Life in Australia.

Life in Australia.
Large Australian cities – one of the most expensive in terms of cost of living, which is 25-40% higher than in New York, which is also difficult to be called the cheapest city in the world. At the same time, the cost of housing, which is several times higher than the annual salary of even the most highly paid specialists who work in the oil and gas and mining areas, has a significant impact on this state of affairs. As for the suburbs and smaller cities, then the picture is much more joyful, since housing is much more affordable. Whatever it was, but in terms of living standards, Australia ranks 3rd in the world ranking, and 4th place in the average life expectancy, which is 82.8 years.
The financial issue of life in Australia.
The cost of housing, by local standards, is quite acceptable. The apartment in Sydney will cost 130-180 thousand euros, but local residents prefer houses, the cost of which varies from 320 to 500 thousand euros. At the same time, the average salary of an unskilled worker is 8-14 Australian dollars per hour, and specialists receive from 20 to 100 AU per hour. That is, the annual income is about 34-54 thousand Australian dollars, if you add to this, the popular mortgage here and low interest on it, it becomes clear that housing in Australia is quite affordable. Especially if you settle down not in Sydney, but, for example, in Melbourne or Adelaide.
The Australian economy depends little on the European, and therefore the situation in the country is more stable and the purchase of housing in Australia is more reliable investment than the purchase of securities of kakai or a European company. In addition, experts suggest a new wave of emigration of Europeans to their homeland kangaroos, which will only further strengthen the local economy and cause a boom in the real estate market.
Social guarantees: education, health and benefits.
Australia is a rich enough state to pay children’s allowances not only to its own citizens, but also to emigrants from the moment they move, at first it will be only a third of the amount, but having lived in the country for two years, the settlers get the right to the full amount of child support. Moreover, the state dates the rent of housing and the purchase of expensive medications, provided that they are purchased under the prescription of a doctor.
The education system in the country allows the existence of private schools and boarding houses, but the overwhelming majority (71%), nevertheless, state institutions. Moreover, all of them, regardless of the form of ownership, are required to pass state certification and adhere to a certain training program, only some nuances are allowed.
Diplomas of Australian universities are listed all over the world, while education here is cheaper than in Europe or the American continent. The cost, in fact, of training is 60-70% of the cost of the same course at the university of another state, and the cost of living will be 20% cheaper. In addition, students over 18 are officially allowed to earn extra money (employment at work should not exceed 20 hours per week). This earnings are usually enough for food and accommodation.
A distinctive feature of Australians is the love of beer and its own etiquette, which can not be compared with any other, just as it is to characterize the mentality of local residents. It is customary to open the door in front of women who are subordinate to the guests, not before the authorities, but the lady who entered the beer bar must behave like a man, otherwise the people around her will perceive her presence as an insult. Interesting is the way of life in this country, is not it?
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