Job in Canada.

Job in Canada.
In the public opinion about Canada, as an ideal country for living and working. A high standard of living and social protection, excellent ecology, full well-being in a criminal sense – all this is about the country of the Maple Leaf.
And most importantly – all this is true. Therefore, the desire of many of our compatriots and compatriots to taste the charms of capitalism with a human face is quite understandable.
At the same time, Canada is a state where there is a strict selection of immigrants. According to some experts, Canada leads the world in the ranking of countries in which it is more difficult to emigrate. It’s about professional immigration programs. Faced with difficulties, some citizens bury a dream, and begin to search for less socially and economically attractive countries, but at the same time less problematic in terms of employment and obtaining a residence permit.
The program “Live-in-Caregiver” can again inspire hope in those who lost it, and also become a good start for young people who want to receive education in foreign colleges in the future, find a job and, possibly, become a full citizen of Canada.
The Canadian society needs skilled personnel, and it’s not just about experienced programmers, surgeons and similar professions, as many believe. For example, in Canada there is a shortage of personnel that could look after people – children, elderly or sick citizens. At first glance, the work is not complicated. It does not need to know thoroughly the anatomy of a person or have a doctorate in psychology. However, there is a strict condition here – the inspector must live in the family where his client is, and the native Canadians do not burn with a great desire to associate all 24 hours of their lives with strangers every 24 hours. That’s why the government decided to correct the situation with the help of immigrants, having developed the program “Live-in-Caregiver”.
This program allows professional nannies and governesses to get an official job in Canada and a residence permit from 1 to 2 years. Thus, citizens, Russian citizens with a pedagogical or secondary medical education, may well try their luck, if only morally and professionally prepared for such work.
The program “Live-in-Caregiver” has several undeniable advantages. First, you go overseas, knowing exactly where you will be employed. An additional guarantee in this is a mandatory labor contract with the family that needs your services. Secondly, for several years of such work you will be able to get acquainted with the country, customs and rules of conduct in a new society for you, improve your English (or French). Thirdly, in two years you have the full right to apply for a permanent residence. And, believe me, your chances for the order will be higher than those who are trying to go to Canada for permanent residence under the traditional program of professional immigration. Since you do not have to confirm your financial solvency, gain the required number of points and overcome a number of other bureaucratic barriers. And, finally, if the usual procedure for obtaining citizenship requires you to live in this country for a permanent residence for at least three years, after having worked for two years as a nurse and having obtained a permanent residence, you can legally apply for a full Canadian passport after 2 years. The latter, in turn, will open for you visa-free entry to most countries of the world.
To qualify for the “Live-in-Caregiver” program, you must meet a number of conditions.
1. You need to have a certificate of full secondary education. The lack of it makes it difficult not only to make a positive decision about getting a job in Canada, but also makes you uncompetitive in the Canadian labor market (if after two years of work as a nurse you want to get permanent residence and change jobs).
2. It will be necessary to show confirmation that you have at least half a year of training or one-year work experience in the direction you are applying for (childcare, or for elderly or sick Canadians). At the same time after receiving such education and performance of work should not take more than three years. Canadian authorities believe that after this period, a sharp loss of skills begins.
3. Mandatory condition – knowledge of the language at a level that would ensure independent work as a nurse. You must speak, read and write in English or French. The demand is quite understandable, because throughout the day you will have to communicate with people, and you should immediately understand what they want, and not express themselves in broken phrases and gestures. In addition, it is also necessary for you to better understand not only your duties, but also the rights.
4. And lastly – you must have a contract signed by the heads of the family, in which you are going to work.
If all of the above requirements are met, you can apply to the Canadian Embassy. All payment for participation in the program consists of a fee for the consideration of your application (in case of a negative result, money is not returned), expenses for the passage of a medical commission and payment for a flight to Canada (both round-trip).
The process of hiring is as follows. A Canadian family that needs your services, writes a petition to the Ministry of Labor Resources Development about the possibility of hiring you to work. Officials check to see if there are any Canadian citizens with the required qualifications who want to take this place. If they were not found, the Ministry gives the family a written permission to invite an alien to work.
After that, a copy of the permit the Canadian family sends to you, and you already refer it to the consular department of the Canadian Embassy and write the application for work. This procedure requires filling out a number of forms and payment of consular fees. In the embassy, you also provide all the required documents, confirming your education and qualification level. If everything turns out ok, you will additionally be summoned for an interview where the immigration officer will check the level of language proficiency and basic knowledge of the profession. If here you will prove to be on the good side, the road to Canada will be opened.
Today, there are a lot of middlemen in the immigration market who are ready to find a job for a certain fee and carry out some formal procedures. However, in this respect, it is necessary to be very cautious and to verify in detail the legitimacy of such firms.

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