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Permanent residence Paraguay for investment: the third (3) stage of registration of residency + citizenship of Paraguay – $ 7 thousand + $ 25 thousand.
What should Ukrainians, Russians, Belarusians and Kazakhs do after successfully registering their permanent residence in Paraguay? How to keep permanent residence and use it to obtain the second citizenship and the passport of Paraguay through naturalization? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in this manual, which completes the cycle of three articles on obtaining permanent residence Paraguay.
For several years now, any clean businessmen and expats who are interested in immigration to Paraguay from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, can fulfill their dream legally, quickly and cheaply. They only need to realize their right to place permanent residence (permanent residence) in Paraguay through a deposit of $ 5,200.
Such people are encouraged to use this guide, which demonstrates through which procedures foreigners pass when they become permanent residents of Paraguay. This manual closes the series of articles on the design of permanent residence in Paraguay, which includes the following materials:
This time we will talk about the nuances of the third stage of registration of permanent residence Paraguay, taking into account the latest changes in the legislation of the host country. But we will begin with a brief description of the actions and procedures preceding this final stage.
Recall that at the first stage the investor prepares a package of documents and issues a visa (if necessary), and also pays US $ 7,000 to lawyers from Paraguay before arriving in the country. In the second stage, documents are filed during a personal visit to the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion, while the second part of the fee for legal services ($ 7,000) must be paid before the final submission of documents to the Immigration Office.
Approval of the application for permanent residence by the authorities of Paraguay.
The third stage of cooperation between Paraguayan lawyers and the client, whose goal is to become a permanent resident of this South American state, begins with the departure of this client from Paraguay to his homeland or to another country. The client can leave Paraguay immediately after the successful transfer of the package of documents to the Office of Immigration and other formalities.
After that, you will have to be patient and wait until the Paraguayan officials finish their examination of the documents and issue a card of the resident and cedula. Once the application for residence is approved, the applicant will receive a Permanent Residence Card. The issuance of a national identity card (ID card or cedula) takes another 20 days.
Typically, this process takes four to six months. At the same time, when the documents are ready, they can be taken by the lawyer before visiting the client or sent to the client by courier delivery service (for example, via Fedex). All thanks to the powers of attorney for paraguayan lawyers, which allow applicants not to wait for the issuance of cedula in the host country.
After the successful completion of the cooperation, the applicant will also need to pay Paraguayan lawyers the remainder of the fee: 7 thousand US dollars (for the third stage).
Preservation of permanent residence in Paraguay.
After granting the residency of Paraguay, the Permanent Residence Card operates on an ongoing basis. This is a major advantage compared to other countries. A permanent resident card does not require an annual extension, but there is one “but”.
According to the current legislation of Paraguay, a foreign resident should not stay outside Paraguay for more than three years in order not to lose Permanent Residence Card. In other words, in accordance with the law, newly registered holders of the permanent residence of Paraguay must visit this country at least once every three years (and you can only come there for a day or two).
Registration of citizenship and passport of Paraguay through naturalization after receiving permanent residence for a deposit.
Now we will consider the full procedure for obtaining citizenship of Paraguay for those who already have a permanent place of residence in this country.
Citizenship of Paraguay through naturalization after permanent residence – The period of naturalization.
We note at once that you can not apply for citizenship after you have obtained a permanent place of residence in Paraguay. It should be remembered that there is a period of time stipulated by law, which must pass after receiving a resident card, before the successful applicant has the right to file a request for citizenship.
The minimum period between the issuance of permanent residence and the application for citizenship through naturalization is three years. And the requirements for the length of stay in the host country during this three-year period are the same as the requirements for maintaining permanent residence.
Citizenship of Paraguay through naturalization after permanent residence – Age and other requirements for applicants.
Application for the registration of citizenship and passport of Paraguay through naturalization after receiving a permanent residence in this country for the deposit can only apply to adults (aged 18 and over) persons. Minors can not submit such an application. Even if applications on their behalf are filed by the parents of such minor foreigners.
In addition, experts are not recommended to begin the process of naturalization in Paraguay with the ultimate goal of obtaining citizenship to a number of individuals. For example, candidates with convictions, as well as citizens of most Asian / Arab / African countries.
Citizenship of Paraguay through naturalization after permanent residence – A package of documents.
In order to apply for Paraguayan citizenship, the same documents (including notarized copies) are required as for applying for permanent residence (birth certificate, certificate of criminal record, certificate of marriage / divorce, etc.).
Citizenship of Paraguay through naturalization after permanent residence – Examinations.
In addition to this expectation and the preparation of an application for a Paraguayan passport, the applicant will also have to pass a number of exams during the application for the citizenship of Paraguay. It is necessary to pass a written examination on history, culture and geography. To successfully pass it requires a basic knowledge of Spanish.
At the same time, the questions presented in the test do not presuppose the choice of one or several correct answers from a number of proposed ones – answers should be given based solely on one’s own knowledge, and not on such indirect clues.
Citizenship of Paraguay through naturalization after permanent residence – Personal visits and a schedule of procedures.
During the period of the adventure, through all the procedures related to the acquisition of Paraguayan citizenship, Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians and other foreigners will need to make a number of personal visits to the host country. As a rule, to obtain citizenship, after holding a permanent residence for three years, one must visit Paraguay, at least three times.
The first visit is necessary for applying for the citizenship of Paraguay, the second – for exams, the third – to participate in the official procedure of naturalization. At the same time, the first and second visits can be combined into one two-week trip.
Citizenship of Paraguay through naturalization after permanent residence – How not to lose your passport.
With regard to naturalized in Paraguay, foreigners are subject to the same rule that applies to those immigrants from abroad who make out a permanent residence in the South American country. According to the law, a naturalized foreign citizen should not stay outside Paraguay for more than three years. In other words, naturalized foreigners must visit Paraguay at least once every three years.
Assistance of competent specialists in obtaining citizenship of Paraguay.
To get rid of any problems, lost time and shaky nerves due to the citizenship and passport of Paraguay through naturalization after receiving permanent residence for a deposit, you can again use the help of local competent lawyers. The cost of their services in this case is 25 thousand US dollars.
The list of these services covers among other things the preparation of documents, assistance with interaction with government agencies, as well as the comprehensive preparation of clients for naturalization exams, after which it will be very difficult to fail corresponding tests.
Are you ready to obtain a permanent place of residence, a second citizenship and a passport in Paraguay? Send your inquiries to quickly get the valuable expert advice you need, to the following e-mail address: [email protected]
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