage of unemployment was registered, and housing prices were lower than in all other cities.
Also attention was paid to the development of sports life of the city, art, social activities and many other cultural directions in which a person can develop himself and his children with diverse personalities. This list also includes industrial cities, because every year they are more and more developing a cultural life, and also focuses on the educational process. So, the leaders among all the cities of the USA are the most comfortable cities for living:
� The state of Pennsylvania, the city of Pittsburgh.
� State of New York, the town of Buffalo.
� Nebraska, the city of Omaha.
� Texas, the cities of Fort Worth and Austin.
� The state of Iowa, the town of Des Moines.
� Wisconsin State, Madison Town.
� Minnesota, the city of Minneapolis.
� Colorado State, Denver City.
� Indiana, the city of Indianapolis.
It was in these cities, after careful research, that the maximum stable standard of living was established, which is perfect for every person. Despite the fact that the cities of Buffalo and Pittsburgh are considered cities with an industrial orientation, it is in them that today there is an active emphasis on the development of cultural life, which has greatly improved the standard of living of cities.
Each city is able to offer a variety of jobs that will provide a stable wage for the newcomer. A well-developed infrastructure will give comfort to life. A lot of museums, parks, gardens, cinemas – every corner of the culture will enrich you with new knowledge and impressions, and schools and gardens that are at a high level will ensure the correct and competent development of your child.
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