Life in Nicaragua and 5 years of constant summer.

Life in Nicaragua and 5 years of constant summer.
Today in our rubric “The world through the eyes of our people”. new guest. Meet Natalia from St. Petersburg. I left with my second half Dmitry for work in Nicaragua. The year, the second, the third and the fifth have flown by, and Natalia does not even think of returning to Russia.
1. What caused you to move to Nicaragua?
First, I will clarify a little bit & # 8212; They did not move; until I know how much more we will live in Nicaragua, and when and where we will live afterwards. In general, the idea to change Peter to some sunny country came to Dima. My own, but such a gray and rainy city acted on him depressingly (I will clarify that St. Petersburg Dima came from Primorye). I really wanted him sun, sea and summer. By setting a goal, he actively began to improve English and seek opportunities for work. Initially, the options considered were Thailand, Singapore, something else. And then, quite by accident, Nicaragua emerged as a temporary business trip. It was suggested to go for a few months, a maximum of a year, and we almost immediately agreed.
2. Was it easy for you to move to a new country?
In our case, & # 8212; Yes! At once there was work, housing, other conditions. The only thing my friends were amazed about, how could you live so far away from your relatives, friends?! & # 187 ;, but I thought that we would not leave for more than a year, and it was incredibly interesting to try to live in another , a completely unfamiliar country. Frankly, before that, I did not even know where Nicaragua was.
3. What do you do, how do you make a living?
Dima continues to work in & # 171; invited & # 187; us company, only now on an ongoing basis. And I, having learned Spanish on a level sufficient for communication, opened my company in the field of advertising. I produce a printed advertising and information magazine. But I invest more in my company, at this stage, than I get. The main income is still the salary of her husband.
4. Why do you love Nicaragua?
I love Nicaragua for the sun, the warm ocean, for the summer, something that was so lacking in St. Petersburg. I infinitely appreciate the fact that thanks to the sun every day I wake up in a good mood, that now during the holiday the beach, the sea and “tan” do not stand in the priority, and that I do not need to count the days before this holiday or until the spring / summer, and then again plunge into the universal autumn-winter despondency. And I love the opportunities, now I see for myself personally much more opportunities for self-realization in Nicaragua than, for example, in Russia.
5. What are the pros and cons of seeing in the local people?
People in Nicaragua are definitely very open, smiling, and sincere. Despite the high level of poverty, it seems to me that people here are much happier than our compatriots. And to see happy people is always very pleasant. Less in laziness, slowness, non-mandatoryity & # 8212; It always makes me nervous, especially when it comes to work. Annoyed that they can not just be very late for the meeting, but do not come without warning.
6. What difficulties did you encounter during your life in Nicaragua?
Probably the biggest obstacle was the language barrier. For a lifetime in Nicaragua, the knowledge of Spanish & # 8212; necessary condition. Perhaps, even for a trip around this country, at a minimum, the basic Spanish will not be superfluous. In the tourist cities of Nicaragua (Granada, Leon, San Juan del Sur), there are a lot of Spanish schools oriented to tourists, and they are very popular.
7. Have you encountered with Nicaragua medicine? At what level of service?
Yes, of course, I came across. But, personal experience, I have only on the example of Managua and private medical centers. I can confidently say that the capital has a fairly high level of equipment for honey. institutions and services. Hospital Metropolitano & # 8212; one of the best in the country, and, perhaps, the most modern in terms of honey. equipment. The average cost of a visit to a doctor here is & # 8212; about $ 50, without any breakdowns at the local & # 187; and “foreigners”; & # 8212; all are paid equally. Interesting & # 171; discovery & # 187; it was only in Nicaragua that there was no concept of calling a doctor at home, an ambulance would arrive only in the most extreme case, and in all other cases the patient would have to appear on duty at the doctor’s office for diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
8. What about housing in this country?
Housing in Nicaragua & # 8212; it is almost always a private house with a plot of land (patio). Multi-apartment buildings, it seems, are only in Managua. Due to this exclusivity they stand and surrender much more than a private house of the same size. So to live in apartments (or an apartment in our understanding) & # 8212; this, in general, is a luxury. Buy or rent a house in Nicaragua, in my opinion, not a problem. There are a lot of proposals on both the primary and secondary markets. I think that it is more comfortable and safer to live in a closed condominium / residence & # 8212; this is an average of 3 to 200-t houses, united by a common territory, a single security system, public areas (maybe a small park, children’s / sports grounds or a swimming pool). If we talk about the capital, then rent a decent house for living with furniture, air conditioning, in a good area can be from 400-500 $ / month. But, of course, this is a very approximate price, without specifying the size of the house, its novelty and other conditions.
9. Develop a few myths about Nicaragua.
1. There is a myth that almost the main meat dish in Nicaragua is iguanas and armadillos. This is not true! Yes, they are eaten, but not all and very rarely. Many of the Nicaraguans I’ve known for over 20 years have never tried either one or the other. The main meat in Nicaragua is # 8212; beef and chicken. Nicaraguans are still those meat eaters for the most part!
2. We are often asked about the presence of malaria. Apparently, somewhere there is information that somehow connects Nicaragua with this disease, but this is also a myth. Cases of malaria are extremely rare. Nevertheless, mosquitoes should beware, because they are carriers of another, frequent enough disease Chikunguna.
3. I also heard that in a poor country in Nicaragua only very wealthy people can afford a good car. This is not so, very affordable auto loans allow many to drive on new, good and expensive cars. Constantly growing traffic jams and city programs to expand roads are proof of this.
Natalia leads her blog about Nicaragua and invites everyone to their pages
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Interesting topic. For me this country is still a mystery. Very little information due to its remoteness. Thanks for the interview.
Yuri’s country is very interesting and does not look like Asia at all. We lived in Nicaragua for about a month and had time to tour all the main places of interest. If you go to Central America, then Nicaragua should not pass by. there is quite safe, not as in El Salvador.
And how much money travels around Nicaragua and how much did the tickets cost?
It all depends on where you are flying and how long you will spend in Nicaragua) We went by bus from Guatemala, so we have another case. In general, Nicaragua is not an expensive country.
Thank you for an interesting interview. It inspired me to “discovery” unknown to me of America & # 8212; Latin America 🙂 History with myths about other countries is also very close to me. Constantly I have to answer questions about how I live in another country, in which everything is bad 🙂
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