Life in Brazil.

Life in Brazil.
You have been on holiday in Brazil several times, and it seems to you that life in Brazil is always light and beautiful, without much difficulty? On the one hand this is so, in the country there are opportunities for a tolerable life, all local people can enjoy the goods, and some even free of charge or for a nominal fee. For example, vacation on the coast almost all year round, relatively inexpensive food, a lot of festivals and holidays. So, it seems, that the Brazilians lead a cheerful lazy and carefree life.
Life in Brazil – the features of living for foreign citizens.
Nevertheless, do not rush to leave everything for the sake of settling in Brazil forever, and immediately it does not work out. First of all, it is necessary to master Portuguese perfectly. And if you are not a millionaire, then you need to take care of your future life and find a job. From the bay-floundering it does not work out. It seems to vacationers that all the doors in front of them are open, of course, it is so, but for a fee. A potential migrant is not so easy. Due to the flood of immigrants to Brazil, especially in the early 2000s, it was decided to tighten the migration policy. Therefore, in Brazil you can get to those people who in the future can benefit the country. Therefore, if you are a highly qualified programmer, designer, or teacher, or engaged in academic activities, it will be easier for you to issue a work visa. You can say that you are provided with work, at least for the duration of the visa. However, in addition to work, you also need to rent a house, and if not in the most prestigious area, then not in the poor neighborhoods. Maybe housing there and is inexpensive, but its safety is also worth taking care of. Unfortunately, in Brazil with crime it is not easy to master, despite the fact that in recent years the standard of living in the country has decently grown.
Therefore, life in Brazil for those who want to stay in comfortable conditions, not denying themselves anything, can become too expensive, especially if you came to the country alone, and not with your husband or your wife, who could also additionally earn.
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For example, the average salary in Brazil is about a thousand dollars. The figure is not the smallest, but only for renting odnushki in a residential area you will have to shell out almost 600 dollars. You also need to specify whether the final amount is a month, or else you need to pay extra for utilities and maintenance fees, and home repairs. And if you want to live in the center, you’ll have to pay 800-900 dollars a month for a one-room apartment. Live for the remaining 200-300 dollars a month, it will not work. Since there is still need to pay for travel, cellular communication, dressing and eating. Even water must be bought, since tap water is not suitable for drinking. And then certainly it will not be for entertainment. In addition, some tenants can set a mandatory condition for the removal of housing – an advance payment for 2-3 months. So, with empty pockets to go to Brazil does not make sense. In any case, there should be some start-up capital. But if there are no problems with finances, then the search for housing will be much easier. However, despite the high price, apartments in Brazil differ from those that are usual for us. For example, a studio apartment in Brazil besides the bedroom has also a hall, a kitchen and a toilet. That is, this room is almost like another full room.
If you have the opportunity to live in an elite neighborhood, do not hesitate. Yes, the prices there are higher, but usually the house is well guarded, there is a concierge, the territory is behind the fence under tension. And there is not only an apartment building, but there is also a swimming pool, there can be an entertainment complex, for example, a cinema. And even a restaurant.
And if we have a famous saying: tell me who your friend is and I’ll tell you who you are. In Brazil, on hearing a little different proverb: name the area in which you live, and I’ll tell you who you are.
On average, the apartment is rented for up to 30 months. It is clear that these are the conditions for those foreigners who live in Brazil permanently, for example, have obtained a residence permit. But if you came here on a working or educational visa, and stay in the country for an average of a year, or even less, the conditions may be different, for example, the payment is somewhat higher.
Life in Brazil is an education for foreigners.
You want to come to Brazil, but do not know the language. Then you should enroll for paid courses and start training. Even for such purposes, you can apply for a temporary visa for your stay in the country – a study visa. However, this option is also more suitable for those foreigners who can afford courses, as well as housing. Nevertheless, if you learn the language, you will additionally engage in self-education, then you have every chance to enter any state university, and to receive further education for free. Smart and educated people will be much easier to settle in Brazil, because such personnel are highly valued. Whether you are an engineer or a programmer, or a scientist, you will be received with open arms. And even, despite all the difficulties, the opportunity to arrange a life in Brazil is real. The main thing is to strive and move towards the goal.
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Benefits of living in Brazil.
1. Warm and mild climate. Especially, this is important for those people who do not tolerate cold, or for which sudden changes in temperature and pressure are contraindicated.
2. Stunning beauty of nature, where everyone finds for himself a favorite place to relax. Beaches of Copacabana, national parks with wonderful plants and animals, jungle for eco-tourism.
3. Most Brazilians are sociable and friendly people. So, there should be no discomfort. The exception is not the knowledge of the language and local traditions.
4. Bright and stunning holidays. Brazilians do not like boredom.
5. Paid medicine is at a high level.
6. Qualitative and free education in public educational institutions.
And only one disadvantage is an expensive standard of living in megacities. But it does not necessarily settle in big cities, firstly, and secondly, if a person is purposeful, he will be able to overcome almost any difficulties, no matter where he lives.

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